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Status Updates posted by Dave-H

  1. Hi jaclaz. Sorry I haven't responded to your last PM, I've been locked out of the whole of MSFN since the site "upgrade".

    It seems to be geoblocked in Europe, which I assume is a fault they're not aware of as it's been like it now for several days!

    I've managed to get to it finally by spoofing that I'm in the States, but it's crawlingly slow via the virtual VPN, and keeps losing connection if I do anything like trying to look at the forum personal messages.

    I have managed to message the site owners, so I hope it's fixed soon. I'll be in touch again then.

    Cheers, Dave.

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    2. jaclaz
    3. Dave-H


      I remembered after I posted that you're in Italy. The block can't be for all of Europe, as you're obviously not blocked! The guy in Sweden has just messaged me as well to say that he's now found that others he knows in Sweden can access the site, but like me, he can't, so as you say it sounds as if particular IP addresses are being blocked for some reason, rather than areas.

      I tried to use the private messaging system, but the site just kept losing connection every time, which is why I sent a message here. I've never used this "status" thing myself, but I saw your name on an entry on the right of the forum homepage, clicked on it, and it brought me here!

      Anyway, I hope the site owners get back to me soon as to why myself and others seem to be now blocked from the site.

      Cheers, Dave.

    4. jaclaz


      Unrelated, and hoping that your current issue will soon be solved, *somehow* during the board update the "country" flags of many members seemingly were shifted/mixed/whatever, I found myself with the Denmark flag on my profile, and right now you have an USA one, I guess you'd better reset it to the Union Jack, unless you are trying to be coherent with your spoofing ...



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