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  1. Plop was not used other USB disk was no connected Only one HDD (netbook) Finally I was short of time end used Novicorp WinToFlash 0.7.0020 beta to create a new flash drive. it use defoult setting like this This time I was lucky. PS. I can see same kind error on the screenshot of laddanator
  2. ilko_t I'd like to say Thank you very much for your utility I tryid Kaspersky like here http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5041&st=50&p=97266 It start booting but not completing, machine reboot on a half way. So I have to use syslinux way. The only problem in this case I'wount be able to add one more syslinux boot record
  3. Does somebody tried exFAT formatted drive to make bootable? Is it possible at the moment?
  4. HMMMMM. I tried this - did not work. Can you post your working Config file?
  5. Sorry my friend. I manage to do triple boot: Ubuntu 10.04, PartedMagic 5.4 and Kaspersky rescue disc 10 Here is my working config: As to kaspersky - it use syslinux. So I have created bootable disk using official tool and copied all files to folder on hdd. After creating USB flash with PartedMagic and syslinux options on copied files back to flash except ldlinux.sys (if overight this file system will not boot)
  6. As to Kaspersky nothing worked to me. I have used Kaspersky tool to see what happens Kasperskiy is using syslinux and grub I'll try in this direction Here is the config file which is automatically created. PS Has just runned PartedMagic 5.4 successfully PPS There is a tool in Ubuntu for creating boot USB, it extract iso to flash and use ldlinux.sys too
  7. Ubuntu 10.04 and PartedMagic 5.3 and 5.4
  8. ilko_t Thanks for your work. Saved a lot of CD-R for installing XP. On some computers I had to burn it anyway due to bios restrictions. Unfortunetely I can not get working booting with Ubuntu 10 and PartedMagic 5.x Uctually booting starting and interrupting after some time with error message that can not find something (do not remember what actually) Same trouble with Kaspersky Rescue disc (linux based) http://rescuedisk.ka...disk/updatable/ Here is official Kaspersky tool http://rescuedisk.kaspersky-labs.com/rescuedisk/updatable/rescue2usb.exe Acronis Disk Director 11 is starting normally only from ram loaded iso. Any suggestings for Ubuntu?
  9. http://www.google.pl/support/forum/p/Picasa/thread?tid=2ada6a5fabedaf37&hl=en
  10. I do not understand for what I have to boot BootSDI.img instead of booting windows xp setup immidiately?
  11. My Asus P5Q Pro refused to boot Vista setup from exFAT formatted stick. So it's not the way at the moment. As to speed: all usb sticks copy big files fast, but small one very slow. The good way i think is to reach the goal in another way: 1. Create iso image on usb-stick, copy it after boot from usb to hdd, mount to virtual cd-rom with letter Z: and run setup from it (of cource boot.ini shoul be edited to run virtual cd after reboot - this is '-') 2. Create archive on usb-stick, which will be copied on any partition and unpacked there, after runing setup there should be no problems. So what do you think? My opinion that second way will be easier to get working and faster.
  12. if you integrate sp3 in vista environment, you will get key error. Work under XP only
  13. Actualy not too much people knows about this build. I found MS HDA drivers is already included in it. Today evng I'll check the beta 2. Thanks
  14. nLite 1.4.x seems to be incopatible with XP SP3 build 5503. Actually system gives some errors after installing. Themes service is not running at all if patched. Some other problems. I did not check logs 'couse of time. Only I can say we shell check everything in a new version of nLite to work correctly with new XP.

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