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  1. Thanks a lot puntoMX and bsalem for the replies.
  2. Are there any programs like nlite that can make a custom install of ms office 2003. I know that I can do this using the install program in ms office 2003, but I would like a program that can give more options than ms 2003 installer.
  3. I would like a separate version of nlite for vista only instead of one nlite for both xp and vista. This way nlite for xp can be improved as necessary without all the hassles of a new os and bugs.
  4. Thanks for pointing out those other tips out. I would like to know what ActiveX for streaming video is used or needed for example: wmp internet browsing etc. I am also planning to remove the scanner and printer drivers with nlite but I’m but not sure if this will prevent me from installing a printer and scanner with the drivers that came with their respective cds. Also I have only the one computer I use with my hard drive partitioned in 3 parts C, D, and E, and would like to know if I can install a nlited version of windows over my current copy without reformatting my hd as I don’t want to lose the data on partitions D and E ( I do have most of it back-up) . Will that just erase the old copy of windows (overwriting the old) and installing the new copy or will it keep the old and just add changes. I Don’t want my registry to become corrupted with both old and new entries if it’s not treated as a clean windows install. Thanks.
  5. Thank again nuhi. I will give it a try later as I must back up my files first and make an image, but I will let you know how things turn out.
  6. Thank you for your great explanation and quick reply nuhi. I did check the sizes of the remaining components and it looks like I may be able to make a nlited windows xp with approximately 145mb iso file. I am thinking of removing the printer driver but keep the printer hardware support. I would like to know if this will still allow me install my printer along with the drivers that came with my printer. I was hoping to do the same for the scanner support, but I did not see scanner support in the hardware catagory, only under the drivers catagory. So I don't if I will be able to install my scanner with the drivers that came with it, if I remove the scanner drivers fromr under drivers catagory. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Too bad it didn't work jkey. However, if anyone did succeed, please post how you did it.
  8. Has anyone been able to make a nlited windows xp bootable on a usb memory stick so that windows xp was able to install from it just you would with a cd rom drive, and if so can tell me how it was done in detail after creating the iso with nlite, as I would like to be able to do this as well. I'm sure others would be interested as well in doing this as it would save time burning to cd especially when one is making and testing several nlited windows installs. Thanks
  9. I am trying to reduce my nlite install of 240 mb even further but I don’t know if I can remove the following from nlite without any adverse effects as I’m not exactly sure of what they do. I will be the only user on this computer. Here is the list of stuff I will like to remove if not needed: – extra fonts – administrator vb scripts – mac bridge – map network drives – disk and profile quota – text services framework Also, are there any services or components that are needed for personal internet use and peer to peer filesharing that I should keep? Thanks.
  10. First of all I think nlite is an excellent tool for reducing the windows install. Nuhi has certainly done a great job. I personally use nlite and most likely would not have made the switch from windows 98se to windows xp without the aid of nlite. Nlite is an excellent tool for reducing the windows installation. As such, it also removes parts of windows and it’s the individual who chooses what parts of windows they can live without when using nlite, but should an informed nlite user realize that they took something out after using nlite that it is needed, all they have to do is start over with a fresh copy of windows. If you give were to give a new user an nlite version, and they want something that you took out of their windows installation, their computer will not function as they expect and they will blame you for their woes. Plus Microsoft may get into the middle as you will not be selling a true copy of their product, especially if the user is unaware of what you did and were to contact Microsoft about missing features that you took out of windows. If you want faster installs, you can try making an hd image of one system using Norton ghost or Acronis true and use the image for installing other systems.
  11. You can try Xable`s Update Pack, an even smaller update than Ryan's. Ryan's pack covers a lot more updates though. Hope this helps. It's only 21.3 mb http://udp.xable.net/contents.php
  12. Here is a nice list of all the services from this site. I use it in addition to blackviper's decription of services. Hope this helps. http://www.beemerworld.com/tips/servicesxp.htm

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