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  1. I integrated MUI. Maybe you should use it instade of LIP. look here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64181&hl=mui
  2. Try to use a Packager. It is on SAV CD in directory Tools\[smth like nosupp]\Packager. It may help.
  3. I checked it. You know checking languages and keyboards vice verse is better. If I check everything as I need I don't have Russian and can't install MUI. If I check vice verse I still don't have Russian, but MUI installs (with error, but still it's a progress). MUI needs some keyboard libraries. So maybe we should check keyboards vice verse and languages as designed?
  4. I'm now building a new version of my disk. And now do not delete some drivers and hardware support (but sometime it's difficult to understand if I'll really need it). But it's strange that CD works at least in the begining (RunOnce section is proccessed well), and I could make it working by deleting drivers...
  5. I suppose so. Otherwise this forum would be fluded with such problems... Maybe it's nLite (I deleted a lot of drivers and hardware support cause everything is in DriverPacks...). But still I think it's very common and I'm here the one with such a problem...
  6. I'll check that for certain, but they are REALLY different (one is Pentium III 1.0GHZ 4 years old another is a new server with two XEON proccessors)... And so on...
  7. Thank you very much... I'll try it... But I looked in my cd-writing program package and found that there are no registry entries!!! Only files. So the program should not mess the system till it launched, and I'm sure that this program was not launched on several computers that have problems with CD... What else should it cause? Maybe some hotfixes in RVM (2.0.1)?
  8. www.yandex.ru is the best search engine in Russia (it searches better then google in .ru domain). And they also provide a free hosting in .narod.ru doamin.
  9. Thank you, I think RogueSpear is right in my case (I have this problem with absolutely different computers). I install Small CD-Writer (http://www.avtlab.ru) with the system... So I'll try without it... What exactly registry keys I shouldn't change?
  10. Methods can be useful or stupid. But who knows better about legistlation inaccuracy then we do? Heh, it looks like we are going further than just MUI. Besides, I cound not install MUI after nLite RC6. It deletes some keyboard dlls that are needed by MUI (even if "Keyboard" group is unchecked ).
  11. Maybe I was not clear enough. My Unattended disk is OK. I install system with it with out any problem. But after that this installed system stops reading disks (EVERYONE). I suppose it's something wrong with the drivers. So the problem is in DriverPacks. But I don't know where to look for it....
  12. I'm testing my unattended CD for some time now, and everything is great except one thing: CD/DVD-ROMs stop reading disks. The hardware is OK, disks are readable (computer boots up from CD, but in Windows could not read it). When I'm trying to open the disk it writes "Insert disk...". I tested it on several computers and a lot of them could not read disks (but not all of them). All computers are different, all drives are different, it happens with Winows XP and Server 2003. The only thing that helps is to delete drive from the Device Manager, and after reboot it installs it again and everything is OK (but sometimes only for several days). I could not find anything about this issue on this forum. Is there anybody having the same problem? What causes it?
  13. Does converting standart Windows XP to unattended Windows XP violate any lisences? And if not, what is the difference between converting MUI and the Windows?
  14. Maybe for SP1 but it works. I don't know if Microsoft sells MUI. But anyway I tested the torrent and it does not work...
  15. OK. 1. We are speaking about Windows XP Pro SP2 (Home edition officially does not support MUI, but in fact it can be used, SP2 - just because I'm using it and tested it). There are two technics to translate windows interface, MUI (Multilingual User Interface) and LIP (Language Interface Pack). With MUI every user can choose his own language, and LIP translates the whole system for everyone. So we are speaking about MUI. 2. Great help is http://www.xpmuirus.narod.ru (but it is in russian). 3. You should get MUI for your language: 1) It's on your Windows disk. 2) You can download all official Microsoft MUI packs, see attachment (more than 4Gb). 3) You can make MUI pack yourself: - download appropriate pack from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en - download tool for converting http://xpmuirus.narod.ru/files/muitrans_uni.zip - put both files in one folder and unzip "muitrans_uni.zip" - in file "muitrans_uni.cmd" edit variable string "set MUI_LANG=GER" (change GER to your language, your language short name mentioned in first file name you downloaded from Microsoft) - after that just run "muitrans_uni.cmd", and your MUI pack will be compiled in MUI_XP folder. 4. If you have your MUI pack than archive it to a self extracting exe (extracting to temporary folder) which should launch after extraction "muisetup.exe /i 0419 /d 0419 /l /f /r /s" (change every 0419 for your language number). 5. Thats all. Now you can put your file as hotfix by hands or make an addon for nLite: 1) Create a folder put in it file "ENTRIES_MUI.ini" (see attachment) 2) create there a new folder called "SVCPACK" 3) Rename yours self-extracting file with MUI to "MUI.exe" 4) Change descriptions in file "ENTRIES_MUI.ini" (it is not realy nessesary) 5) Compress folder "SVCPACK" and file "ENTRIES_MUI.ini" to cab archive. You've done it. ENTRIES_MUI.INI torrent.rar
  16. OK. Here is the russian MUI for Windows XP. For other languages you can do the same way (it's very simple). It integrates as hotfix with nLite (and RVM integrator). http://rapidshare.de/files/11864641/MUI.part1.rar.html http://rapidshare.de/files/11864874/MUI.part2.rar.html You can download MUI packs at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en They say that those packs are for Windows XP Embedded. But as I remember they also suites Windows XP Pro and Home. To integrate MUI clearly you should not delete with nLite following components: Network|Internet Explorer Operating System Options|Help
  17. You've surely deleted something with Nlite. I had the same error. As I remember it was an Internet explorer interface (not core). If it's not i can post or send you Nlite settings secure for MUI.

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