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  1. Never said it was. But it shouldn't be in setuperr. Something is causing it.
  2. The OLE error only occurs slipstreaming IE8. Ill just work on it I guess.
  3. @jvidal I read exactly what you said. You said, "except probably the occache error, which is irrelevant." Either you had the error or you didn't, it wasn't clear. Thats why I asked. The error is not suppose to be there, therefore its not irrelevant. I was testing through to see what was causing the error and obviously, there are many situations I cannot test for, only mine. I figured since you were getting the error you could give me concrete results. You answered my question about slipstreaming a new disk AFTER I asked you to answer my questions from my previous posts. You never said whether you could or couldn't slipstream a new disk before me asking in post 2084.
  4. I had asked if you could create a new slipstreamed disc. That's the question you didn't answer. I read your posts. Just needed a yes or no. You day probably the occache.dll error. It's either in the setuperr or it's not. Did you check? So far I have no issues, ie6/7/8.
  5. Can you respond to my other posts?
  6. Thats what I did. I compared line by line. As you will see, the different(and problem) comes from the code block right near the middle, which is line 2414. Something in that block is doing something that IE doesn't like, across all IE versions. This is where I've been looking at and plan to have some time today.
  7. @jvidal Can you create a new slipstream disc and slipstream ie7. Don't install ie8. Look at the desktop ie8 icon. Is it the ie6 icon, and what happens when you double click on it? You aren't really giving a clear answer as to what you have slipstreamed and what errors you have found.
  8. This week I'll have time to QA the "k" version to narrow this down. I'm just trying to collect as much as data as possible.
  9. Like I said, no pop ups come up with the error. You wot even know it if you slipstream ie8. But if you slipstream ie7 or keep ie6, the desktop icon is messed up. In ie7's case, it's the ie6 icon ok the desktop. The point of this is that this error doesn't exist using the the g/d version of this script. I'm trying to find the common denominator. What you were saying gave different results therefore I wanted to see if it was something specific you were doing. But I willing to bet if you tried slipstreaming ie7 with the k version of the script you would have the same messed up desktop icon and the errr in setuperr.
  10. You are the only one so far that has said you don't have any errors. There must be something different then with your case. Can you create another slipstreamed xp disc. You don't get errors during setup or any pop ups. You only have errors in setuperr.log.
  11. @jvidal I only see your 2003 server hfslip log. When you get a chance, please post your XP hfslip.log.
  12. Can you zip up your hfslip.log and post it? Is your source already slipstreamed with sp3 or is hfslip doing it? Thanks
  13. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't limited to the Volume License version which allows you to slipstream IE7. I'm not exactly sure what the error is but I'll keep digging. If you slipstream IE7 or keep IE6, you will get that error in setuperr.log, however, the IE icon on the desktop will not function properly. So I'm still looking into this issue, just been rather limited on time with school and work. But I will keep digging at it.
  14. Perfect. Exactly what I needed. This verifies that the issue is in the code block. Thanks!
  15. @ geigs Can you check your setuperr.log file in the "Windows" directory? I want to know if there are any errors in there when you slipstream IE8. Also, what kind of windows copy do you have, Volume License or Retail/OEM? @ tommyp for that block of code I added IF DEFINED IE8EXE to execute that block and I can get IE6/7 to work. IE8 works but there is still the OLE error in setuperr. Thats why I want to see if geigs is getting the same thing. I created three VM's to test all three versions at once. When I get home tonight I will see if anything is different as I am making small changes to narrow this down. Thanks!
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