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  1. We will soon. Soon? How soon is "soon"? That message was written April 20th and it is now almost September. Come on guys I think there are many eager people (like me) who want to see your project completed instead of sticky's.
  2. As a sticky or as the Unattended Tutorial section?
  3. Just a quick question. Someone a while back said they were creating an unattended vista guide (in fact I think this thread was meant to stir public input into such). I have read all the posts here and I notice that Fitzban2 made a great first step on June 22 or page 4 of this thread. Is it possible to get something organized so that newbs like me (or worse ) can get a crack at this. I realize there are some bugs still around but I'm asking this because I feel like getting something up to speed maybe even starting a PDF on it. So far I have been able to get Vista RC1 5600, BDD 2007, MMC 3.0 downloaded. I have also been able to make the unattended XML file. I just need to recreate my ISO and put it to the test. I notice the the SIM has the capability to include software on the image. I'm curious if anyone has been able to include in their ISO any drivers and/or applications. If so, did the apps work for you.? Also, what's the BDD workbench for? Why elements of it look similar to the WSIM?
  4. Ok I have CorelDraw Suite 12 on my unattended CD source on my hard drive. I downloaded the SP1 for corel which is called CGS12SP1EN.msp This is a windows installer so I'm not that familiar with it. When I use the /? switch it gives this info later on down the screen: Update Options /update <Update1.msp>[;Update2.msp] Applies update(s) What would be the correct syntax to update my Corel source under $oem$? The locations are as follows: C:\CGS12SP1EN.msp I:\2XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\COREL12 Thanks!
  5. I'm going to work on it and see. The other post said that he\you couldn't see any differences with modifying the PID number. I'll test and let all know.
  6. Hmmm, based on your response I googled for setupp.ini and here is what I came up with. http://www.thetechguide.com/howto/setuppini.html Thanks for your help.
  7. Are you doing this through runonceex??? What's your code look like? I'm curious to get this working for me.
  8. Ok what gives? I did that and FF doesn't install! Am I missing something? I got "Firefox Setup" directly from the mozilla.com site, put it into my $oem$ and added this to my runonceex.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /D "FireFox 1.5" /f REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "%PP%Firefox Setup -ms" /f
  9. Maybe they all have full version XP and really don't care. But form that link you gave it seems as though home users are left to fend for themselves. It seems like the unattended install was meant for IT people that have to do a task hundreds or thousands of times. (not too much different than home users in some cases )
  10. Is this Correct? REG ADD %KEY%\085 /VE /D "Corel Draw Suite 12" /f REG ADD %KEY%\085 /V 1 /D "%PP%\corel12\setup.exe /S /v/qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%\085 /v 2 /D regedit /s "%PP%\corel12\corel.reg"
  11. To follow up, setup does indeed ask for the Windows 98 CD to verify that there is a qualifying product. Does anyone know what files XP Upgrade looks for on the 98 CD or on the hard drive if it is not a clean install?? There HAS to be a workaround!
  12. Murman, Thanks for your help, but Corel Draw 12 will not install in administrative because it won't take the product key that way. I've tried. I copied my Corel CD to $OEM$ and call the installation up from there using shark7's method. What exactly would the line look like in runonceex to execute the .cmd?? Or is that where you do it??
  13. How do I copy in runonceex?? For instance, I have file xyz.exe in my $oem$ folder that is copied over to c:\installs during setup. If I want it to be copied to c:\program files\abc (either instead of c:\installs or from c:\installs) , what would the runonceex code(s) look like???
  14. Hmm, interesting. Never? When I first came across the Unattended guide and followed the instructions, for some reason it did not ask me to put the Win98 Cd in to be verified. I can't figure the reason out. I would like to know what does XP setup look for in order to satisfy the upgrade requirement. Someone else had the same idea: http://msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=34&t=72193
  15. Ok, I see we have others who are interested in this as well. Would this work, if I copied the file(s) that the upgrade process looks for into the DVD and\or if I copied them from DVD to c:\windows at the very beginning of the setup process??? Any ideas?
  16. Ok, for some reason something is not working correctly. I was able to successfully install XP to my old drive using a burned DVD from ISO. As it turns out there is a measure of success using ANY of the ISO builds. The only problem now and as I mentioned before is the fact that during setup there are 2 dozen files that It cannot copy, making user input necessary and defeating the purpose of an unattended DVD. I wonder what will happen if I start from scratch and change the way I set this up. I used integrator to install some switchless setup files. I also used Nlite to get rid of some XP features in tweaks and options and stuff.
  17. In making an unattended XPCD, is there a way or workaround to avoid the user input of a Windows 98 cd for the installation to continue? That's my situation. I have XP PRO Upgrade and I have Win98 full. I haven't been able to find a thread relating to this.
  18. I'm beginnig to think this has nothing to do with making my ISO. I think it has more to do with my c:\xpcd I put in a spare old drive that has nothing on it and booted up with my DVD and the result is just like mounting in VirtualPC. It does the dump to c:\ with some files being unable to be copied. Do you think I should copy my XP cd into c:\XPCD again?
  19. It failed. NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
  20. level, I'm trying your method as I type. I'll keep my progress available to you. It seems that as soon as I burn it to DVD, things get screwy. mounting the iso virtually is only moderately better in that NTLDR missing message does NOT pop up. ] Done making the ISO and now on to burning to DVD using MagicISO first.
  21. Uh, Friendly?? Who are you calling intermediate or experienced???? I'm above beginner but lower than intermediate! I think I have genuine problems here with either my setup or my whole system or maybe even my brain... Incidentally, I love the guide here!!!!
  22. d:\xpcd\working but I will copy it to c: to see if it will work would it matter if I'm using DVD RW media?
  23. Ok this is just plain weird. I have tried getting boot file from original xp cd, I have tried to use the boot file from CDImage made iso's using these files and they seem to work as an iso mounted to virtual DVD drive in VirtualPC but not when I burn to DVD. I've burned with MagicISO, UltraISO and the result when using burned DVD is the same. I do not get the prompt to boot from cd and NTLDR is missing. Something is NOT right. Suggestions? Interestingly, in the text based dump of files to c:, there are problems with a few files to be copied to drive: tosdvd.sys tsbvcap.sys tsbyuv.dll usbcamd2.sys usbcamd.sys vdmindvd.sys wowfax.dll wowfaxui.dll usrcentra.dll usrcoina.dll usrdpa.dll usrdtea.dll usrfaxa.dll usrlbva.dll usrmlnka.dll usrprbda.exe usrrtosa.dll usrsdpia.dll usrshuta.exe usrsvpia.dll etc. (tired of typing them out)
  24. LOL I'm not using VMware. I'm trying something different. I'm trying CDImage do make my iso now with the bootimage i got from my XP cd. I loaded to setup screen on VirtualPC so it looks promising. Without the need to recompile. I will let you know. Thanks for your help.
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