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  1. Just like to add that the corresponding portuguese edition (called "PC Guia") of octobre (I think) also came with a full page dedicated to nlite (also mentioned was Ryan's Pack). oh! and congrats on v1.2 another halmark in Customized Windows Installations The Guide (it's in portuguese of course)
  2. +1 for a new irfanview icon! This and a new mpc icon are my 2 top requests (I lie... request nº1 is black Xpize but I know that it's already going to happen right? eh eh)
  3. This is more a glitch (I think) than a bug but my copy of windows was previously detected as "Build 2600" but now it shows up as "Build 0". And after I integrate SP2 it changes to "build 2180"?
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... and did I say THANK YOU yet? Peace is a lie There is only passion Through passion I gain strength Through strength I gain power Through power I gain victory Through victory my chains are broken The Force shall set me free
  5. your Da Man! Thanks for all the hard work!
  6. Thank you very much Pgase! Another great addition to an already great app The dark side is so much more atractive!
  7. XPize is one of my essencial apps in every install but I usually prefer to use a black theme (Luna Element 5). What I would like to know, Xpero (O-great-one) is if ýou would consider including a black themed login/logoff screens. I know it isn't "luna" style but it would be a great addition!
  8. Thanks Xpero for all your great work, it's a whole new XPerience indeed
  9. Thanks for the answer XPero, and good luck with you work
  10. First off let me just say a BIG thank you to Xpero for all the hard work, Xpize is very nice Now I have a question, is it possible to change that analog clock in the taskbar clock properties (the pointers look very bad). I'm not refering to the taskbar clock itself (which can be changed by using Lclock or similiar app) but the analog clock (under "Time" in the "Date and Time" properties window). Thanks

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