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  1. Patch Half Open TCP Limited of Windows 7 7000

    if if is real! XD
  2. windows 7 beta and vlite

    ¿How Remove alls Versions from the Install.wim? only let Ultimate Thanks!
  3. Patch Half Open TCP Limited of Windows 7 7000

    In Windows Server 2008 R2 Work Works Best http://half-open.com/ Patch Infinite Connections > REBOOT And..... DISABLE Auto.Tunning level Guide only Spanish: http://biodigitzman.blogspot.com/2009/01/a...tunning-en.html Resume English: Command Prompt Disable Autotunning: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled Enable Again: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal Show Global Stat: netsh interface tcp show global All This for Mi are >> 2% Up My Network Connection
  4. Resignation

    Bueno tio.. te agradezco. todo tu trabajo. sin tus packs . yo nunca hubiera aprendido los archivos que debia modificar y unas cuantas cosas mas sobre MOD . Res ... la pena es que siendo de malaga y yo de barcelona Nunca hayamos coincidido en hacer nigun proyecto o conocernos pero bueno.. sin mas... te agradezco todo el curro que te pegaste,,, en xpize y en vize que .. siempre e Usado.. Saludos desde Barna! Good uncle. I am thankful to you. all your work. without your packs. I never would have learned the archives that debia to modify and a few things but on MOD. Head of cattle… the pain is that being of Malaga and I of Barcelona Never have agreed in doing nigun project or knowing us but good. without but… I thank for all to you curro that you stuck, in xpize and vize that. and always Used. Greetings from Barcelona!
  5. WinLogon.exe

    EASY... IT MAKES --- logonui.exe -- IT INTRODUCES YOUR logonui.exe IN.... C: \[ to folder installation ] \ $$OEM$\$$\system32 (MAKE THIS FOLDERS ) DESPUES COPY YOUR logonui.exe And RENAME ASI... logonui.exe > rename a > logonui.ex_ And YOU ALSO INTRODUCE IN the FOLDER I386 OF YOUR unattended WINDOWS.... YOUR LOGIN FOR YOUR WINDOWS unattended IT WILL CHANGE!!