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  1. Thanks CptnMurphy, i'll remember that one, What is mostly done on-site, if you're at a client's company, you need to solve problems, do backups, what are some of the most comon issues? Is there help somewhere, how often do network administrators call on help themselves to someone in an even higher networking position? I know i'll need to call upon someone very much when starting out...??
  2. Hi, I landed myself a networking job, who knows how but i'm either going to make a fool of myself or i'll be getting a "hey at least his trying, and although slowly we do see some progression" look. Job description I need to maintain a network of 30 pc's, and do backups. Fix pesky problems. Problem is i do not know how!, Does anyone have any tips for me.... please? What would be the most likely problems encountered and how can i fix them? I did mcse 8 years ago the old windows nt version, since then i have moved into insurance, failed my mcse upgrade and never did get any networking practical experience, so in short, i forgot everything! Help...! Is there an online "chat" support somewhere if someone get's stuck, or is that a "network Guru's dream scenario" Any help will be appreciated.. What happened to you on your first network job? Or were you one of those network pro's in school? already?

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