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  1. Still outstanding 2 weeks old and no reply? If no command line there must be some form of program with a command line interface
  2. purg99

    MicrowinX Poll

    Voted "Some From All Of The Above" All I want from an mini XP system is to run on a 455hz machine, allow windows shares and azureus meaning also java.
  3. Intresting question that is normally asked around exploiting If im wrong and you get no luck I know of an exploit that uses a built in account for one off programs but isnt usable. A better way uses the flawed AT command. It runs as a service so anything run from it runs as "NT_AUTHORITY/System" unless you us /u -------------------------- read above for the first howto must have been typing, anyway both end up using "NT_AUTHORITY/System" --------------------------
  4. Following the setup program ive posted on msfn I want to know how to change a service startup programmatically. On my games computer I disable just about everything but want this to be optional at install. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  5. Not sure if I fully understood the questions but:- When buying a new PC ive not seen any shipped with XP Pro (not unless you pay extra) they all come with Home. Maybe the people your trying to fix dont have Pro? which is why there key doesnt work with your CD?
  6. Any chance in english? bedankt "Thank(ed) you" German - English convertion only worked out the last word
  7. Im writing to try and allow lots of user control. This will mean you wont need 3rd party products to customize. Ive writing a couple of scripts one which will be used during install (first post) the other im working on to create the imput files needed for customization, a nice gui. @Frechdax3000 Thanks for your input upto now but please dont guess what or how im writting my program. From all the screen shots your posted you didnt use or want user control other than buttons. If you want other to rate or to advertise your programs any further please create your own thread. Im sure you understand as your post has already confused others.
  8. Thanks for the comments. @Frechdax3000 Seems like in on the right lines!!! This too used indigo rose's studio. @muiz All the buttons and background are images which could quickly be changed. For example the background is a jpeg in Source\dat01\ap6.dat
  9. Your question is asking too much Whats the difference between apple and brick Ones good for cooking the others good for making homes. Both are good for what they are used for but some arsehole will always favour one over the other. I hate the ethos of saying blindly xyz is better than abc. Sorry if this offends but you will get over it with age. The best reply to your question is that Windows was written for the mass home market, linux wasnt. - Three out of three large corporations (Philips, Atos & EDS) ive worked with banned linux from the network via its security police. - Both Linux and XP can be tweaked and bloated or cut down to a core. - For a usable (as you know it) home system on a P2 455 - Gentoo used 120Mb, WinXP 190mb. - From experience both systems update as much as each other but linux will normally be updated quicker.
  10. Im writing a script thats turned into something bigger that others might find helpful. I have several computers that WinXP is a standard unattended install but the extra's change. This is where this program comes into use. This is a pre release that doesnt do the final installs but gives you a good idea In the final release im adding ini files for all options (description, install file & options) Download Please give feed back and if this is helpfull to anyone else Just seen wpi but feed back would still be good
  11. My god I doubt I would ever have thought the graphics driver could shag up something that looked like a codec problem. I was using a guru3d forceware 77.72 driver for a nVidia 6800GT card Your link to 81.85 driver didnt like something leaving me in a 640 x 4colour screen. I think that driver is for a 64bit setup. Went back to guru3d and grabbed 79.11 (link taken for a europe download) Worked like a charm Thank you
  12. I believe this is from an uninstall that does do its job properly Blanking the regkey instead of deleting it Ive noticed it once, just delete it as it doesn’t correspond to any problem
  13. Ive never had a codec problem before but always relied on codec packs to do the work for me. Just been testing an unattended rebuild that worked without a problem. Then came the time I wanted to watch a movie (xvid)!!! After running the full klite codec pack and using windows media player. The picture is washed out and a little corrupted aka unwatchable. So I thought it could have been the pack, so uninstalled and installed a pack I used to use (Gordian.Knot.Codec.Pack.1.9) but the exact same problem. Gspot says I have the xvid codec installed File properties agree the codec is xvid Mplayer properties codec said XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder And this is what I don’t understand If I boot the computer into safe mode the movies play without problem Ive tried other players, mplayer 6.4 & vlc both with no change HELP this is driving me crazy
  14. thanks Yurek3, must have been typing when you replied
  15. Posted a bit to quickly Think ive found whats needed REG ADD %KEY%\029 /V 4 /D "%XPCD%\install\7Zip.exe /S" /f

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