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  1. Favorites IE9 Windows 7 Ent

    If I had to guess I would say updated via updates then syspreped for and image
  2. Favorites IE9 Windows 7 Ent

    All, I have been rolling out an Windows 7 enterprise migration. The setup process is quick except for one small issue I can not import favorites of my users into IE9. We are using Domain Env. Win 2003 STD Favorites are saved to user H:\ Docs\Favorites We can save Favorites if you log on locally as the admin account. Giving them Admin does not solve the issue. The favorites is grayed out and you are not able to import them I am pressed for time on fixing this I have been searching forums but have yet to find something that works. I am sure it has to do with a domain profile / or permissions something but i am out of ideas any help you can offer would be appreciated screenshot.doc
  3. Black Screen of Death Actually Caused by Malware A couple of days ago we wrote about the Black Screen of Death, a problem that caused Windows-based machines to freeze and lock out users, leaving them teary-eyed and black-screened. The issue, however, doesn’t seem to be a common one, nor is it tied to Microsoft’s security updates, as we’d previously thought. In fact, UK security company Prevx, who pointed out the issue (and actually offered a software fix), admitted that the problem is likely caused by malware and not by Microsoft’s error.
  4. Frustrating Limited Connectivity problem

    I have this problem at college, and it is known but they (MS) i guess are not taking action to address it. My connection at my house seems to work fine so i don't get it. it use to work fine at college also i hope sp 1 fixes this or MS is gonna be sorry
  5. Blocking specific updates?

    I have Vista Business wondering if this a brand new update last week ? i have changed alot on my system last few days such as working on a network issue thats still buggy hoping that sp1 will fix it but i have not seen random reboots i saw where you said it was selective i have a DellE1505 with 2 gb ram so far updates haven't been a problem i am required to keep all updates on my system so i guess i will run update over night
  6. really i am funny huh ?? thats why i have security certifications and work for the government never have had system crash on my watch unless i purposely caused the crash which pretty much with virus writers due. i just work with them. there are some nasty ones that are under lock and key because you don't really want to see them. they would take any network to their knee's in a heart beat if one really wanted to and it would matter what AV you have about the only way u make is either not operate on public network or not connected at all. Cyber War is on its way i just hope we have a defense to counter attack them. Symantec runs Fine never had a virus on any of my systems
  7. Is there a way to load a batch file

    there is a away via batch cmd it will install when the user logs in it will run all you do is specify a printer i have the script save here on my server i can help you with it if you get me names of printers and weather they are local or network i think it will work i haven't used it in awhile i did this for a compnay i worked for.
  8. Login Screen BG Help?

    try this click this i think it is what your looking for if you are wanting to you classic windows login i thnk this will work for you or try theme xp .org
  9. Install Windows Server 2003

    can you load from another machine via the network? i think it would be a media issue myself is ee this all the time with xp i just skip the errors everything has worked great once you get past the copy errors
  10. Windows Live Onecare

    okay first off i wouldn't invest in either of those softwares. NSW is a real resource hog and you don't really need a REG CLEANER um i don't like one care because i don't think MS is really a protection agency. For starters get Mozilla FireFox either system version or the portable version. Throw IE away except for doing updates. then do a search at colleges for free software issue by them free AV if you look in the right places. then get some free spyware tools ( idon't run mine really) because i use portable fox start there and use the systems for what it was designed for. if your a techie then its okay to play around just prepare for errors.
  11. Black Hibernate

    i guess i don't get the big deal about this issue except for you people wanting to know when it is done going into hibernate mode. Personally i have seen this problem but of coruse with my laptop i have to auto hibernate when i close my lid it has worked everytime i do this primarly for school i can pop it out look at something real quick and then close it. You people really get in a bind with ultimate or home editions. thats what i have seen through out the forums. I have the business ed. because that what the government decided to go with and it was free so i guess it woulds better to research the os before you buy or get it. I personnally have a few issue with business but i wait for sp1 before making big changes to the code of the os to see how to fix the issue. wait unsee what happen with sp1 before making big changes.
  12. Blocking specific updates?

    well i have not seen any problems with vista because of an update
  13. Network Issue

    1 disable all firewalls on everything 2 disable ipv6 in the properties of the network connection 3 ping each system vis versa 4 wait til sp1 maybe something good might come of it do some research on the web google.
  14. Vista Tips and Tweaks

    MSFN Members I’ve got something cool to show you. You know that ugly background that shows up with Windows Vista whenever you lock your computer or log in? Good news: You can change it. Here’s how. First, download ResHack (Resource Hacker). Open the EXE. Open an explorer window and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\. Find the file imageres.dll. You’ll need to first take ownership of the file, and then give yourself full permissions. If you don’t know how to do that, Google it or something, I’m not gonna hold your hand through this. After you’ve taken permissions, open it in ResHack. Look under the IMAGE resources and find your desktop resolution that corresponds to a resource number: 5031 = 1280×1024 5032 = 1280×960 5033 = 1024×768 5034 = 1600×1200 5035 = 1440×900 5036 = 1920×1200 5037 = 1280×768 5038 = 1360×768 5039 = 1024×1280 5040 = 960×1280 5041 = 900×1440 5042 = 768×1280 5043 = 768×1360 Note: If your resolution is not listed, you should use 5031. The image will stretch. Find the one that matches your resolution, and open that numbered folder. Right click on the “1033″ and select “Replace Resource”. Browse to another image (preferrably of the same size… I don’t know what Vista does as far as stretching/tiling the image). When it asks you for the resource info, type this in: Resource Type: IMAGE Resource Name: 50xx (your screen resolution from above, the 50__ number) Resource Language: 1033 Your new image should appear on-screen. Before you save it, go back to /System32/ and rename your original imageres.dll to something like image.res.dll~. After that, back in ResHack, choose File > Save As, and save it as C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll. Close ResHack, try a Windows+L, and see if you see your image. If you do, congrats, you don’t have to look at Microsoft’s crappy “abstract wisp” art. If not… something went wrong. Try again