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  1. >1) why did "command prompt here" get removed? > It was more of an tweak than enhancement. Methinks it's still very nice to have, and it's much easier to not check it during install if someone doesn't want it than find out how to add it separately. (which I may need to do now) > 2) how can I view a folder as webpage? As of B4, there used to be an option to set that , but it's no more... > Not in this package. > > 3) what happened with the "Quick launch" toolbar? Not able to find it or enable it... > This service pack has nothing to do with anything Quick launch related. Actually, it does. It happened because I accidentally checked "Win95 shell swap" I guess I shouldn't be installing SW in the wee hours....
  2. Wow!! What a surprise! There's a final SP 3.0!! I guess that's what I get when I miss a year. Congrats for finishing it up, but I have a few nags: 1) why did "command prompt here" get removed? 2) how can I view a folder as webpage? As of B4, there used to be an option to set that , but it's no more... 3) what happened with the "Quick launch" toolbar? Not able to find it or enable it... Lastly, I saw that windowsupdate related files were removed, but the entry in the start menu was left there, so I could still click it, though obviously it didn't work. TIA
  3. Howdy. I just installed Office 2000 and patched it up to SP3, but I think there were some fixes after that, but windowsupdate is not showing them any more. Does anyone have a list, or a link to a site that shows what updates and patches were released after SP3? TIA
  4. Thanks, the replacement hive fixed the problem.
  5. I'm trying to install W2K into a 48 Gig partition on a 400GB drive, but I'm not having any success. First, I tried to ghost a W2K install from an identical partition of a 160 GB drive, but there was something wrong with the swap space because W2K would complain about lack of virtual memory, but it would never allow me to set it because of an endless re-start cycle. (I never given a chance to click "Properties") Installing onto the 400G drive yields a BSOD with inaccessible boot partition. I already figured out that probably what I would need is a regkey called EnableBigLBA=1, but how can I set it before install, and I don't think it has any effect before SP3. I also tried to set the "capacity jumper", but apparently it's not functional on that drive (ST3400620A) since POST shows 400GB, regardless of that jumper. Any idea? TIA
  6. Installed 98SE on a dell GX280 (915G chipset). It sort of work -- I have to disable USB in the BIOS, otherwise it would lock up hard (with 2 short beeps) right after displaying the Win98 boot screen.
  7. I just installed SP3B3 followed by MDIE6CU23, and windowsupdate found that the following 2 updates are missing: - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB916281) - Security Update for Windows 98 (KB891781) Based on my other post http://www.msfn.org/board/98-SE-SP-30-BETA...0&start=580 , the second is a new one, and it wasn't there when MDIE6CU23 wasn't installed. TIA, aur
  8. I ended up pulling/replacing and disabling everything to boot only with the bare essentials (HD, video, kb, mouse) and it turned out that the culprit is most likely either the video card with the Nvidi Quadro2MXR chip, or the 81.98_forceware driver. After replacement, system was working fine wit a RageXL PCI video, and now it is working fine with a Viper V770D AGP card (using some Nvidia chip!) and a Diamond driver with a same (!) version number. Go figure....
  9. I don't understand the notion behind this -- on startup Win runs automatically, and once I'm out to DOS, it wouldn't make any difference.
  10. I didn't know there's a package for IE6 -- that should take care of the IE patches. I did check the stickies, and didn't see anything in the subject lines.
  11. I just tried it, and it didn't make any difference.
  12. Great work as usual on B3, but I think there are a few more patches that could be added. After running SP3B3 on a fresh W98SE + IE6 install. windowsupdate came up with the following list of missing patches: - Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB918439) - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB916281) - Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express 6 Service Pack 1 (KB837009) - Security Update for Flash Player (KB913433) I know some people will argue that IE6 and OE6 is not part of 98SE, but I think they should be included in the SP, maybe selectable by a checkbox for those who don't want it. Thanx, aur
  13. Just tried it. This time it hangs with: "C:\Windows\win _" (blinking cursor in the next line) Interestingly, the system is not fully hanged: 'Num Lock' still works, but 'Caps Lock' and 'Scroll Lock' don't.
  14. New 98SE install with IE6, SP3B3, and some other M$ software. Shutdown, restart, and exit to DOS work fine, but when I try to go back from DOS to Windows by typing exit, I get: "Windows is now restarting..." And that's all. I need to use 'Reset' to continue, but that leads to all the improper shutdown issues. Does anyone know what's causing this? I had many issues before, but never this one. TIA
  15. Autologon wouldn't be good with 4 kds who could use it.
  16. Is it possible to have an XP like login screen (i.e. just clicking on icons) for W2K? If yes, how? TIA PS: needed for kids
  17. ; MSBATCH.INF ; ; Copyright © 1995-1999 Microsoft Corporation. ; All rights reserved. ; [batchSetup] Version=3.0 (32-bit) SaveDate=04/23/99 [Version] Signature = "$CHICAGO$" [setup] ProductKey="MD97J-QC7R7-TQJGD-xxxxx-xxxxx"
  18. I disagree with the 'kitchensink' approach. While many people may end up installing both, I think NUSB is a different product, and it should be handled accordingly. Makes testing and maintenance simpler, methinks.
  19. Thanks for the quick reply. IE6 was installed before B1. Great program, BTW.
  20. Where does windowsupdate save patches downloaded from the website so I can hijack the files before the updater deletes them? Im looking for these two (does anyone have them?) ...Security Update for DirectX 9 (KB904706) ...Q329048: Security Update (Windows 98) but I'm unable to find a downloadable copy outside the automated windowsupdate website, and I want to save them for future reference, should support completely cease for Windows 98. Edit: nevermind, I just read the sticky and grabbed the files from here.
  21. Are the below updates in SP3 B1? Windowsupdate showed me these are still needed after SP3B1. OK, the DX9 update shouldn't be in SP3, but the other two should, or if they there, why does windowsupdate telling this? TIA Security Update for DirectX 9 (KB904706) Download size: 567 KB Security Update for Windows 98 (KB891781) Download size: 152 KB Q329048: Security Update (Windows 98) Download size: 267 KB
  22. This happens too infrequently to bother with safe mode. And I don't think many of the programs would run correctly. As for the eventlog, there's nothing in there that can be associated with the lockup.
  23. Lately (last 6 - 9 months or) I'm having problems with the W2K UI locking up for seemingly no reason. What happens is that the display gets frozen and the mouse and keyboard stops working, but underneath W2K, and presumably most programs continue running just fine. I know this because shared directories are fully accessible through the network, and because I run a server and I can log onto that server from another PC. I'm not 100% of what triggers this, but last time it was most likely the connection of a USB headset while the last 2 - 3 times before that it may have been a mouse or keyboard event. The frequency of these lock ups isn't too bad, say, roughly 1 - 2/month, but a couple of years ago the very same PC could run for several months without any problem, and downtimes were usually caused by power outages or windowsupdate reboots. BTW, the last time it happened Winamp was playing, and it continued the song it started before the lockup, but didn't start the next one. Any idea on what may be causing this, and how to fix it? TIA
  24. Mobo: Asus TX97-LE with P233MMX & 144 meg FPM DRAM. Cards: Promise ULTRA 66 HA, ATI RageXL video, 3C905 OS: 98SE, SP2.1a, IE 6.0, several patches especially shutdown related, configmg.vxd from W98 After a clean install of 98SE and nothing more, everything works fine, but if I install the drivers for the promise, any M$ patch, or SP2.1a, all hell breaks loose -- nothing in the shutdown menu will work. After going through everything I could find and lots of tinkering with BIOS options, I could get shutdown and restart to work, but not restart to MS-DOS mode. Any idea on why this is happening? What is involved when exiting to MS-DOS mode? Or how to fix that?
  25. Well, it was the HA beyond any doubt. I replaced it with a Promise Ultra 100TX2, and the problems are gone. No RAID and no ATA133, but at least it works.

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