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  1. RAR-sfx comments

    acdsee.sfx: ACDSee_Pro.msi ACDSee_rus.msi comments: Setup=ACDSee_Pro.msi Setup=ACDSee_rus.msi TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 After extracting files windows say: "Can't find ACDsee.msi" If i use this comments: Path=.\%temp% Setup=%temp%\acdsee\ACDSee_Pro.msi Setup=%temp%\acdsee\ACDSee_rus.msi Overwrite=1 Silent=1 Than everything ok. But what about tempmode ???
  2. RunOnceEx

    Thank's for answer.
  3. RunOnceEx

    Do you explain me what means strings "SetLocal enableextensions..and... EndLocal" ?
  4. RunOnceEx

    Too bad. I crated ACDsee8.cmd and wrote it into runonce.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /D "ACDSee 8.0 rus" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\applications\Acdsee8\Acdsee8.cmd" /f Acdsee8.cmd: cmdow @ /HID @echo off for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i: cd /d %cdrom%\APPLICATIONS\Acdsee8 start /wait Acdsee8.exe exit Acdsee.exe content: Acdsee.msi, Acdsee_rus.msi, setup.bat. SFX comments:Path=.\%temp% Setup=%temp%\Acdsee8\setup.bat Overwrite=1 Silent=1 setup.bat: cd /d %temp%\Acdsee8 start /realtime /wait ACDSee_Pro.msi /passive start /realtime /wait ACDSee_rus.msi /passive exit When opening cmd window (Acdsee8.cmd) and starting extracting rar-sfx (Acdsee8.exe) runonce don't wait execution of ACDsee.msi and go to next commands
  5. RunOnceEx

    Sorry, but my problem not in office(it executes fine). My problem is RUNONCEEX.(See first post)
  6. RunOnceEx

    Yes, you understand me. Sorry for my misunderstanding (I mean this: runonce -> rar-sfx -> cmd(with /wait switch) -> msi -> runonce) I will try your way now and post the results some later (runonce -> cmd(with /wait switch) -> rar-sfx-> msi -> runonce)
  7. RunOnceEx

    I tryed it. MSoffice still continued own installation after closing runonce window(installation completed successfully). Acdsee and SymantecAV don't want install again
  8. RunOnceEx

    I' tryed it. And...no effect For example,Acdsee8.exe - rar-sfx archive with contains two msi files and one cmd which starts in series this msi's with start/wait switch. Runonce doesn't wait until cmd file will executes all two msi's, he go to next line and starts to execute next command(k-lite pack).
  9. RunOnceEx

    Yes, you are right, but my problem isn't it. (comments for office sfx archive - only example) I mean that runonce doesn't wait execution of setup.exe (or setup.cmd or something else) after rar-sfx will be extracted, and processing the next line (next registry key in runonceex.cmd). I need to some pause (previos command must be fully complete) befor next commands will be executed. How can i do it ???
  10. RunOnceEx

    Please, see attachment in this post
  11. RunOnceEx

    My Runonceex.cmd calls by cmdlines ( [COMMANDS] "RunOnceEx.cmd") Acrobat, k-lite, acdsee8, symantec9, msoffice - RAR-sfx archives with some added comments: Path=.\%temp% Setup=%temp%\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=options.MST /qb- (for example) Overwrite=1 Silent=1 Other (winrar,1C) - msi packages. When runonceex starts, winrar,1C,k-lite,acrobat install ok, but other rar-sfx archives(acdsee8,symantec9,msoffice) doesn't install (They only extract to %temp% folder ). I think there is some limits for number of commands in one line of runonceex Need help RunOnceEx.cmd
  12. DriverPack MassStorage V5.10

    Promise FastTrak S150 TX4 Controller Aftre booting from CD, the instllation process(blue screen with yellow process bar) loads drivers for this adapter into ram, but after that windows can't see any drives on this controller. I'd cheked http://www.uawiki.org/doku.php?id=wxp:ua:drivers:driverpacks:supported:massstorage:pr_tx4000. What does it mean ? Thanks.
  13. WinntbbuED

    Windows server 2003 sp1 WINNTBBU.DLL syssetup: NOT FOUND
  14. DriverPack Sound A V6.01

    Windows setup need's those files :HDAudBus.inf and HDAudio.inf Need help !!!
  15. Nero v7.0.5.4

    Try to edit %Temp%\Nero7.tmp\Redist\Config\Config.txt Section: INCLUDE/EXCLUDE-LANGUAGES Edit [your language] text: INCEXCLNG [Your language] USER_LANG or INCEXCLNG [Your language] ALWAYS (ex: INCEXCLNG RUS USER_LANG)