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  1. As The links seem to be dead, i've found these links of FileForum for some of XPero's utilities.. Shrink It! 1.0 Beta 2 http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Shrink_It/1165510571/1 eXPander 1.5 http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/eXPander/1165510674/1 Reg File Merger 1.0 Beta http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Reg_File_Merger/1165510766/1 DLL Register 1.0 Beta http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/DLL_Register/1165510865/1 Reshacker Script Creator 1.0 Alpha http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Reshacker_Script_Creator/1165510972/1
  2. Ok guys, this has only happened to me once before, & that time i redid everything again, for it to be fine.. however again its happened... Rite you know when u click Start, then Turn Off PC, it norm kicks in with the shutdown / Reboot / Logoff screen, This for some reason is missing, ive already checked Shell32.dll, Explorer.exe, msgina.exe & cant seem to see enything wrong with them, so is there somewhere else that needs checking??, ive been threw all the windows files modifiying them & replacing quite a few, & this is the only problem ive come across... Thanx In Advance Ghosty
  3. hiya, this is 1 of my 1's i've got a few now, including Full Vista, Full Toons, Full Anime, Full Gothic, Etc.. heres the Alien 1:- http://rapidshare.de/files/19950423/AS32.rar.html Ghosty (Ps.. Its English)
  4. k, 1st thing to do when modding the msgina.dll & shell32.dll is if your gonna use them in your unantended XP then u need to modifype them then makecab them.. if your just wanting to use them in your own xp, then best thing to do is save them to C:\ & boot with boot disk & then replace them.. for me ive never had eny probs doing either way.. Ghosty
  5. thats wat i thought.. now the q is how to get it to add my new icons etc after its added the hotfix as hotfixs is installed at 1st reboot.
  6. AFAIK it's RVM then BTS packs. Try that Cheers, Andy The last time around i installed it with only the driver pack, it seems if i goto control panel, system driver signing then ignore then it does ignore it, but for some reson in the winnt.sif if its set as NonDriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" DriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" it doesnt ignore.. should it be that i should have reg settings aswell?, or without the " ?
  7. rite guys, 1st the winrar i do have a corp ver (fair enough its earlier), but liked the look of this crystal ver of winrar, it looks like its a modded winrar... 2nd S2k i got from a forum, not sure which 1, cos its already in a silent installer, & i dont recognise the installer either..... As for the hotfixs they were d/l from ms itself as i do have legal ver of xp, if i run the hotfixs with xp on there own then i can run .msi files.... However if i install enything thats a .msi from that list, then it stops letting me install enything in msi... Wasnt sure if its a hotfix thats messing with 1 of the programs or wat, as cant seem to find out whats causing it.... Also a lot of those programs are freeware etc.. As for the latest hotfix i was asking as it seems to replace shell32.dll.
  8. Serials 2000 7.1 - well its an old serials program.. WinRAR 3.42 Corporate Crystal - this i downloaded about 2 weeks ago... looks quite cool aswell..
  9. K, guys still getting this error, have now tested on clean install with BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5117.cmd DriverPack_Chipset_V511.7z DriverPack_Chipset_V5112.7z DriverPack_CPU_V506.7z DriverPack_Graphics_A_V511.7z DriverPack_Graphics_A_V5111.7z DriverPack_Graphics_B_V5111.7z DriverPack_LAN_V5101.7z DriverPack_LAN_V5111.7z DriverPack_MassStorage_V510.7z DriverPack_Sound_A_V511.7z DriverPack_Sound_A_V5111.7z DriverPack_Sound_B_V511.7z DriverPack_WLAN_V511.7z & pick option 1, have tried both runonce & Gui, then have tried both keep drivers & delete drivers. I reboot, go through installing windows, then on 1st boot it kicks in with installing & then starts SetupCopyOEMInf.exe, whilst its intergrating the drivers, it keeps poping up with an error code saying about driver signing.. Ive checked the winnt.sif that was created & its got on there NonDriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" DriverSigningPolicy = "Ignore" But its still doing the driver signing, & im completly confused on why its still doing it...
  10. ok guys ive hit a few probs, whilst testing my newest xp v2.2 this is order of whats installed & whats run... Bâshrat the Sneaky driver packs, Reg Tweaks mp10setup.exe WM9Codecs.exe POST SP2 HOTFIXES KB873333.exe KB873339.exe KB883939.exe KB885250.exe KB885835.exe KB885836.exe KB886185.exe KB887742.exe KB888113.exe KB888302.exe KB890046.exe KB890175.exe KB890830.exe KB890859.exe KB891781.exe KB893066.exe KB893086.exe KB896358.exe KB896422.exe KB896428.exe KB893803.exe KB900725.exe Icons Pack 1 Extra Themes Icons Pack 2 Extra Wallpapers Java VM to Java 2 SE V5.0 Update 6 .Net Files MP3 Shell List Photoshop CS Extra Cursors Uncompressing Gameboy Games Into Games Folder Uncompressing Extra Games Add And Remove Pro 2 Advanced Batch Converter Adobe Reader 7 Full And Addon Aiw Catalog Alcohol 120 Animated Backgrounds Arcade Games Atomica-Deluxe Atomic-Clock AutoIt V3 BDE Remove BiosAgent 3.41 BS-Player Cd Label Kit Central Brain Identifier 7.5 CrackDown Cool Little MP3 Cursor XP Pro Cursor XP Pro Themes DC++ Deluxeftp DivX Repair DvD2Avi DvdReMake Pro v3.1.4 DVDSanta DVDShrink 3.20 Edit Pad Lite Office Recovery Enterprise 2005 Faststone Image Viewer Firefox 1.0.7 Flash FXP Flashget 1.65 Fonts Pack 1 Fonts Pack 2 Fonts Pack 3 Fonts Pack 4 Fonts Pack 5 Fonts Pack 6 Freeware-book Frontpage 2003 FTP-Now FTP-Wanderer Ghostys Radio Station Chooser HiJack This Inno Setup Creator Jasc Paintshop Pro 9.0 Jasc Animation Shop v3.11 Premium SD Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit Tools Microsoft Photostory 3 Microsoft Reader V2.1.1 MP3 TAG MSN Messenger V7.5.0311 With Addons Nero Burning ROM Nerovision Nero Info Tool Nero Plug in Pack 6.0 And Nerovision Addons v4 Nrg 2 Iso Nsis Install Creator Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Office 2003 Office Recovery 2005 Online TV Opera 8.02 Paint.NET V2.5 PE Builder Plus Pack For Ghostys XP Powerdisk 7.0 for Ghostys XP Power Toys for Ghostys XP Qplayer QuickPar Quick Time Alternative Real Player Alternative Redplayer Res-Hacker Rootkit-Revealer Serials 2000 7.1 Screamer Radio 0.3.7 Shockwave Smart Ripper Sol Suite StarterSetup v5. Stat Bar 2.46 Bootscreens 1 Bootscreens 2 Icon Packs Logo Screens More Logo Screens Tetris Championship Txt 2 Shockwave Trillian Pro 3.1 Ultra Tag Editor ISORecorder V2 RC1 Ultra Iso 7.51.965 VCDEasy Commercial Version v3.0.0 vcd-GEAR VCD-PLAY VirtualDub 1.6.0 WinRAR 3.42 Corporate Crystal XP Skins Fixing Logos Rite thats wat gets installed however on 1st boot it allows installing of .msi files etc.. When it reboots it wont allow any install that has .msi, ive checked the services & they always appear manual, so i put this to automatic & it still wont allow install even if its got with the correct files installed into system32 Also 2nd q is.. KB900725.exe replaces the shell32.dll file, however thats wat contains the icons etc, how do i make sure it applies the hotfix but keeps my icons etc..? Thanx In Advance Ghosty
  11. nps, just gonna do try it with ur pack on own.. Did it before with my xp then used ur driverpacks, then used RVM UpdatePacks, so maybe it was the order i did it in??
  12. When it goes to install the drivers, it starts installing, then about 200+ times (depends on how many drivers there are), it kicks in with mircrosofts notice:- This file is not a valid certified file, do you wish to carry on.. Yes No Its not major thing, but when trying to make it unattended, its pain, & i know this never happened on previous ver's i've done..
  13. hiya lads, well im not sure what ive done or which file ive messed up on, but when installing the drivers today (did format), it got to 1st main reboot & went into installing the drivers & kicked in with the ms warning saying not valid certificate... However im sure on my last format that didnt kick in.. Eny ideas??
  14. k, no1 seems to know this answer.. lol Another Q.. is there a way of merging ms updates into an unattended ver using .bat files, modifype.exe & makecab.exe? as want to make a menu that'll auto update the unattended ver (at momment its sitting in folder)
  15. Eny1 know how to add animated logos to the logonui.exe? ive seen them on other systems.. & would love to be able to add an animated logo to mine..
  16. lol, This program appears in the Issue 68 of pc-utilities... u can view the site at www.pc-utilities.co.uk This mag is 1 of the major mags in the uk...
  17. Hiya Folks, Can eny1 help with the following? I have a norm bootscreen, but would like to be able to pick 1 of 10 (could be more) different boot screens, ive put them all into oemkrnl.exe - oemkrnl11.exe, but would like to know can i do a .bat/.cmd file that will change the boot.ini file to match with the correct oemkrnl file? & if so how can i do it.. ok, ive decided to include Style XP in my unanttended Ed, but eny know the strings for style xp & how to register it silently?
  18. hiya folks... ive got a tiny problem thats just appered.. Ive got a patched uxtheme.dll for my xp/sp2 & installed xp last nite.. ive called this ver v1.3 due to 3rd unanattended dvd with extras (both the other 2 work fine), this 1 however i came accross a problem, it installed fine & uncompressed my themes fine (they were in silent sfx), however for some reason my uxtheme.dll didnt work... i had to repatch it again with UXTheme Multi-Patcher (Neowin Edition) 2.5.1. So eny1 got eny ideas why this happened on this ver? nothing was changed to the main i386 folder only more programs, icons, & graphics added..
  19. Ok ive worked out the sfx silent, but can u add in the program line %systemdrive%\WINDOWS\Cursors\ so it'd install all the cursors to c:\windows\cursors? [Answer]:- Yep u can use %systemdrive%\ in winrar, just tested it out so now can do this for all those pesky cursors, icons & wallpaper... Thanx In Advance.. (btw guys is there an updated Making an Unattened Windows Xp Cd.pdf as the ver ive got seems to be a bit old eg 2002, & is saying in it about the future with sp1, think im well behind.... but having a download pdf file does help when looking things up)
  20. Heres my newest setup.exe.. Havent found out how to get it to open opetional windows companants.. so if eny knows the commands for it.. ive made this with autoplay menu builder.. & its got built in s/ns for a-z, (which arnt shown here due to that being alowed)....
  21. this is 1 that i did today.. quite chuffed.. but also noticed uve all done better .... even the noobies like me...
  22. well basicly i want it to open up the Optional Components menu... but cant even do that..
  23. hiya im making a menu to replace the standard setup.exe.. & it'll install xp with no probs, however how do i get it to run %windir%\\system32\\sysocmgr.exe as thats wat setup.exe uses, when i put that as the command in Autoplay Menu Builder 5.0 it comes up with this screen \/\/ Can eny1 help
  24. Right folks im in need of some gifs/avi files as cant seem to find eny on the net... I need replacment gifs/avi (avi is wat ms used) for delete to recycle bin, copying & moving.. if eny1 can help.. then you'll make quite a few peeps happy... thanx in advance..
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