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  1. Provide info like that in original post so people can help you better. Secondly, you might want to check that english version I linked you too, its only a .7z zip file, so you can extract it with 7zip. My point is you might be able to replace the files / replace certain files with russian versions. I don't think there is going to be a simple answer for you.
  2. What you first should look for is the registry changes required to enable remote desktop. Put them into a .reg file. Then look up how to apply a .reg file via a batch file. Both are quite easy to lookup on google.
  3. ryath

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    By going to the website for nlite, it is quite obvious it is compatible with SP3, assuming you are using the latest version of course!
  4. Yeah if you compare the installer .exe for ie 7 and 8 you will notice they dont function the same way as all the other updates do. So that might be a give away why it isnt working. My solution for this problem was to use the following, http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4289 It's basically a zip file with all the files required for ie7 + insutrctions on where they are to go, nlite detects all this and will integrate it. this is for ie7 only though not ie8. Considering ie8 is only in beta.... might be worth holding off as a new version of beta is going to be out soon i think.
  5. hey all, Just automated / customised a Windows XP install. In the tweaks section there is an option for Remote desktop. It however doesn't seem to do anything. Is it a problem with my install / configuration or is this a common problem? I'm also wondering if other options are conflicting with it causing it to not work. Any ideas would be great. p.s love nlite keep up the top work!
  6. Take what he said then automate it via RIS so its done over the network and you have yourself a money / time saving winner times 10000000. So when the next batch of 200 desktop units come in, you dont pass out Instead you take it to their allocated positions, plugin, network boot, then sit back and watch the os install, software install, configurations install, ready for user!
  7. I had a similar goal, had a certificate that we install on all laptops. So my first solution was I made a vbscript that copies a folder of files to the local computer then runs a batch file. The vbscript ran on login via group policy. However you could run it manually or something like that. Files in the folder included: certmgr.exe certificate file (my cert wasnt a .cer file though) and some registry changes for ie install.bat install.bat looked like the following: @echo off regedit /s "myregfileforie.reg" certmgr.exe -add -c "mycert.p7b" -s -r localMachine root exit for info sake the reg file contained the following: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\mydomain.com] "*"=dword:00000002 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\2] "1A00"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\mydomain] "*"=dword:00000002 This basically just added my local domain as a trusted site. My 2nd solution that I made later on, was to bundle the above into a .msi installer file. That is much more complicated to explain. Hope this sets you on the right track!
  8. Wow! Thanks for the links! Finally macromedia did something right
  9. Champion, that didnt appear in my search. WIERD, i must suck at the searching, thanks mate.
  10. bummer, no help. thx anywayz cya all.
  11. Hi there Is there a way to trick a Windows XP Tablet PC application into thinking it is actaully running on Windows XP Tablet PC but is in fact just running on plain old Windows XP? Cheers, Ry
  12. stupid idea but hey, where RIS stores all the images, make sure the folders are named with NO spaces. I had wierd stuff happen to me when i had the image folders name with spaces in them. doubt it will help but hey just in case
  13. I dont know of a cutepdf silent installer, but there is another similar product called PDFcreator. This software comes as an MSI so u can silent install it.
  14. The MSI is required because he/she wants to use Active Directory deployment. This isn't an unattended installation it is a network installation possibly to 100's of computers. I had some spare time, so i made an MSI for you to try out. Notepad++ v3.8 1.13 MB - MD5 = 0858d3b25a40a9411dc97cd332444f95 shark Thanks, that seems to of worked, trialling it via AD to the IT Team ta
  15. Anyone got or seen a notepad++ msi installer? Been looking for one, if posting here doesnt help me find one i will have to reasearch how to make it myself Thanks in advance!
  16. I think you need to get a win98 boot disk, boot into cmd prompt, the run the setup.exe of the setup from cmd line. www.bootdisk.com for a win98 boot disk.
  17. TO change the visual style and icons of Windows XP you need to take a few steps, 1) you windows xp has to be running a "patched" version of uxtheme.dll to allow custom visual styles to be applied. so you windows setup needs to have this dll prior to insall. 2) either via registry or i think in the unattend.sif file you can change the theme to the new theme visual style you want to use As for changing the icons, if you have a shell32.dll which has already had its icons changed you need to delete the shell32.dl_ and compress your new file and place it in palce of the file you just deleted. If however you need to make your own shell32.dll, the way i do it is using an app called reshack http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ I believe there is better apps out there, so you may want to look around.
  18. Also, Check for a ISscript8.msi file or something similar, the setiup.exe may be just running that, so when you try to run the msi directly it hasnt got the ISscript8.msi installed. You need to run the IScript8.msi first then you may be able to run the NeroSuite.msi. I havent used this method specifically on this app, but a few others with similar problem were resolved this way. Cheers, Ry

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