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  1. I was wondering if this method works for Proplus. I have put the .msp file in the updates folder and when I go to deploy it to a test machine it starts to install office but quickly comes to the ctrl-alt-del then when I log in to check it only installs the office folder. No word excel etc. jsut like image scanner and one other office tool. any thoughts on this?
  2. O2K7 Pro Plus GPO

    I was wondering if any one could help me make since of how Microsoft made it easier to install office 2007. I have read the technet forumns and a few post on here, but I guess I am still not getting it. I am trying to deploy O27 Pro Plus through gpo and the only time it works is when I throw up the defult files onto my network share. then i have the prompt for keys, registration etc. My share folder is O2K7pro$ and is where all the office files have been copied to as microsoft wants the linked the gpo to that share as a standard with any gpo. I used the OCT to customize the install, but it wont install at all, and I read that only the enterprise version supports that and that I am going to have to change the config.xml file. I guess its easy for anyone who is fluent and has time to program .xml. If any one can spoon feed me I would be in debt to you forever hehehehehehe.
  3. Setting up a RIS server

    Ok I kind of understand what you are saying, would you happen to know of any sites or posts that would have a step by step of what I am trying to do so I can get it right and not spend hours researching the process. I have been on MS site and it goes off on 50 tangents and the closest thing I have found to what I am looking for is here. Would it be possible to slipstream a disk and load it onto a system and then RIPrep it. Would it work for all vendor specific pc's as long as the drivers were ok?
  4. Setting up a RIS server

    Yes, you are correct about the OS chooser, because we have several flat images as you put it in the OS chooser after you f12 the system. So if I get the cd set up how I want it, all I then need to do is a risetup and that will pull the info off the cd I created and put it on the RIS server and I should be good to go?
  5. Hello All, I have read several post in this forumn that relate to what I want to do. However, this is my first time setting up a RIS server and would like to have all my ducks in a row so to speak before I attempted it. I worked with a very tallented consultant a few months back and he reffered to this forumn as to where he learned how to do it. Basically he set an image up for us that worked with any machine it wasnt vendor specific. The image also was slipstreamed except for the drivers, which I would like to implement that, because I am lazy and hate looking for updates and drivers etc. I think I can manage the slipstream with the CD portion as the instructions are very good in the unattended section. What I dont understand is how he got the image on the RIS server, so if any of you would be willing to help me or show this horse to the water so to speak, I would greatly appriciate it.