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  1. Some free task managers that either duplicate or have more features than MSofts.

    For starters, I'd like to at least match the features that Win XP (plus those in Vista) has since I have Win 2K

    intalled. Thus, one feature is the graphics for each network card showing % utilization

    etc which win 2K doesn't have. The other is disk utilization.

    Here's some I've tried out.


    www.anvir.com for anvir task manager

    www.devicelock.com for remote task manager (really a nice program)

    Note: Remote Task Manager (RTM) from devicelock is the closest to MSOFT task manager with graphics.

    However, anvir and whatsrunning show all the processes like sysinternals. These are nice programs.

    http://dimio.altervista.org/eng/ dtaskmanager v1.51 plus other stuff he's written. For instance, Dshutdown which allows one to do local and remote shutdown of a PC - alot of options too.

    Dtaskmanager does have graphics too for various hardware utilizations i.e. cpu, network. However,

    on my Win 2K system, it could show me the data byte counts received/sent on the network card,

    but it wouldn't show me them plotted on the network graphics section: it always showed 0%.

  2. I have win 2k pro sp4 assigned to the workgroup called "WORKGROUP". I also have

    another computer Win XP Home SP2 under the workgroup called "MSHOME". Both

    computers are on the same home network. I also have a third computer that has

    VISTA and in the workgroup called "WORKGROUP".

    My win 2K machine can see all the workgroups "WORKGROUP" and "MSHOME" in

    my network places. I can select the "WORKGROUP" and it will show me all the

    computer names that are in that directory. However, when I select "MSHOME",

    it complains about access denied probably because it's a different work group name.

    However, I don't want to change the MSHOME workgroup to match the other workgroup

    names. All I want to do when I select MSHOME is to show me which computers are

    in that workgroup category. At present, I can't see them although the MSHOME computer

    is up and running and connected to the same home computer network I am. Moreover,

    since the computer is Win XP Home in the workgroup "MSHOME", it doesn't have the

    RestrictAnonymous data value in the registry which will block access to the computer

    should I select the computername when shown in the MSHOME workgroup.

    How do I get access to the MSHOME workgroup to show me the list of computers

    under that workgroup name?

  3. Are there any good replacements for the Win 2K task manager utility that has more functionality than the

    current one? Perhaps more like the one in XP or Vista and that may have alot of bells-in-whistles?

    I'd like to see the following in my task manager replacement.

    - network utilitization with graphics plotting for each network card installed.

    - disk drive utilization per process and/or all processes.

    - disk and cpu temperature per each device.

    - user configurable to show from a minimized task bar icon a popup to show various parameters

    I want to monitor.

    - data collection of all these statictics to a csv file for excel based on data items to record user selectable.

    - total computer up time.

    - monitoring remote computers using this task manager from local computer

  4. I get the following error in my Win 2K Pro SP4 rollup1 plus patches system event log

    when I insert Sandisk flash chips.

    Removable Storage Event ID 17:

    RSM cannot manage library PhysicalDrive3. It encountered an unspecified error. This can be caused by a number of problems including, but not limited to, database corruption, failure communicating with the library, or insufficient system resources.

    I've seen others get this error and ask whats causing it and how to get rid of it.

    Here's what I've discovered.

    This error is not related to the size of the flash chip since I've inserted 1Gig, 2Gig,

    4Gig and 8Gig flash chips into the computer and get this error in the event log. I've inserted 2Gig Sony and the above kinds from Sandisk, so it isn't manufacturer specific. The difference is that most of the above flash chips from 2Gig and up for Sandisk are U3 devices and the others are just plain flash drives. Thus, MSoft Windows File Explorer sees the U3 devices as a two different drives sharing

    the same hardware. One pretends to be a CD and the other a regular hard drive. I guess U3 is setup to be one drive that is partitioned into two different drives but pretend to be different hardware drive types. Thus, Win 2K RSM can't handle/manage U3 drives that don't appear to this utility as only one single formatted drive instead of two different drives.

    Thus, anybody know if MSoft came out with a hotfix to correct this? I haven't found a fix yet. I'm not sure if one can somehow fake it out by updating the RSM device Database with some list or sequence of device ID types. MSoft explains on their website how to restore the RSM device DBMS, but doesn't say anything about U3 drives. They are probably to new for Win 2K.


  5. I've been doing some research on my used PC. It's a Netvista 6794-21U...



    As a result, I can't do USB 2.0, only 1.1 and below. Thus, this is the cause of my USB slowness although I thought the

    guy I bought the computer from said it was USB 2.0. :wacko:

    According to the Lenovo support page on that model, it only shipped USB 1.1 sockets ( http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-39624.html ):

    Intel 82801BA I/O Controller Hub (ICH2) for PCI 2.2 bus, ATA-100 EIDE, ethernet MAC, USB revision 1.1, Low Pin Count Interface
    Four USB (two in front, two in back) [Ver 1.1]

    FYI, I'm posting the following info here for those with Windows XP SP2 (and soon to be SP3) just in case they

    are experiencing this popup/tooltip message when they plug in a usb 2.0 device into a computer that is v1.1.

    In my case, a friend of mine has an HP Pavillion 760C circa FY 2000 that has usb v1.1. After installing the latest intel chipset

    driver software, he began experiencing the problems in this KB article although the device will work and we always

    thought, yes we know its a usb 1.1 port on the computer. However, based on my other post whereby intel specifies

    that one should use the latest service pack for the intel chips 845 for windows 2000 which would be the SP4 rollup

    1 and above, that if one has an older intel chipset with their software installed giving the message below, that it is

    best per the KB article to replace /upate the driver and specify the MSOFT controller software that comes in the

    XP SP2/SP3 install to eliminate this error message.


    So, the bottom line is that although one installs and lets the OS search for the best hardware match, and to install that

    software, that in some cases, MSOFT may be more up-to-date even if one has the latest intel s/w. :blink::whistle:

    One question, although device manager shows numerous UHCI controllers for each USB port a computer may have, why is there only one EHCI controller shown instead of an equal number for all the USB ports that are v2.0?

    What's the difference between the "Generic Hub' and the "USB Root Hub" and why aren't there an equal number?

  6. I think in general you'll find that a OEM driver is usually preferable to a built-in Windows driver.

    You cannot depend on MS doing the right thing in this department. For example, compare low-level drivers in 2000 with XP such as fastfat.sys or pcmcia.sys. Why won't MS update the 2000 drivers by issuing a rollup for 2000 that has the XP drivers? They won't, of course.

    Do you have a link to the Intel generic USB driver? I'm interested in checking that out.

    I've been doing some research on my used PC. It's a Netvista 6794-21U. I have Win 2K Pro SP4 and with rolllup 1 plus patches running on it.

    The chipset is Intel 845 (no other chipset letter variations). The controller is an Intel 82801BA/BAM device.

    I have the latest Intel 845 chipset drivers installed. However, their documentation says that the controller software in

    Win 2K SP4 rollup 1 is newer and to use that. The intel date on the controller is in FY 2000 ,but the SP4 is around Aug 2004.

    However, it doesn't seem to matter which one I use in terms of upload/download USB speed. About one hour for 3.4 Gigs download.

    So it's best to use the MSoft software instead of Intel.

    The controllers installed are the PCI to USB Universal Controller software with the USB root hub from MSoft. Because the OS

    doesn't see any EHCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) devices in the computer, it doesn't load the MSoft or Intel controller software

    for ECHI. As a result, I can't do USB 2.0, only 1.1 and below. Thus, this is the cause of my USB slowness although I thought the

    guy I bought the computer from said it was USB 2.0. :wacko:

  7. I have win 2k Pro Sp4 with all the latest patches. However, Win XP SP2 with patches is about

    6 times faster for a flash drive with USB 2.0 reading or writing it vs. Win 2K PRO SP4.

    Is MSofts latest USB 2.0 driver that came with SP4 better than Intels USB 2.0 driver?

    Whats considered the newest driver from MSOFT for USB 2.0 to speed up my data transfers?

    Will Intel Application accelerator help in speeding things up ?

    Anybody try open source or third party usb drives on Win 2K PRO? Who is the one to use

    in this case?

  8. I started to download the win 2k8 server mui language packs from MSoft two days ago.

    I got the first one and today was going to get some more;however, MSoft says they

    can't find the webpage for them.

    These are the 200-360 meg files for AMD and Intel for the various std,datacenter, enterprise versions.

    Don't tell me they already are obsolete or that you have to pay for them now.....

    After getting the MUIs I'll download the varous trial versions of the 2k8 server and see how they work out.

    I guess I can't download fast enough for MSOFT??????


  9. I was using Acronis drivecleanser to scrub a logical drive using their Scheiner algorithm. However, I accidentally selected

    the wrong partition and it ran for about 1-5 seconds before I could abort it. The filesystem is NTFS and contains about 30 gigs

    of data on a 200 gig drive logical partition. I realize the partition table is gone since the Acronis tools can't restore the

    partition. Is there any other tool that people recommend that will restore the partition and or recover the data files that are still

    out there on the disk? At least I won't lose everything. I presume there are mutliple copies of the directory file structure on

    disk in multiple locations, so the software might be able to locate the files based on this second copy.



  10. I'd like to do the following.

    a). I'd like the wireless USB device I have plugged in to the computer

    to be controlable by having the win2k scheduler initiate the recognition

    of the device whereby the wireless driver will initiate the link to the router.

    b ). run another program under scheduler control after a few minutes assuming

    that the wireless device established the link to the wireless router.

    c). after a period of time, the scheduled program would stop.

    d). after stopping the program, the scheduler will stop the wireless device

    so that the connection is broken.

    e). repeat steps (a-d) some time later (probably the next day).

    Is there a program that allows me turn on and off the [any] USB device besides

    wireless as if I was there to remove and plug it in, but having to search for the device driver

    that is already installed on the computer for it. Another possibility is to use a program to enable/disable

    the device if power can't be shut off and started by a program while the device remains in the computer.

    Hence, I don't want to have a wireless device sitting there being able to communicate while

    the computer is idle after I ran the program I wanted to run.

    Another question I have is how to have the program run under the user "SYSTEM" with or without a password

    vs being tied to a user account or the admin account that needs a password. I see alot of other programs

    i.e. antivirus programs don't require a user account or the admin one but uses "SYSTEM" instead or "NETWORK"?

  11. Yes but windows updater says it only does the critical ones and not the others which fix

    reliability, and hotfixes. Here's what I found on www.neowin.net and how to get it from MSoft


    MSOFT windows update catalog

    1-- click on the above weblink.

    2- Now just write what you want to find (eg: Windows Vista), and it will show you all Updates available for Windows (including Hotfixes, Security Updates, Drivers, etc)


    3- After the catalog show you the results simply click on ADD on the right, basically this is like shopping, you put what you want in the basket and then you get all at the same time (no need to pay here).


    4- After you ADD all that you need, just click on the basket, there you go, you have all the updates that you choose ready to Download, just Click on the Download button

    and a new window will appear, which will allow you to Download the files to a folder at your choice in your computer (Browse).

  12. Here is some info for the namespace problem.


    I've copied the details here for future reference.

    WMI Namespace Error: When you install Service Pack 1 you may find that you get the following error: "WMI ADAP failed to connect to namespace \\.\root\cimv2\MS_809 with the following error: 0x8004100e". This appears to be a bug in SP1. You can resolve the problem by uninstalling SP1, or by replacing all the updated versions of the file winmgmt.exe on your system with the original version in the C:\WINNT\$NtServicePackUninstall$ folder and rebooting. If you have the WMI service running, you will have to stop it first in order to be able to overwrite the file. You may also wish to simply rename the original files, to avoid overwriting them: you can then reverse the operation easily if you encounter any problems.
  13. Well I am a programmer but not in a MSoft environment or with their tools.

    I can't download from any of your mirrors due to websense at work blocking access

    to any warez or download sites. It's a company thing that I don't control so I can

    only get it at home. Even the images on this website are stripped out by websense

    and various software proxy tools. I see a box with an X in it.

    The languages that my neighbor can do who recently moved here are:






    romanian and some chech and some turkish

    If you want latin and all the old mideval ones that nobody speaks too, that can be done but I

    don't think the ISO standard supports the ancient character sets ! :wacko:

    BTW, I guess you know the NLITE guy nuhi is from your area of the world.....

  14. Here are some suggestions.

    a). put the slipstream executable into a winzip file instead of rar. Thus I wouldn't

    have to install another application to read it just to extract the 1 meg executable file to

    use it. It makes it easier on alot of users.

    b ). Put the slipstreamer on a website that isn't rapidshare since the company I work at

    blocks rapidshare and megaupload access. Thus I can only get it from home. Ask the

    Nlite person if he wouldn't mind hosting your software or some other website that

    hosts slipstreaming software that is mentioned on this website forums.

    c). Remove the restriction of only having one .lng file in the root directory at a time.

    Most users of this software may not be technical enough (or remember) to have to move files around to

    get the slip program to display the correct language. Thus provide a slip stream option

    popdown so that I can select the language I want to use with the screens being updated

    on-the-fly and if I decide to change the language again to something else I can do it

    without exiting. See the NLITE slipstream software for ideas.

    d ). Instead of hardcoding the English language into the screens, provide an English.lng file

    with the software release so that one can use this when one translates to a different language.

    Presently, I know of someone who will translate to four more languages (he is a linguist) if

    the English.lng file is provided. He can't read the lng files that are written in languages he

    doesn't know and thus he can't provide a new one since the English.lng file isn't provided.

    e). consider moving the lng files to an xml file format. See the uninstall program (mentioned on

    this site) as to how they do it. This program provides an English.xml file as a starter file so that one

    can translate to another language.

    f). There are problems in the "extras" area. That is for a given lng file the text is displayed in

    English although other areas are in the other language. The reason probably is because you

    added functionality to the program, but the lng file wasn't updated in that language since

    the English.lng file wasn't provided so that one knows what was added that has to be translated

    to make the displayed English appear in the correct language.

    g). Remove the header text which asks to specify the location of the SP3 file. Although this

    program was written for SP3, you have mentioned that it will work with SP1, SP2 or some future

    SP pack. Thus change SP3 to SP so that it is more generic - meaning what ever service pack

    I want to integrated.

    h). The program doesn't show a version number in the gui display screen. The current field for it

    is blank. Thus, if one were to send you screen shots of problems, you wouldn't know what version

    it is since by looking at the gui screen it is blank, although one would have to state the version

    # in the problem.

    i). My Office 2003 files have the serial numbers already embedded in a file somewhere such that

    when I go to install it, the license field is already filled in. I could change it to a different one

    if I wanted to when the license field screen is displayed to me. In the case of your application,

    you require one to enter the license number. Could you read my license number and prefill

    this field in so that I don't have to type it in unless I want to change it? I presume, if I

    don't enter or if I delete the license number shown to me, that no license number will be written

    to the updated Office install disk such that upon (re)install of the updated office product it will

    prompt me to enter the license number. This will be useful when I put the Office product on

    different computers and enter a different license number for each installed office product.

    j). Can I use this slip streamer to update Office 2007 with the new SP1 that just came out? If so

    then update the info on your web link to say this also. If not, could you update the slipstreamer so

    that I could update my Office 2007 release too?

    k). Is there any problem integrating office 64 bit or is this only for 32 bit? I realize the

    slip stream executable is 32-bit, but shouldrun on a 64 bit system. All one would need

    is a way to integrate an office 64 bit one with the 64 bit SP and hotfixes.

    So far, this is as far as I got last night with the software. I'll have to try and make it integrate


  15. I tried to install AVG Antivir v7.5.x on a Win 2K Pro Sp4 machine. It complained that it would cause problems for AVG since an old version of Roxio was on the machine. However, I don't have any Roxio CD read/writer software on the PC since I use NERO 8.2 which currently isn't installed either.

    I took a look at the registry by searching for roxio. Roxio references along with the version number v1.x and v2.x were found in the registry along with the directory path to the offending files/dlls. It happens to be there due to Windows Media Player v9 being installed that contains a Roxio plugin subdirectory with dlls', executables etc. I have the latest hotfixes from MSoft for Media Player v9 and I can't upgrade to media player 10 or 11 since these will only install on XP.

    I was able to install the free/trialware AVG Antispyware v7.5.x without problem along with their rootkit. I ran these and it didn't flag any of the roxio files as problems.

    Has anybody run into this problem and if I just continue installing AVG Antivir by ignoring the popup, will I cause Windows Media Player v9.x not to work since the Antivir may try to flag it as a virus? Any comments or solutions?

  16. Thanks for the info on IPP. I didn't know about this one.

    I'll have to experiment with all the different ways to remote print

    via the internet to see how it works.

    BTW, I told my friend that if he is able to print to his brothers printer

    in a different country, then he can send all his print jobs there and use

    up all the ink on his brothers printer instead of his, Ha! Hmmmm out of ink again......!!!


  17. The articles seem to say that your printer must be a network printer to assign an IP address

    to it. Will this work if a USB printer is attached to a computer workstation (not server)

    that has an IP address assigned to it? Also the router must allow the standard port 631

    through it to get to the workstation and I assume the router must do address translation to

    get to the correct computer workstation within the local home subnet too.

    Also I'm not sure if the printer I'm going to is IPP compliant. I presume I could setup the

    IPP configuration as-if it were a non-IPP printer (although it may be) and everything would


    Can't LPR which has a network IP address and port be used in place of IPP which doesn't

    require a webserver running to process the http request instead? The old Unix one.

    I'm not sure if one must install additional windows components for file/print sharing for

    the unix variant (LPR) to work under windows or not.

    The reason I ask is that a friend wants to send/print info internationally to his brother back


    An alternative is to do print sharing I guess if I can VPN and/or tunnel over the internet to

    do printing since this should work, since I can mount remote Hard drives this way.

    However, I'm not sure if MSofts LPD printer protocol uses NetBios or TCP/IP. If NetBios is

    used, then it will have to be tunneled within the TCP/IP packets to print then.

  18. Can I slip SP1 or SP2 into OFFICE 2003 vs. only SP3?

    What If I SLIP SP1 followed by SP2 followed by SP3 using the tool? Will it work?

    This would be the ultimate test of the slip tool working since if I have

    a slipped SP3 CD, there could be an SP4 in the future that I'll want to slip into

    the CD that was slipped with SP3 instead of going back before SP1 to do it.


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