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  1. Problem solved......Removed IE8 and went back to 7.
  2. Wondering if anybody knows how to get the Google Toolbar BELOW the links toolbar on IE8? I like it to have the file menu, then next row being Links bar, then Google toolbar. Currently it is file, google thenlinks and it looks terrible and im always hunting for it because its now in a higher spot... Ive tried unlocking and moving, and disabling/re-enabling and no success yet....
  3. In my experience 0x7 messages usually indicate a problem with the hard disk. Be it physical error, filesystem or just a problem with a BIOS setting. Have you run a HDD diagnostic tool on the drive? Look on the manufacturers site, they all have one. Or download the UBCD from www.ultimatebootcd.com and boot from it and run a diagnostic. While you are at it you may also try running a RAM test just to be sure. Filesystem error can be resolved easily, either pull the HDD out and plug in externally on another PC and delete all partitions or use the UBCD and use one of the drive wiping tools on it. BIOS setting is unlikely, 0x7 errors are more common on newer notebooks where people mess with AHCI without having drivers installed. Being a Gigabyte board simply load the defaults in the BIOS menu just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps.....
  4. Except for the fact that Windows 2000 shipped BEFORE Windows Me. lol
  5. Unfortunately not. Its an NEC Versa P9120. They only have Vista software. I have tried a few NEC sites (US, UK, Australia, Canada etc) all with no luck. The only site which had the P9120 was the australian one.
  6. Hi, long time no post lol. Havent posted here for almost 2 years. I just bought a new Notebook (Core 2 2.4, 2GB, 250GB, Vista Ultimate) however I have reinstalled XP Pro on it for compatibility reasons with a few of my work programs. I have installed all the drivers etc for it no problems whatsoever, all devices are installed OK, but Im looking for suggestions for a few things - TV Tuner - require some sort of software for watching TV/Tuning Channels etc. Free preferred, but willing to buy it if its good. Also as light on resources as possible (I run a tight ship) - Webcam - require something to view my webcam and take photos of myself lol, again as light on resources as possible would be good. Thanks in advance for your help,I tried googling for ages but couldnt find something that suited just right.
  7. NDP 2.0 ASP.Net Security Update shows up as the Malicious Software removal tool when downloading...........however it does download the correct file.....
  8. After searching 50 pages from the previous thread, i found this: "Okay, these are the changes you need to make, remembering to back up first, and that I'm not responsible if stuff breaks: For 256-colour tray icons, change the following in explorer.exe (version 5.0.3900.6920, file size 242,448 bytes, located in main Windows directory): at x618E, change 01 to 11 at x12235, change 01 to 11 at x12246, change 01 to 11 To disable WFP, change the following in sfc.dll (version 5.0.2195.6921, file size 94,456 bytes, located in system32 subdirectory to Windows directory): at x6276, change 8B C6 to 90 90 All of these have changed since their respective previous versions, so please make sure that you have the right vesions and the like if you do try them." Thanks again to the original author of this.
  9. Forgive me my ignorance, I have been following this topic for about a month now, and now that it has gone final I realise that I have no idea where to donload this file from. little help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Keep up the good work Gurgelmeyer, rest assured your hard work has not gone unappreciated.

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