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  1. Thx oldwolf for all the time u put in to write that long reply..... Basically i'm trying to find out whether to go for AMD 64 right now or not.I believe the P4 chip(with HT ,EM64T n all) which is widely available in India can serve my purpose. I'll compare the costs n put up wot i finally decide on for further suggestions.......
  2. Hi again, Been going thru the posts again. And I have an idea of helping myself. If u all just take out enough time to point out the features that u wud look for while selecting a component for ur system,I'll do the searching work myself . For eg. for a processor I think u look out for the Bus Freq., L1 n L2 cache ( well thats all i know). Similarly if u cud pls point out the bare minimum features for other components (in the present time) Motherboard,Video adapter,RAM,Sound Card,Processor(of course!),HDDs,PSU,Cooling system,DVD R/RW . The usage of the system will be mostly like any home user does. Games,Movies,Music,Internet,a few design s/ws(like solid works,ideas,pro-e),AutoCAD,Programming(C++ mostly n maybe VC++ l8r) n a little video capture,ripping n encoding .I wud like to keep the option of upgrade open in the next few years. I hope the picture is pretty clear. Waiting for some response Anomaly
  3. Thx for replying Black Man. It did make somethings clear.
  4. yeah Metallica is Good I luv Nothing Else Matters.
  5. @oldwolf thx for the reply. But wot I want for the time being is a little help with understanding wot the terminology means.U know a little understanding of the features/technology... For example, I dont know wat SLI is or wot is the role of FSBSimilarly I dont have a hint wot RAID means when some1 talks of HDDs. for the time being i'm going thru this material to help myself www.karbosguide.com Hope i've made things a bit clear for every1. Waiting for more suggestions. Anomaly
  6. Hi every1, I wish to build a new system n somebody advised me to do sufficient research b4 i take ne decisions reagrding the components. I signed up with the hope of learning a lot regarding the hardware to begin with. I've been going thru lots of posts n articls n 99% sounds greek to me. So I wud really appreciate if sum1 guided me how to start off with the things .Any tutorials,articles,walkthrus that might help me get the hang of things. I need all the help that can be given Thx in advance. Anomaly
  7. 1)I have two drives 4+20 Gigs.............. 2) both of them have a lot of empty space(2.35gb & 7.34gb respectively) 3)regarding wot i use them for.....on the 4gb drive i have all the s/w installations n the 20gb drive is all data(music,movies if any,C++ programmes,games etc) Actually anything that's possible on such an ancient machine(literally.... its a P2 333Mhz) n a slow internet connection to go with it.
  8. Hello everybody, Just registered to this forum which seems to be burstng with information......... So a Big NAMASTE(thats how we say Hiiiiiiii in India)...... I'm hopeless in the hardware field so i'm looking forward to learn lots here...... Regards - Anomaly Edit: Guess i made the intro too long earlier...........

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