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  1. In my opinion, the most secure backup is a hard-drive lying on the shelf (out of computer). The cheapest are DVD-s. Compression? -WinRAR use comand line - example: add all *.hlp files from the current folder to the archive help.rar "WinRAR a help *.hlp" I have a removable rack in with i plug a backup hard drive when needed.
  2. That is my thinking, too. But, do we allways have to beleive to Gods from Redmond? That is the Question...
  3. Caution! If u use driver packs, it may be leftovers on the disk if you force restart for 00 seconds. I mean, clean up may not finish, that was my case. Just leave the message, like me: shutdown -r -f -t 60 -c "Restarting to complete installation"
  4. Just install 2.0 after 1.1 and hotfix, they don't have compatibility issue working together. Anyway, i tought that I won't neeed 1.1 if I install 2.0, but windows update sees it as missing update so i decided to keep both on computers and Unattended install CD/DVD. Untill further notice from Gods from Redmond.
  5. Do you mean ALL components? Or just the components which can be selected with Office installation. I'm installing Office, plus Frontpage, Visio, Onenote and Project. These are not part of the Office 2003 setup and therefore I launch setup.exe for each of them respectively. I guess I create one dvd which has all components merged to one, I have read a little about this. Then maybe you would only need to create one transforms file..... but this is a little off topic of my original post. When you use the program XPLODE you cannot use the % symbols to wrap your paths. You need to use the # symbols. This code is within XPLODE's XML script files, obviously if I were to have it in a normal batch file I would need to change it to the % sign.Did u use command setup.exe /a MSINODISABLEMEDIA=1 for making admin install point? Than You slipstream SP2 and hotfixes and make *.mst file with ORK. It was my problem too, and found on Microsoft site that. By default, instaling from removable media is disabled! It costed me four unsuccessful installs of office untill I gave up and visit "official" site and as usual, i found a solution.

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