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  1. I was not aware that of that. And yes I knew of all the reasons to run ntfs over fat32. I was just not sure what the difference in performance was. Thanks the both of you for a prompt reply.
  2. I am aware of the security and stability issues with fat32. But I would like to know which is the best option for xp if speed is the only concern. It will be installed on a 40gb hard drive. I was just curious I have installed xp countless times and have always choosen ntfs. I was just wondering if their is any reason to use fat32 in xp. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  3. If you are like me you are always looking for a new way to improve or customize windows 98. I am curious what other windows 98 related sites and forums people here use. Probably the best site that I have found is MDGx's site and the best forums I have found are these. Knowing what other windows 98 sites you find useful may help me as well as others.
  4. Actually that is what I thought. I have used a combination of 98lite and 98se2me a few years ago back before their was an automated installer for 98se2me. I am thinking that to get the results I want I will need to do it the manual way.
  5. First of all I own a copy of 98lite Professional. Lets say i use it to do a minimal install of windows 98. My question is this, if I install 98SE2ME on top of my 98lite install would 98SE2ME add files from windows me that removed from 98 with 98lite. Example lets say 98lite removes 12345.dll from win98, will 98SE2ME add 12345.dll when I install it or will it check to see if it is on my system or not before putting it there? To put it a little more simply does 98SE2ME add the same files to a system reguardless of the configuration or does it analize the system to figure out which files should be added/replaces. Thanks
  6. First of all Microsoft Word is not part of Microsoft Works. It is part of Microsoft Office. He probably means Work Suite, and if he does, then yes it is. Works Suite 2000 and 2001 include Microsoft Word 2000 and Works Suite 2002 includes Office XP. the_guy Oh I apologize then It has been a few years since I have even seen a version of works and was not aware that you could now get it with Word.
  7. First of all Microsoft Word is not part of Microsoft Works. It is part of Microsoft Office. Have you installed your motherboard driver? I have found in my own experience that it is best to install the motherboard drivers before any thing else.(you may not have to do this if you have an older computer) ATTRIB.EXE is a command line program to change the attributes of files(Read Only,Hidden...). I Highly doubt that any update would remove this file from your system. Could you please link to the page you found this. What I would recommend is to get all the drivers installed before you start installing your software. I Install updates after drivers. There are a few cases where drivers do require that you do some updates before installing them but I cannot ever remember that happening in windows 98. Hope this helps.
  8. If anyone wants to join such a project they should join either the ReactOS or E/OS LX. It is not impossible to start a project buy why start from scratch when two projects have already done so much work in the area. If anyone wanted to start from scratch 20 years really would be a good timeline. I think it is quite safe to say that computers 20 years from now will not even run on windows 98.
  9. I am willing to bet that if a world wide survey was done of microsoft os users most would be surprised by the results. I am sure that there are still a good percentage of people useing pre 2000/xp oses. This my be off topic. But I have heard rumors(i think on slashdot but I am not sure) that the next generation of windows servers will complete cut non nt oses out of networking. So if this is true it will be one more blow to win98. I am an avid windows 98 user but I must admit that I the future is looking grim. Already lots of new software will only work on nt based oses. Driver support is also becomeing less and less. The way I see it if current trends continue win98 users will be forced to stay with legacy hardware and legacy software. I believe that for those of us who do not want to follow microsoft's evul plan to dominate the world plan we sould look to opensource for our future. Projects we should be watching: 1. Linux - With linux distrobutions becomeing more and more user friendly and wine becomeing better and better linux could become a viable alternative for us in the future. Wine although is growing rapidly is probably one of the main things holding it back, As I asume that most people here would desire microsoft compatability. Sites to watch: http://www.linux.org/ http://www.winehq.com/ http://distrowatch.com/ 2. ReactOS - This project is being designed from the ground up to be NT compatable. It is still in a fairly early stage but it has great potential. This may be a more likley canidate than linux due to its focus on windows compatablity. Site to watch: http://www.reactos.org http://reactosde.re.funpic.de/ 3. E/OS LX - This is taken directly from the home page "E/OS is an open source graphic operating system under GNU GPL 2,0 license, suitable for the execution of Microsoft programs Windows, Apple MAC OS, IBM OS/2, MSDOS and Linux." This is a great project that has already impressed me greatly, but this project is very ambiguous. Though if the developer does accomplish everything he wants it will be quite spectacular. Sites to watch: http://www.eoslx.tk/ Well thanks for listening to my rant. You do not have to agree with me. As of right now win98 users are still ok. But as time passes that will change and unless we want to be like other mindless microsoft users we must look for alternatives. Also does anyone know of anymore oses that are atempting to offer microsoft compatability? Again I am sorry. I know I have gotten way off topic. Farewell hankjrfan00
  10. Agreed. Creating a virtual pc is probably one of the hardest programming task imaginable. The only thing that may be harder would be to create a whole operating system. I am willing to bet that a lot of the code for a virtual pc is written in assembly which also adds to the dificulty. I would never call a programmer for such a project lazy.
  11. The default windows memory manager is not capable of handleing 4mb pages by default. There is not registry tweak or boot.ini tweak to do this. It seems to me that 7-max acts kind of like a wrapper for the windows memory manager in order to allow this functionality. Also 7-max is open source so you can check the code for your self. Be warned that in my test only programs that were very memory intensive showed performance improvements. In fact non memory intensive programs were sometimes slower. But the good thing is that useing this program you can choose whether to let windows or 7-max handle memory management on a per application bases without haveing to reboot.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Based on what you have said I will probaly either dual between 64 bit and 32 bit or just stick with 32 bit for a while for compatability reasons. Thanks again
  13. I will definatly take every thing you have said into consideration. I will probably use the psu you have suggested. I have heard great things about and read good reviews about nforce 4 line of dfi boards. I was already considering one of there boards as well. I guess the only thing holding me back from dfi is the fact that I have never owned one of there boards. I may also use hitachi hds. I will probably stick with Geil ram. I have used that brand for a while and it has great performance and is quite overclockable. I will probably stick with the cpu cooler I want too. I have just heard too many good things about it not too. Thanks for the suggestions.
  14. 7-max is an alternative memory manager for windows. It is developed by the same people who made 7-zip. Their website is http://www.7-max.com/. I apologize if this has already been posted before. This can really speed up sone applications.
  15. I have never run XP 64 so I have a few questions. Are all programs compatible with 32 bit XP Compatable win 64 bit XP? How much of a speed difference is there between running 32 bit and 64 bit windows? Why do so many people dual boot between 32 bit and 64 bit windows? Answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know if there are any thing else I need to consider before going to XP 64. Thanks
  16. I am getting ready to build myself a new system and I thought that I would get everyones opinions and thoughts. My plans are: AMD Athon 64 X2 3800+ link Thermaltake Tusami Case link Thermaltake 550w PSU link Thermaltake Tower112 CPU heatsink link with 2 of these fans link Diablotek NVIDIA GeForce 6600 link 2x Seagate Barracuda 160gb in raid 0 link 2gb of probably this ram link (depends on whether or not motherboard supports it.) The one thing I cannot decide on is the motherboard. I know I want to go with a nforce 4 sli or nforce 4 ultra but I cannot decide which board yet. I am also sure that I will never use 2 video cards but the sli motherboards seem to have more features so I will probably go sli. Right now my number one choice is Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLi Your thoughts opinions or whatever will be appreciated.
  17. Oh I just noticed that you are running 2000 SERVER. By useing a default server installation you are useing lots of memory. I agree with everyone that says you should run xp. I guess what we need to know is why you are having speed problems in xp. If you have not tried xp since you have upgraded your memory I would suggest to give it another try.
  18. As much as I love Windows 98 I cannot recommend it to the average user. As software support for windows 98 gets worse and worse it is getting harder and harder for me to recommend win98 to people. And Like previously stated their could be driver issues on newer hardware. (although I have yet to experience it) I also cannot recommend the revolutions pack at this time. Athough it is a great idea it is still too buggy and in my opinion should only be used for testing purposes. Though I do hope to see great things from the revolutions pack in the future. And I see no reason to go up to XP if you are happy with 2000. But with your computer configuration I do not understand why you would be having serious speed issues with XP. But I guess it just depends on the software you run. And one more comment. I do not understand why any pc manufacterer would put only 128 megs of ram in an XP machine. I believe that you should never run a standard XP install with less than 256 megs of ram!!!
  19. Someone please correct me if i am wrong but I believe that both the ATI Radeon Series and the Nvidia Geforce Series both still support Windows 98.
  20. Goto www.bootdisk.com and find a dos boot disk to boot from and see if the drives will read from dos. If they do then that narrows it to a windows problem. If they still do not work my first guess would be the jumpers. Good luck!!
  21. You could cause damage to your computer by useing an inadequet power supply. Probably between 400 and 500 watts should be fine for you. Alot of namebrand OEM computers come with small wattage power supplys.
  22. 2 servers for sure. You could even run the POS software standalone(but that really just depends on your needs).

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