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  1. WinntbbuED

    its in the i386 folder itself... just move those 2 files to a new folder, edit them, and move them back to the original place
  2. to do a unattended setup of kl mcp, do this: ive tried this with version 1.3.7... do this: first run the setup with parameter: klmcodec137.exe -MakeUnattended and answer the questions... it will tell you how to use the installer for unattended installation
  3. strange, 32bit ie works flawlessly here, along with flash... dont know what your problem is man, try reinstalling it...
  4. Win MCE with SP2

    none of the resellers have mce...its only available with oem pcs...you can not buy it from anywhere... and theres no 30day trial version of it... if you wanna prove that its not pirated, show a pic of the disc itself...
  5. How much of an addict to porn are you?

    You answered yes to 15 of 20 questions. You are 75% addicted to Porn. There has been 10396 person(s) as addicted as you. got it thru a free online proxy service... most of them didnt support "post", but this one ran flawlessly... heres the link: http://www.misterprivacy.com/begin_anonymous_surfing.htm all those who cant view the thing normally can check it out thru this...
  6. Lost 30 gigs

    get a bios update for your motherboard, it should be enough... and also, if you are formatting your drive, make sure to format it into ntfs, its much better than fat32...
  7. WINXP no Serv Pack Help PLS

    try getting ryanvm's hofixes... here: http://ryanvm.msfn.org/ though, it needs sp2... or else, get autopatcher, copy all the exe files from inside the autopatcher folder (the hotfixes folder), and slipstream them using nLite....
  8. Computer saves girl from drowning

    not steeper than someone's life dude...
  9. How much of an addict to porn are you?

    aint opening here... anyways, who cares, i know im addicted
  10. Win MCE with SP2

    lemme guess, your cd is pirated... and btw, whats with the "hip-hop" language ?
  11. A Driver App

    bump... sorry but i need it... and if no one knows the name of app, is there any other app which does this ?
  12. Bootable Image?

    yes, during the textmode setup, the setupldr.bin / setupldr.exe files are used... im not sure which one but its one of them
  13. How much of an addict to porn are you?

    link down here ... can some one check it if its working on your pcs ?
  14. Server Question - IIS

    and btw, xp home does not include iis...
  15. A Driver App

    im sorry but i cant remember the name of an app... much help will be appreciated if anyone can help heres what i know about it: it was for windows 2000 (bundled inside cd) basically an app for checking which driver was in use by windows... also showed little more info about drivers... was available for download on microsoft's site (i.e. free) if anyone knows any such app, please just mention its name... thanks