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  1. For Export 1. Just config kaspersky like you want 2. Open command prompt 3. Go to folder of Kaspersky CD "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0" 4. just write this command AVP.COM EXPORT RTP PATH_TO_EXPORT\NAME_OF_FILE.DAT ex. (C:\KASP.DAT) For Import 1. After creating .dat to import file its the same thing that to export but you replace EXPORT by IMPORT ex. (AVP.COM IMPORT RTP C:\KASP.DAT) It auto apply the config without rebooting the app Hope it help You can also look on kaspersky manual for the full command line with AVP.COM
  2. I use version 2006 of Kaspersky also can you add profile configuration like in WPI it should be nice to choose for example Burning Software and all the burning software get checked and the rest stay unchecked
  3. Mars Installer is a great tools but my Kaspersky Antivirus 06 detect it as a virus ... so it erase the exe everytime i try to execute it ... i know i can add the file in the exclusion list but i use the mars installer for a lot of computer i dont want to add the file on every antivirus exclusion to use it ... anyone have an idea to fix this ? Thanks
  4. Thanks Sonic it seem to work Finally i can remove these warning.
  5. I know its a old thread but with the new ie7 we got the same problem ... the only way to fix the problem is by this method In IE7 click on Tools in the menubar Then click on the Internet Options Click on the Security Tab Then click on Local Intranet and then click on the "sites" button Then ensure that the "Automatically detect local Intranet" option is unticked and the problem is solved. but there is a way to auto uncheck this option ? by registry or whatever silently to remove these warning...
  6. Really Thanks to you i past a lot of hour to search my fuc*** problem and finally i tried this file and all work now. You made my day.
  7. I didnt modify the config at all i will begin to get the Test Apps to work and after modify all the other apps. I use the WPI on a network and use a .bat script to mount the drive on letter Z: thats why all apps have Z: in front of the path. Just take a look on apps name Test its the one im trying to get working.
  8. I used this config file. The problem is only that nothing happen when i click on Begin install after i selected the apps i want to install. config_abc.js
  9. I dont use WPI with a CD i put the file on my computer and use it by the network but actually i cant even start it on my own computer. I can zip the file but you will get the same file that we can download coz i only unzip the file from the zip and run WPI.HTA.
  10. The address of the apps is correct i verify it 2 times to be sure and for other information i start wpi.hta directly i only decompressed the file from the zip file and after execute wpi.hta and load my config file from my last version. When i saw that it doesnt work i reload the default config and add a new apps named TEST.
  11. I installed WPI 5.6 all is ok but when i try to install an application nothing happen the windows close and it return to the desktop. I had version 4.3.5 before and it was working #1 but i need to update coz of fu&*$ IE7. I use WPI for my job and i dont have choice to get it working with IE6 and IE7. Anyone have an idea how to fix this problem ?
  12. Hi this plugin make the nforce 3 and 4 (K8N, K8N-VM and A8N-E -VM SLI etc to work) Just decompress the file on your plugin directory and it should work I also added the Nforce 5 but it doesn't work for the moment im looking for the problem at the moment Hope that it can help you. http://www.abcinformatique.ca/NF3_4_410_430.rar
  13. What about other language version ? It will work on french version ? Probably not but how i can make it work
  14. Hi can you add Nforce 410/430 drivers these drivers are for Asus A8N-VM (NF 410) & Asus A8N-VM CSM (NF 430) And for Asus K8N-VM (NF 410) http://download.nvidia.com/Windows/nForce/...ternational.exe Drivers link I tried lot of method to have nforce 3/4 and these on the same Bart PE CD But they dont work so i hope that if you add it on the driverspack lan it will work Thanks Sorry for my bad english

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