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  1. Registry Tweaks Pt 3

    anyone know how to set the propertys of the swap file in nlite ? like if i want to set the minimum and maximum swap size in nlite how wuld i do that? if no one knows how then the reg keys wuld work for me aswell coz it's the reg keys i'm actualy after. info on how to include em in nlite is just a bonus lol
  2. Won't boot a 3 gig DVD

    i had a long delay with vmware with a 3gb dvd iso. maby w8 abit longer? coz with vmware it seemed it whas going thru the iso or something so i had a few min delay.
  3. zipfldr.dll RAR support?

    ummm... that zipdir extention allways got on my nerves with the search function built into windows. i had to redo a good number of zip files to rar coz they had a big number of files in them and windows search function wants to search inside of them and that takes time. atm rar and 7zip is what i use when i want windows to stay out of my archives ( well i culd add passwords to the archives to prevent that... but the need to set passwords coz ur os is to poky... lol )
  4. Custom Shell32.dll

    nah shell32 has atleast for me been the file u can i.e change the folder icons in and all that
  5. someone hafto code a new driver for that to be possible. not sure anyone wuld put that much time into win98.
  6. yeh but usb is slow... compared to a CF memory. okey usb get a speed boost while windows is running but before that it's realy slow lol but maby my fingers start to itch and i'll do it anyway lol who knows.
  7. i got kinda far with win98 on a usb memory. i culd boot it up and all that with no problems but i had to do alot of workarounds. 1. the usb memory sticks can boot without problems in dos. this bound that make's them accessable is like an link the bios provide. the same second windows starts to poke around with pnp that link is broken and the usb device is disconnected. 2. an usb device is realy slow tbh but yeh i still wanted to have it done so i did not give up. after googeling for tools and other gear i culd need i found an site about win98 on a cdrom. and it got me interested i there heard of a program that whas named COA2 ( Change Of Address ). with this program i culd actualy install the windows 98 onto a harddisk then move it to the usb drive. well it worked but the usb pen drive sometimes stalled and it made windows totaly to freaze. i started to split windows up into seweral parts instead of everything on the same place. so i needed something to put this other part on. after i whent back to that windows 98 on a cd site he had some good tips. dos long filename suport and pkwarez zip tools. ( ther not so hard to find on the net. ) and i also grabbed xmsdisk. and then moving files back and foreward from the usb memorystick to the zip file on the usb memorystick. while the majority of files whas on a ramdrive. even doh the boot time with the extraction of the files from the usb memory stick to the ramdrive whas werry slow i managed to get it run quiet well. but stuff i had to get rid off whas i.e: the swap file. i had to use 98lite to beef 98 down abit and use the swap of explorers and use the win95 to get some speed improvements. ( and i needed to save up on ram thanks to the ramdrive ) and focus on programs that did not need to be installed like greenbrowser, windows media player classic ( dont even try watching a video exept if it's on a harddisk or cdrom ) so after a while i kinda got alittle tierd of the minimum progress and long boot up and the setup whas not even something i culd put in my friends computer and use my portable win98 there. then i came back to the issue with the spooky pnp and with 98lite a hardware switch culd just end up with a BSOD about drivers been corupted and IOSubsys wining. so i looked for other options. and i actualy found an option that wuld work for windows 98/2k/xp. the answer whas CompactFlash. yeh the compact flash you have in you'r cameras and mp3 players. i stumbled ower an CompactFlash to IDE connector on a swedish Ebay type of site and it whas real cheap aswell problem whas the CompactFlash whas not so cheep but i desided to give it a go. but first a googled abit and i can share the site's with you guys that cought my atention. ok heres the first site i visited:Site1 and it realy interested me that it looked like they go straight to the ide connector. ok it's desided so i bought one from this actuion site i mentioned earlyer. the final price whas 10Euro ( but then the shipping whas payd by the seller ) and then i looked for a CompactFlash. when i poked around on these sites about compact flash they all ( or most ) had pics of "Sandisk" so i whent chicken and whent for an sandisk type 1 at the size of 1Gb. it costed me 70Euro so if you calculate with the CF2Ide it all costed 80Euros ( or 800Sek ... one Euro is like 8 to 10 Sek depending on where the world is going ). anyway. i got it all home safe and sound. i culd not wait to try it out. so it had Fat32 filesystem by default i tryed to plug it into the comp and i got these wierd characters in the bius and when all **** and S... well u get the picture. i later discoverd that it whas alittle bit more i hadto push the card into the compact flash reader ( well the pinns looked to fragile ). when i did that in the bios i got: SANDISK ( and some numbers after ) and it told me it whas around 1gb. i booted it up with a windows 98 startupdisk. and it worked fine. then i copyd my windows98 files from the 98lite installation and ran sys and copyed the io.sys msdos.sys ower the one's sys put there for me ( i had system.1st and all that on a harddisk so it whas a mather of xcopy ). okey now i had everything copyd and in place so i whent into bius and disabled my other harddisks to see how windows culd reacd. the resuld whas more then i expected. windows 98 booted in _4_ seconds from the bios beep. and i had 600Mb ( well count the swapfile into that free space ). to space after installing firefox, divx suport and my candy i wanted in windows98. after a while i did a real install of win98 and the boot time whas alittle bit less but it whas not as sensative as the beated 98lite installation i had. and i benched the Sandisk flash memory and it whas about 4,3Mb/s in read and alittle less in write. atm i'm not that rish to go buy a i.e 2Gb typ2 coz they coz just as much as a new harddrive but i did some experimentations with nlite i found here on this fourm. with some patiance i got the installation down to exactly 1gb with a winxp pro sp2 but then it's basicly not much room to use for i.e other programs then basic plugins they have on the nlite's homepage. but this will work to use as i.e an install disk ( the memory module itself culd fit seweral times in a pack of smokes. ) and it can also run an windows based os stable coz it's an ide drive and wont fail at pnp like the usb did so an usb device as an medium to carry an unattended installation build is what i can see not possible thanks to the pnp probing disconnecting it ( and sometimes hangs the comp. ). but a small compact flash i.e 256mb or 512mb suld be perfect and there is no moving parts in it and u most often get a good plasic case to put it in ( it's alittle bit smaller then Gameboy games ... well just alittle ). and there is no seek time due to the entire component is electonic memory. maby my failures with the usb experimentations can help you guys. and ah yeh i tryed to disable the pnp in the setup but err... maby someone else got more luck then me on that part. you wuld probobly have a bigger chance to copy the files to the harddisk and run it from then then disabeling the pnp. ah yeh... there is actualy some usb drivers that work on hirens boot cd i "herd" they work on most usb memorys this is good if you come to close with an older comp then a p4 ( most p3 comps cant boot of usb devices ). exept for that then we got zip drives LS floppys or and cdrom and ps. some usb pen drives identifye themselfs as removeble devices. they go as A: or B: while some usb pen drives goe's as a normal disk and they become C: as an example. i have one usb memorystick that is kinda wierd. it whas actualy a fake "sony" usb memory drive. it whas supose to be 2Gb... but it whas 128mb with an partition as 2Gb everytime i hit ower 128Mb all those files got ????????.??? filenames after some googeling i found what i whas looking for... well frustration made me use the search keywords: sony usb scam and it whas a company named ICreate. they jave a formating tool named Iformat or Uformat ( depends on what chip u got ). it identifyes as a harddisk if you format it to be one. or if you format it as a Zip/removable disk it goe's as A: and that helped med alot with playing around with what limits the usb memory sticks have. anyway. after all this mumbojumbo long life story tale is get the files on a local medium away from the usb drive b4 the pnp starts. if no then you wuld hafto find a way of relocating it. well hope it helps i need a coffy
  8. nice guide keytotime ( and nice avatar )
  9. Complete Beginners Guide to nLite Unattended CD's

    why is Disk and profile Quota Red? with a catiun tag? i mean... that's the one function i allways wonderd why i wuld need. maby put a info text there atleast "this might be great for famely computers when one user only suld be able to use an amount of disk space but for single user pc's this is not needed and is safe to remove". or maby it's something u guys had in mind when marking that red? ah btw iwe tryed the lite pc series for win98 2k and xp. it works fine but there is basicly no warning signs so u can chew the os down quiet abit but with 0 functionalety left i.e "cannot exec IKERNEL.DLL" oh shait ... reinstall... sometimes u get crappy preformance coz a good directx to fit you'r gfx drivers are not installable coz it needs [insert dependancy here]. also removing Internet Explorer win pclite's software is quiet easy u loose ALOT of stuff like in win98 i realy missed msxml2 and alot of programs did not want to install. and to use litestep on win98 works well ok but winamp can lock the entire shell ( nothing i had problems with in win2k or xp doh. ah and win98 do not have transperancy so all them neato themes barly run on win98. and there is alot of site's out there with some neat XP mods ( but this forum as so fare been the one place with the most stuff in one place ). but i wuld consider nLite abit safer then pclite coz nLite atleast got warning signs where u culd go to crazy with the stripping. Edit: ( And easy way of undo ( copy a backup and doing it in steps ) while litepc is more straight foreward ment to be quick and painfull but redoing it all again is a pain if it all crashes coz u can still reinstall some of the parts thru the classic windows add/remove in the controle panel coz they hacked most of the stuck into there making basicly everything as "modules ). and yeh it's true pclite makes win98 boot at 4seconds blank from the bios beep on a compact flash memory but with only notepad to play with when it's started. but with windows98 i know it "forced" the versions. and u needed both win95 and win98 cd's to install it. then it compressed the cab files back into place with the inf file heavely edited and a pritty malested window registry. ( do that guy even have a life? ). the win2k version of litepc whas kinda a dissapointment. the xp one whas okey but it much easyer to breake the win2k and xp then the win98 with litepc. some things make's it work alittle but werry unstable. Edit: okey iwe been playing around with this one now for a while. and iwe come to the conclution that this tool rocks but the add remove program needs some dependancy uplift. like if i remove something a program depends on why dont nlite ask me if i want to remove modules that depend on that one aswell? that wuld realy speed spontanius modifications up abit and maby so if i make a good .ini file why cant i i.e show a friend the ini? as it is now i hafto send him the windows installer or the iso and that's kinda piracy :/ btw i came down to 406Mb installation of winxp sp2 swe ( well after it whas installed and alittle hand laber doh but 99% of the work did nlite ) anyway greate tool guys
  10. What to remove? [win98]

    to reduce size abit more u may want to try upx. it compresses exe files and dll files. when iwe done this i left all directx dlls out ( coz ther used alot and to uncompress em everytime slowed things down just alittle but i'm just picky ). also i skipped all the files in the windows\command folder. it usaly shrinks the windows folder down with 35%-40%. but take backups b4 u even try this. http://upx.sourceforge.net/ EDIT: ah and u can remove txt files and all the wav files aswell. the bmp files u dont use well use you'r imagination
  11. hmmm i remember looking for this a year back. but i know that vesa suports more then 256colors. i.e 16bit to be exact. some cards suports vesa mode up to 32bit ( i'm thinking back to the old dos time when i downloaded *coffs*porn*coffs* from bbs'es... not much fun when they displayed wrong lol )
  12. argh switched to the old forum when i posted to many tabs on firefox. someone suld lock this coz i will prolly not be the last one.