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  1. Agreed. I can't find any info about this...no statement, no apology, nothing. I liked LG drives but will never buy them again after hearing about this and how they seem to be avoiding it. The new Samsung's are just as good if not better anyway. I'm ordering a new Samsung SH-S223Q tomorrow.
  2. Uhm...you mean RC4 since Florian has not released an RC5 yet.
  3. I use my own customized RunOnceEx.cmd and have had no problems with themes. Maybe take a few minutes to learn to create your own. It's easy with the proper guide.
  4. Maybe your uxtheme.dll isn't being patched?
  5. Nighted

    Integrating SP3

    I have a suggestion....try downloading build 5508 instead of 3311. Check your PM.
  6. Strange...I've noticed that I can not apply KB888111 only after integrating SP3. However, KB835221 does integrate just fine and my audio seems to work exactly the same as with KB888111.
  7. You have to keep the default Guest account. (I'm only guessing that this might be your problem)
  8. I've created a workaround for this problem here: http://www.msfn.org/board/Unattended-Creat...es-t113402.html
  9. Yeah, I don't get it either....seems useless....unless there's something like $user that you could use. I've managed a workaround by creating a silent self-extracting WinRAR archive (still, I shouldn't have to do this). Path=%userprofile% Silent=1 Overwrite=2 Now I can easily load anything into My Document, Startup, Application Data and Desktop.
  10. I put $Docs in my $OEM$ directory with some stuff I wanted put into my default account and I keep getting this (BENDER being my computer name ): I'm guessing that this is happening because I'm putting a "Nighted" folder inside $Docs? Because I want something like this with all my stuff already copied over: Nighted > ________Desktop> ________________Captures ________My Documents > ______________________Scrapbook ______________________Chatlogs If I put My Documents and Desktop for example into the $Docs folder, do those get copied directly to Nighted as I've already set that as my default profile? I read this really great guide, but it doesn't mention anything related to my problem. Well, I'm going to try this, so maybe I'll answer my own question! Thanks for any help.
  11. Nighted

    nlite error

    So you cleaned out NET, rebooted, reinstalled NET and nLite doesn't work at all or it works only sometimes?
  12. Nighted

    nlite error

    Maybe you've somehow corrupted your NET install. Did you try using NET in some kind of stand-alone configuration on a machine with NET already installed? You could remove NET and trying re-installing. Removing a corrupted install can be difficult. You can easily remove it using this tool. It may seem like it's doing nothing for a while, but be patient and let it finish.
  13. Nah, I don't use the game profiler. I don't like it at all. I'll stick with XPadder. Glad you got it fixed.
  14. Yes, you're right, it's off topic. By the way JetBee and JetBee FREE are 2 separate downloads. One is 30 day trial, the other is literally free.
  15. You guys might want to try JetBee FREE. As far as I can tell, it's not crippled in any way from the registered version. It has no nags that I've noticed either. The only difference I can tell is that is says "FREE" on the titlebar. The fact that it supports multisession is a big bonus. I also think it's portable like it's sister app Convex Evolution. JetBee has the features I need in Nero at only ~100KB size difference from ImgBurn. Some features: burn data cd and dvd from files and folders burn data cd and dvd from iso image files burn data cd and dvd in UDF format burn multisession cd and dvd discs create and burn bootable cd and dvd discs burn data cd and dvd discs from Alcohol mds image files erase rewritable cd and dvd discs burn audio cd discs with from wav, mp3, wma and ogg files burn audio cd with cd-text burn dvd video discs from dvd media content of higher compatibility with hardware dvd players burn VideoCD and SuperVideoCD discs verify cd and dvd discs after burning copy data, audio, video cd and dvd discs raw cd copying create iso image files both from files, folders, cd and dvd drives and dvd media content create Alcohol mds image files from cd and dvd discs rip audio files from audio cd save track (one or more) from cd/dvd disc burn cd and dvd discs without administrative rights under 2000/XP/Vista with our StarOpen driver. This driver provides CD/DVD access for any user regardless of Security Policies.
  16. InfraRecorder has great GUI design. Too bad the inner working of the software is crap. Multisession is an immense pain in the a** and the reliability is far below par. Garbage.
  17. Download the ATI driver installer. You only need the smaller package without control center. If you run version 8.1 installer, the contents will unpack everything to this directory: C:\ATI\SUPPORT\8-1_xp32_dd_57717. You can cancel the rest of the installation. Go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\8-1_xp32_dd_57717\Driver\Driver\ and grab XP_INF, it's the directory you need to integrate into your nLite CD for your video drivers.
  18. I have the same controller and have no problems. Here are the proper drivers. Just so we're clear, it's the wireless controller. BTW, The Logitech game profiler is garbage. Try XPadder.
  19. If you've removed language support for most languages then you just might have tried to install KMPlayer and been totally baffled that it won't start. Well, seems KMPlayer is reliant on c_949.nls, a Korean codepage file. Retarded yes, but true. Download it and drop it in your System32 directory. Peace.
  20. Strange...I couldn't integrate KB888111. It was telling me that it was already part of the package or that it was not compatible. I ended up having to use a new one, KB835221. I have sound, so I'm happy.
  21. XP SP3 Build 3244 RC1 here....no problems. Explorer seems to be more stable. I'll continue to use SP3 from here on.
  22. Thanks for the most recent updates SpiritPyre! These extensions just keep getting better.
  23. Another thing to take note of, if you have IE6 marked for removal from your installation, IE7 will not integrate! Make sure you keep IE 6, and just put the IE 7 MSI installer in your addons (I can't tell you about the IE 7 "addons" going around, just use the official release). When windows is installed, you should have a perfectly working IE 7.
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