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  1. Not blaming technology, just blaming myself for not backing up properly...
  2. I use my laptop for work, study, surfing and e-mail... My desktop is for games, burning, a little video-editing and ofcourse storage... Since I work you can guess what I have the most time for
  3. Everytime I upgrade to a bigger HDD it tends to get full... My current size is 200Gb... But isn't it a real b**ch to back it all up!?! Recently my system crashed... nothing could be saved. I lost a lot of music, digital photo's, movies and other stuff... And ofcourse my backup didn't work *sigh Ah, well that's the price you pay for being in the era where technology has taken over everything...
  4. That's like saying Germany and the Netherlands are the same... Dutch over here...
  5. I have been searching all over this forum to find a solution to installing applications that do not yet have a answer file or silent switch yet! In fact it was the main reason why I registered! This is the answer, compact and easy... Master_mtz, you are my hero
  6. Thanks, you too... Just wondering, why do you have a german flag with your name...and is there Ohio, USA stated?!?! Just curious
  7. Hello everybody, somebody in my company decided it would be a real asset to the company if I would learn something about unattended preinstallation of Windows XP. So here I am because, to be real honest, I'm not really experienced in 'programming'. I've been playing around with the OPK from microsoft and got them installed trough our network and a winbom.ini on USB. But that's where everything starts...now all the hotfixes, applications and customized stuff have to be integrated... I've roaming around the forum and found a lot of information, all very usefull so kudos to everybody who has been contributing to this forum! I'll try to keep all the rules in mind to keep everything organized, but I won't guarantee it
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