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  1. Its not the files that are affected because I can still open my pictures. But just the programmes that won't open and they all want to open with adobe reader. I can't do a system restore because all the accessories and stuff want to open with adobe reader. Therefore I can't go add/remove programmes either! Hmmm! Does anybody know if i get a new portable hard drive to transfer all my programes and files to, will it transfer the virus aswell? Thanks
  2. Will the system restore erase everything off the comptuer? I think my mum has tried doing that..I just havent had chance to do it yet. And it annoys me so much to try something to find that it doesnt work! We phoned the helpline for support and they said it may be a virus, and to by a portable hard drive to transer the stuff too..but wont that just transfer the virus aswell?? I appreciate all the help thanks!
  3. yea windows explorer which i open pics and stuff in is still working..internet explorer still work..its like the microsoft progammes all still work but everything else doesnt..I shall try out that advice tomorrow..cant be bothered dealing with it now! Thanks!
  4. Hi, thanks for that I think its only the programes that open with adobe reader, as i can still open my pictures and stuff..but obviously word documents i can't as word tries to open with adobe! I'll try my best at following your instructions anyway:) Im on a spare computer btw as firefox and netscape are also no longer working on my pc:( Thanks for your help!
  5. whats winkey+r and regedit?..can you talk me through step by step what to do..Thanks
  6. Hi everyone! I have windows xp home and last night upgraded to adobe reader 7.0. And now..EVERYTHING is corrupted, nothing will open, not even adobe reader opens properly. All the programes on it now want to open with it..and I can't even go to 'Add/remove progames because that tries to open with adobe reader too. I'm so stuck about what to do..does any one have any ideas? Thanks for any help! Kate

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