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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1 is out! ...nuhi is a silent warrior!
  2. Problem with Replace file

    All the time with SP2 i never looked for the PE sum, and never got problems. With SP3 it got some problems with my modify files and i looked for the PE sum. EVRY file i modify with ResHacker got the right PE sum! (only one file up to 10MB got a wrong PE sum!) Thats the reason why §engelmarkus" has wroten the tool "PEChecksumBearbeiter" to check the PE sum.
  3. Problem with Replace file

    ResHacker normaly is correct the pe-sum automatical, only if your new file over 10MB. But the 10MB is a windows limitation, if your file bigger then 10MB you have to UPX it first. A member from ouer german nlite forum has written a tool to read out the PE sum an to correct it. This tool is german only but mybe its helpfull for you. http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?s=&am...st&p=122189 This tool needs Dot.Net2, the name is "PEChecksumBearbeiter" This tool works with drag&drop and the language should not be necessary for use.
  4. You should be happy, you fix the problem! You doing a better job then my! B) Don't forget to post your final work!
  5. Remove addons from nlited CD

    not easily! You have to cut out the information about the addons, im not sure in how many files. One failure can ruin every thing!
  6. Winlogon

    You using XP Pro? You try to set a password? (with xp pro and nearly the same seting its working for my, but i only check "Blank password")
  7. Removed IE, now MMC refuses to run

    Sometimes its enough to copy just a dummy file in the normal IE directory, ....
  8. WinntbbuED

    It's funny? isen't it? How big is your collection? (my only 120MB) Do you know "Make_Expand" or "Cab_Tool" ? http://www3.sympatico.ca/lazimute/programs.htm This way is very easy!
  9. WinntbbuED

    Just expand it by your self!
  10. I'm not shure if i can help, but you can post your extractet "UIFILE" ... maybe somone can help!
  11. You change only colours? ore more? Because i have in may list only the line numbers (original Version), and for your field there a line #568 = background colour focus #669 = background colour with out focus
  12. You kidding me! With this LS.ini you NEVER EVER get a shrink up to 140MB! Be serious you have more then ONE run with your source!
  13. Alright, but this sounds like twice! Please post your "last session.ini"
  14. You should deaktivat the SFC with nlite, and its better to do every thing with nLite in aa single run. Don`t modify your source twice!
  15. [Ask] How to add 16 bit Support?

    http://www.msfn.org/board/Restore-16-bit-support-t46536.html Search key words: "reinstall 16bit support"