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  1. I would never say that Vista is impossible to get rid of ...

    1st of all have you checked the BIOS settings to ensure that the cd rom is the 1st bootable device.

    If so try booting the machine with the XP CD in the drive and you should get a prompt asking if you would press any key to start from the disk

  2. Shuttle Desktop PC AMD X2 4400 2.2 GHz Dual Core

    1GB OCZ DDR400 RAM

    160GB WestDigital Hard Drive

    Hardware Info:

    Processor: AMD X2 Dual core processor 4400+, 2.2GHz 1MB Cache2

    160 GB WestDigital SATA

    1 GB OCZ DDR400 RAM

    Video Card: ATI X800XT Plantinum Edition


    Software Info:

    Loaded OS: Windows XP

    Would this one be better?

    Sounds a similar spec to the pc i am running at the moment but with a little bit less memory and an ATI Card instead of my trusty NVIDIA card so this would run vista ok with more memory :thumbup

  3. you could try chaging the port that RDP is connecting by disabling the remote desktop option in the proprties window then using regedit and editing


    once done if you run

    mstsc /v:HOTSTNAME:PORTNUMBER /admin

    that should have changed the listening port number

  4. Ive got my vista machine setup with the standard RDP port as a public port on my router and it connects fine from my office although as long as you set the RDP port correctly you can in theory set any external port as the incomming connection wich routes through to your machine

    So say for example my home machine is set to the port for RDP to work is 3389 this is open by default on my machine try looking at any firewall on your machine which could be blocking this port

    I have my external ip setup to (only an example) with port 380 set to forward to which allows me a connection ok from my XP laptop as from the error messages you are getting i sugest trying using only your machines ip for now and from work take the public ip from your router and try using port forwarding

  5. The way you could do that is to Right click on my computer and go to manage, and select local users and groups. If you expand that option and select users this will give you the console to edit users. However you wont be able to delete administrator or guest i sugest you simply rename the accounts

  6. Ive been using Vista since a few months after it came out, at first i was sceptical and kept xp on my machine but after only a week or so i re-installed with out xp with out any issues. I cant see why there is that many people having problems with it, out of the box it is stable on most upto date systems.

  7. what resources are you trying to use?

    I use my laptop wich runs xp sp3 to access network shares on vista x64 sp1

    command that i generaly use is

    net use u: \\hostname\share /savecred /persistent:yes

    (U can be any letter that you want to map the drive to)

    this then asks for the machine login details and keeps the drive mapping when not on my local network.

    as for the command you where running i sugest you clear what ever you entered (shoud be the command net use * /delete)

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