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  1. Universal Switch Program

    Good idea. But as I said driverpacks are no good to me. For some reason the hardware just does not work unless you use the original installer and then run the updated installer/drivers etc. Some drivers I was able to put straight in with Nlite. Anyone able to help me out with the commands/ config for the dtv card. Would greatly appreciate it. Leadtek WinFast DTV1000 T DTV1000 T Updated Drivers and Application. Cheers
  2. Universal Switch Program

    Thanks all for the ideas. I have tried cmenu. it gave me sum that ussf didn't. Diverpacks are no good to me as they bulk up my xp disc to much. its already over 4GB also some of my hardware needs the the hardware appliction to install the drivers from which i can then update those drivers and the main application. ie my dtv card. any how Happy New Year all.
  3. Hi there. The WPI is AWESOME. Love it. Put my mate on to it. hes gone and done one up for where he works as a IT person. I have a few programs and hardware etc that i wish to install. Drivers, printers, motherboard utilitys etc. have done a fair bit of playing around. to no great success. so far all i have gotten to install is java. most of the programs i click on the ussf pops up and says it can't identify the installer. sum thing else about C++ etc. I have a list of applications and hardware that i can't find switches for. Such as my leadtek. winfast dtv1000t tuner card, epson perfection 1260 scanner, lexmark z600 printer, creative soundblaster live 24bit sound card and on and on. Have searched this forum and others for switches and solutions for both hardware and application switches etc, found some but not the main ones i need. can anyone help?
  4. CMenu

    Hi. Great program, I am using it to find switchs that ussf can't tell me. Sometime how ever it asks me to indentify the installer. As I am noob in this area, I was hopeing some one could give me some advice. I have googled how to indentify them but as yet I have not come up with any ideas. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx