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  1. hi, if i disconnect the dsl usb it disaapears rom the device manager n if i plug it back it does not recognise it n gives an error. but if i shu tthe system down n restart there is no problem with the dsl but it still shows two unknown devices.
  2. ill try that n let u know thx for the reply
  3. Hi, I just finished formatting my drive n installed windows Xp pro Sp2 n its a copy i got at a seminar organised by Microsoft.The copy is part of the student kit they provided. There was no problem during the installation of the OS. But after installing all the drivers n stuff its still showing Found New hardware n shows the two of them as unknown... It does show the USB icon in the task bar n sez there was a problem installing ur hardware n that it may function properly. I dont have a USB device except my DSL connection which seems to be working fine though a lil slow.... I cant figure out whats wrong. Can anyone help??? Thx
  4. Hi i'm planning to put the cros over cable b/w the two computers how do i assign the address... Thx
  5. Hi, I wish to connect computers.Both have network interface cards. I know that i need a CAT 5crossover cable. But is there anything else required One system is a P2 with Win 98 n the other has win Xp running on an AMD 64 athlon Do i need any specific software? Thx
  6. i hope my public IP is the same they show me at Whatsmyip n how can i check the port thing
  7. Hi, i have an ADSl connection with a router provided by the service provider (DLink 502T). The problem is i cant play multiplayer games with my frnds.I cant accpet any incoming connections it seems or in other words i cant create a server.I've tried doing so in Quake 3. I can connect to other servers but sometimes it shows "there is no reponse from the master server" Any suggestions.Am i doing something wrong...? Thx
  8. Thx again mate but i dunno if its possible for me to find such a router.. But wot i'm trying to do is get rid of the m=noise..i've registered a complaint n will have to run around the telephone guys so as to make sure something is done abt the noise...
  9. i dont think its a software problemm....... if it wud have been the problem wont have been as erratic as it is... it does not happen everytime or at regular intervals thx for the response though
  10. Hi again, @Gouki Ur post was really disappointing man.Coz this the best service available at a reasonable price. Abt the router i'm using the one provided by the ISP but still i have this problem... @Pawan I guess the length of the cable from the line splitter is the same for users coz the cable that goes into the router from the splitter is provided by MTNL ppl n it has a fixed length.. Regarding the noise issue i've been running around the concerned ppl but they cant sort it out.... But i've put in another complaint n am hoping for the best. Wot really amazes me is that the connection doesnt snap every time during usage .. It just gets snapped when i click on a link n then theres no end to the drop outs...Its so so irritating....the erratic behaviour is such a pain... Anyways,Thx guys for ur help...N if anyone has any other suggestions or advice or thoughts pls do put in a few lines. I''ll keep checking the thread.
  11. i kinda agree with u guys..There is noise in the phone line for sure.... n in India we usually get cables straight from poles installed...n in my case the length of cable between the pole socket n my comp is much greater than 3 metre n hence maybe the reason of the frequent drop outs.... So guys wot do u suggest as a solution...shortening the length of the cable or is there any other solution as well like using a better cable or something(I'm on a 256 KBPS connection)?? Soebody suggested disconnecting the phones while using DSL may help... I'm carrying out the experiments here.... will look forward to all ur suggestions n yes Thx to u all for ur response This frequent disturbance is such a pain. the guy from mtnl has already tried this pawan..wasnt much help anyway thx again...
  12. Thx pawan by any chance r u using Triband ?? n how shud i assign IP manually
  13. Hi, I have been having this problem with the ADSL connection that i have since quite sometime.... I have subscribed to a dsl net connection which uses my existing phoneline..the phone guys have provided me with a router D-link 502T... The installation has been done fine(not much required there) But the problem is that the connectio does not remain stable..There r four lamps on the front panel of the route The third lite is labelled as ADSL n is supposed to be stable all thru . But this lamp begins to blink during usage n there is no fixed pattern or anything that i can point out.. Its working fine n i click a link it starts blinking will go out completely n will then again blink to get stable again for a lil while..... I've reported the matter to the phone company but they say that the cant find any fault with my phone line or at the exchange. One peculiar thing that i see is ...while using a P2P software(Limewire for example),the disconnection is not detected by the software for a very long period.Also sometimes the help line ppl say that it may be due to disturbance in the ADSL frequency provided on the phone line. The transfer rate goes down to zero but it shows connected to 7-8 hosts n so even after the connection has been established again the transfer doesnt resume..... That'll be all from my end.. Guys i'm looking forward to all kinda suggestions from u. Wot can the problem be.Software or hardware?? Can Win Xp be at fault?? pls do put in ur response
  14. thx for the quick response but wot is this ERD commander ?? pls do shed some light on it.
  15. Hi, I think i have forgotten the password for my Admin account. Is there a way i can reset the password or change it without having to format the disk from a guest account or some other account. I know abt the "control userpasswords2 " command but am not sure whether it'll work for me in this case. Pls help
  16. Thx again ripken If any1 else has any suggestion, they r most welcome
  17. Well actually to be frank....... right now i'm a student n into 3rd yr of my engineering course which lasts for four yrs. So once i get placed at te end of the course i dunno whether i'll be home or not to use the system. So if this config can let me play games,listen to music,watch movies,work on certain s/ws like AutoCAD or Ideas I'll be happy n i'll sava a buck or two.. L8r i can make myself a heavyduty machine maybe even a laptop Thats why i was a bit confused......... I guess I'll for this Processor AMD 64 2800+ s754 Newcastle core with the ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe Well now if anyone an lemme know of decent a 128MB Ram Vid card.. Is the Nvidia Geforce 6600GT gud enuff.....
  18. @ripken204 thx But does this really lead to any huge problems or performance issues(if u want this processor for only the next 2 yrs or so)........ from the reviews that i've read at Newegg this thing semms to be okay except that it hasnt got the SSE3 instructions as u mentioned. It doesnt seem bad for da cost Hey cud u pls suggest to go with it too?? I think the ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe with nforce 4 may be gud choice for the processor wot say??
  19. Hi ppl, I wish to compare the following AMD processors performance wise AMD 64 2800+ AMD64 3000+ (Venice s939) Imean is there any real difference in the processors performance with applications due to the different socket that the two processors have..... It uwd be gr8 if anyone cud suggest a decent motherboard to go with the 2800+ Thx . Its a bit urgent...... Hoping for some quick response
  20. Thx ringfinger but that didnt help much coz there wasnt an entry for Amd64 3000+ Venice core(939 pins......) Considering i go for the AMD 64 3000+ Venice core 939 pin processor Pls suggest a mother board....... i want a non SLI board.........but one with a Pci -ex 16x slot for the graphics card. I was thinking abt going for ASUS A8N-E(if i find it in the market here)..........along with 1gig of Ram Kingston i guess.. any other suggestions........ thx
  21. Since i've startd the topic i'll ask some other things too I gues.. Its abt the new system i intend to build..... Well lemme put a few things here b4 asking for any suggestions... I wish this system to work fine for the next 2 yrs. Wot this system will be used for :gaming,music,movies,programming,Design softwares(like Ideas) n the internet of course... To be able to upgrade l8r i wish to go for AMD 64 3000+ as it has the 939 socket n AMD will perhaps continue with this for some time......(cost was also a fator ) But then being in India, AMD is still expensive out here (as compared to prices at Newegg) . So the Intel procesor i decided upon is intel Pentium 4 530 Prescott 800MHz FSB LGA 775 Processor Model BX80547PG3000E so i need ur advice regarding the processor to go for............. the AMD one is 1.8 gigs,512 kb L2 cache,but then its a 64 bit processor arnd $140 Intel P4 is 3.0 gigs,1mb L2 cache,arnd $187 i guess Cost wise AMD is almost final but i want to compare is the performance of the two...... Any suggestions........
  22. Hey thx for that quick response......... But is it possible to put together a few cables like those buses we use in the cpu cabinet n using some intermediates u know some sorta handicraft......... hehehehe.......... i'm trying to cut out so much cost........ I'll try a little googling as well thx again
  23. Hi, I'm going to switch over to a new system pretty soon n so i just wanted to convert my existing 20gig HDD into a usb drive if possible n use it for data transfer....... Is it possible to that on my own i mean.......... I do know abt such kits being avilable out there but i just wanted to save some money....... Any n all help appreciated........... Anomaly

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