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  1. Not to flog a dead horse, but I still have this problem, but more details this time. XPize settings loads on Windows startup, and by default I've saved it to make icon text backgrounds transparent. Upon startup, it doesn't load my settings, and icon backgrounds are coloured. Pressing load gives the same error as stated above. I have to close and reopen it to effect any change. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or is this something wrong with the program, or is it Windows? Thanks!
  2. This issue hasn't come back up since I emptied my Temp folder, so maybe that was the problem in the first place. Just a heads up to everyone to whom this happens in the future, keep your Temp folder clean! Cam
  3. When I hit "Save Now" in XPize Settings, I get the following error: Error saving XPize settings ! Check disk space or write permissions on the XPize Settings current folder. Also, when I hit "Load Settings" I get the following error: Error loading XPize settings ! Settings file (XPizeSettings.Cam.dat) not found in the XPize Settings folder. I have sufficient disk space and I'm using the Administrator account. Is there any reason this is happening or any known fix for this? I searched the forums and found nothing. Thanks, Cam

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