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  1. DriverPack MassStorage V6.03.1

    Those changes worked for me as well, thanks zorro1. I was having problems with a HP dx5150 with an ATi chip set, here are it's HWIDs. Thanks for the great work BTS!
  2. Windows® Defender (Beta 2)

    RogueSpear, I can't seem to find it in the list. I assume the thread you are talking about is the first one in you signature. I very well could be looking in the wrong place or just be blind. Thanks.
  3. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    You could try this in Command Prompt. Shaggy, you get a Scooby snack! That works like a charm and gives me just what I want. Thanks.
  4. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    OK, this is probably a stupid question, but is there any way to get your config.txt file back if you deleted it after doing the copy command? I've tried running the installer and looking in the temp directory and only the files from the .7z archive are there, and extracting the installer gives me the same thing.
  5. Cool Halfwalker. I run my stuff in GuiRunOnce and here is the .cdm file I put together cmdow @ /HID @echo off REM - VM Resolutions, No Driver videochanger.exe 800X600X32@1 -q videochanger.exe 1024X768X32@1 -q REM - VM Resolutions, Driver videochanger.exe 800X600X32@85 -q videochanger.exe 1024X768X32@85 -q REM - Laptop Resolution videochanger.exe 1400X1050X32@60 -q videochanger.exe 1600X1200X32@60 -q REM - Desktop resolutions videochanger.exe 800X600X32@70 -q videochanger.exe 1024X768X32@70 -q EXIT I've tested it on a VM (both with and without the VM video driver), a laptop and a desktop and so far no problems.
  6. True, but I'm using Bashrat's driver packs so the necessary divers are loaded before I make my resolution change and kick off my software installs. Also my VMs seem to be able to do at lest 1024X768 with out the use of the VMWare video driver.
  7. Did this work for you? I had a the same idea today to use videochanger.exe to go through the common resolution I need for all the PCs and laptops I set up. Starting at 800X600X16@1 for my VM's and going up to 1400X1050X32X60 for my laptop, with the PC's in the middle. As it stands now I change my command file after testing on a VM befor I create a real CD.
  8. I've been doing all the testing under VMWare - haven't tried it on a real machine yet, so the problem may be an artifact of the VMWare virtual video device. The two main symptoms are : 1) During the RunOnceEx install, the list of items to be installed is too big for the screen - the bottom items are out of view. 2) When it finally boots into XP, it's a 800x600 screen. I have to manually change it up to 1024x768. Any ideas ? D. I set the refresh rate to 1 in order to change the resolution for VMWare. Of course you need to remember to change it back before you create your final install CD. I was testing out WPI and using the video resolution changer in my .cmd file to change to 1024X768X32 @60 and it wasn't working, so I ran it from a command prompt and used the option to show the modes supported by the video adapter and it showed the only refresh rate supported was 1 (weird). This does work without installing the VM tools and the VM video driver.
  9. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    I did almost the same for a HP d330 and it worked. I created 5 new directories in D\S\SM\H\ (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) for each of the .inf files and copied the drivers into them. Next time I think I'll do it your way, much eaiser! Bashrat, great job on the driver packs BTW!