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  1. Vista BETA 2 Videos

    nice find........thanks......
  2. Vista Pack...Here

    Well Guys After installing lots of packs,i think this one is the best one to be a Vista pack. Different Packs Info http://en.crystalxp.net/bricopack.php About Vista pack http://crystalxp.zerackiel.net/bricopack-vista-inspirat.php Download: http://bricomix.free.fr/download.php/VistaInspirat/ Hope U like tht........
  3. hello msfn members

    hello everyone and how r u !! Eracnid Here ,from india!!! Hope will enjoy here!!
  4. Installing Vista on another partition

    Is it possible to boot fedora4(linux) and windows vista?? both,well will grub will work properly?? Had anyone tried it before??
  5. vista transformation pack

    yes it would be nice if someone make a pack like the longhorn packs are there,well i dont much about these packs as how they are made ,but generally they are made of shell32 files to give an look ,with some screensavers and longhorn wallpapers, well untill someone make a pack like this,u can use style Xp and vista theme,search google u will get some good icons etc !! And some packs too offer some advance features in this packs !! Thats all i know !!
  6. Vista Query?

    well me also waiting for the beta 2 release!!! Thx guys for the info above!!
  7. [Desktops] 2005

    Here is mine!!! Hope U like it!!
  8. Vista Query?

    Well When Will Vista Will Be available To Public,Can i get the copy of beta version?? I had seen many users in this forum having the copy of it,can someone tell me is it possible for me too??