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  1. Could it be W32/Sasser Worm?? try downloading a removal tool then try installing all patches/updates for xp. Hope that helps.
  2. Thanks everyone!!!! I'm sending the programs I gathered and see which one(s) work and maybe buy. Thanks again. I'll add GetDataBack..thx
  3. One of my friends reinstalled xp and del her partition and installed on a new one. She just discoverd that a file she needs didnt get backed up, everything else did. Is there a way to scan her drive and recover that file if it hasn't already been overwritten? I know it's recoverable as long as it hasn't been overwritten. I am asking if anyone has some good tips (besides backing up) or software to use. I've tried Active Partition Recovery, Acronis, and a couple others...Any other ideas? Thanks!
  4. I think the following only works on xp pro. Go to Control Panel>Folder Options>View tab>Scroll all the way down and uncheck the Use simple file sharing box. Click ok. Now try connecting to the machine. Let me know if that works.
  5. Yes you can rename it. It is renamed on my pc! If I try logging in as Administrator and the pass for the account, I get error. If I log in as the new name, it works.
  6. Try this. Start>Programs>Settings>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy. In the left pane, expand Local Policies, click on Security Options. In the right pane, double click Accounts:Rename the Administrator Account. (This should be 4th from the top of the list, if sorted by policy in ascending order.) Then enter the name you would like. Restart the computer and login with the new name. Another method. Search google and download a program called netuser.exe. Run the program from a cmd prompt. netuser Administrator /name:newname Let me know how it goes, there are other ways of
  7. Look here. MSFN Unattended XP Guide
  8. For XP Home Boot into safe mode then you will have the security tab. For XP Pro Start>Settings>Control Panel>Folder Options>View tab> uncheck use simple file sharing. You should now have the security tab.
  9. You mean your email? Look here. %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Outlook stores data in pst files. After you format and reinstall just import the pst file and all your previous email will be there. You can also export mail as a pst file which will also save all your email to a pst file that you can import at a later date.
  10. Try this. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa] "forceguest"=dword:00000000
  11. I haven't found it out either yet. I would also like to know. Thanks.
  12. I found out how to modify the text "Setup will complete...." text that appears during setup when you boot from the cd. Edit the syssetup.dll file. String Table 74, then line 1178 Edit to your liking then run makecab and replace existing file in I386 folder. Make ISO and test. Your text should be changed, mine is. I'm not sure about the progress bar yet. Hope this helps.
  13. evilvoice, What about the "Setup will complete...." text that appears when you are installing by booting from the cd. I edited both winnt32u.dll/a.dll and removed the text. It works fine if I start the installation within windows by clicking winnt32.exe/.msi. But when I boot from the cd, I still get the "Setup will complete..." message. Yes I ran the makecab program and added the compressed files to I386. I even edited the winntbbu.dll file, compressed and added it too. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone have a list of the components that can be used with a silent install? I searched the forum and found one for version 2.06, I need a list for the current version, 2.20. Thanks.
  15. Is there anyway to specify what components get installed during a silent install of a Nullsoft Install System setup. I am trying to install slimbrowser and don't want to install all the components. By default all 6 components are checked, I would like to specify to only install the 4 chosen in the attached pic. Thanks.
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