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  1. Oh no he DIDN'T!!!! (sorry couldn't help myself )
  2. I don't use it. I found that info on the list from tommyp which is now maintained by MH.Regards, Mimo So, can someone cofirm the following: http://www.msfn.org/board/proper-location-...amp;hl=uphclean Found it. HFSLIP changelog: UPHClean-Setup.msi is no longer automatically moved from HF into HFSVCPACK_SW1 (XP/2K3) or HFGUIRUNONCE (2K)
  3. So, I want to add an updated installer to HFSLIP. However the creator has decided at some point between the version I have and the current one to change the switches required to be "silent". What would be the consequences if I were to change the switches for HFSVCPACK_SW2 (moving application from HFSVPACK)? Would I break anything? There's currently nothing in that folder.
  4. NtegrA

    Windows XP w/SP3

    Thanks again guys! This must have been my problem way back (late 08) when I first attempted. It may be possible that I dragged my old source into REPLACE instead of deleting it when I first changed my source to SP3. WOW...ROOKIE MOVE...that is pretty bad. Now to work on the "missing" .MUI errors....
  5. With regards to UPHClean-Setup.msi... On your table 3, shouldn't the folder be HFSVCPACK_SW1 not HFGUIRUNONCE?
  6. NtegrA

    Windows XP w/SP3

    I used Mimo's list. I believe I had also tried with most hotfixes removed (nothing on any of the update lists). Which two hotfixes are you seeing (that could be enough to "remove" sp3)? In the meantime, I'll try removing ALL hotfixes just to see. About the path, I have tried both. AND yes, I have always done a network (unsupported) install (just see my earlier posts [grin]) and it's always worked great (for the most part). What I do is copy the I386 dir to the hard drive during install (C:\source\i386). I have tried leaving off the path and installing from ISO with the same results. two sources....hmmmm....now that I look at it and go back to Parseus' commet.....I don't remember putting that I386 in REPLACE (now I know I must be getting old). Here I am watching the build process and thinking to myself that the files it was showing as "replace\xxxx" were files from say the WORK directory. ....I guess THAT must be causing my problem. Will remove and try again. Thanks guys.
  7. NtegrA

    Windows XP w/SP3

    not sure what you mean here. Of course my source is in source. NEVERMIND. It has sunk in. I am correcting it now. Thanks for the second/third set of eyes
  8. NtegrA

    Windows XP w/SP3

    So it's been a pretty long while since I've been around. Last thing I tried before leaving was a slipping of SP3 into my source, however I could never get a good result so I settled with updating SP2. Recently I decided I would give it another go. However I still cannot get SP3 to work. Can anyone tell me why HFSLIP either a. will not slip SP3 into my source OR b. when using a source that already contains SP3 (SW_CD_Windows_XP_Professional_32BIT_English_ISO_MLF_X15-05160.iso from MS Vol Lic site) will remove SP3? Winver reports XP rtm.SP2 2600.040803-2158. Windows Update wants to install SP3 when I check for updates. It's gotta be something simple (and minded), right? I've attached my last run of HFSLIP-1.7.9 (using option f.) & my WU1.txt from my failed (not SP3) win install hfslip.zip
  9. Is this directed towards me? If so, a ) I don't create a multiboot CD. I am only creating the source that contains all hotfixes (slipstreamed), so that I do not have to go to Windows Update on each machine that I build. b ) I created a WINPE (Windoes Pre-Installation Environment) based CD that launches a script that sets up the parameters I would need during setup (such as comp name, OS [xp, tablet, 2003]), copies source files and any additional files I want on each system, then performs setup from network/local source.
  10. I haven't been around for a good long time, but I've been doing pretty much what you want for over 2 years now (earlier posts here by me should show that). What I do is 1. give HSLIP my path as if doing a multiboot CD (SOURCE\) 2. boot from a CD that runs a script that a. gets info from tech (serial #, location, etc) b. attaches to a network share and copies the I386 folder local BEFORE running setup c. run winnt32.exe as follows: $SetupFiles = 'C:\SOURCE\i386' Shell '%COMSPEC% /e:1024 /c ' + $SetupFiles + '\winnt32.exe /unattend:' + $AnswerFile + ' /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /makelocalsource:all' Sorry, just noticed this wasn't in the HFSLIP forum.
  11. Is TZCHANGE.EXE not needed to be on the machine? Using LANDesk to look for "Vulnerabilities" and it is flagging KB933360 not being installed. It's checking both Registry (KB933360 key under unininstall) AND that TZCHANGE.EXE (version 5.1.2600.3180) exists. Windows Updates doesn't complain.
  12. Happy to report 1.6.3 is working and all is right with the world once more (yeah right!) Thanks
  13. heh. too late. Will try 1.6.3 right now and report back
  14. Excellent! On both counts. I had widdled down to not using any .net stuff to see where I was. Last run through no go. The last version I believe was successful for me (I should know today), was either 1.6.2 or 70616b or 70812a.
  15. Cross posting this one. I posted to main thread by accident..... Is it me or is something wrong in SVCPACK.inf? Using 1.6.3rc1 (also same with 70814a): [SetupHotfixesToRun] HFSLIP.CMD 0_RogueSpearsRuntimesCF.exe oemscan.exe VMwareTools.exe HFSLIP.CMD I'm also attempting to track down an issue where permissions are being changed on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies". Could HFSLIP be the culprit? I'm not pointing fingers yet, I am still backtracking to get a good build first. Only changes that come to mind are versions of HFSLIP and versions of RogueSpear's runtimes (RogueSpearsRuntimesCF & RogueSpearsRuntimesPart2) used. AND OF COURSE any additional MS Hotfixes that I added.
  16. You should have just asked me for one . I remember giving you guys a lot of grief way back when (years is it now?) with network installs (still have yet to do a CD based install using HFSLIP) but since CD based support only, I worked around my issues by setting "Multiboot cd path" to "source\" and having I386 and other directories copied local before running XP setup (in my "unattended install" installation script): COPY 'Z:\IBM\' "C:\SOURCE\" /c /h /s ..... $SetupFiles = 'C:\SOURCE\i386' Shell '%COMSPEC% /e:1024 /c ' + $SetupFiles + '\winnt32.exe /unattend:' + $AnswerFile + ' /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c: /makelocalsource:all'then my hslip.cmd starts off like: @ECHO OFF IF EXIST %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\CMDOW.EXE CMDOW @ /HID Title HFSLIP FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\source\I386\SVCPACK SET HFSLIP=%%i:\source\I386It does add time to the install process making the local copy, but it works GREAT. Local I386 in case it's ever needed, no need to search for a CD. Also note, I boot the targeted workstation from a boot CD into a winpe environment (instead of DOS based network install[MUCH better]) where I select what type of machine (manufacturer) I'm building, input of computer name, laptop/desktop and Domain machine will be a member of. Click on OK and there goes unattened install of XP/Tablet PC/Win2k3.....
  17. Sorry for the delayed response, but why not check for CMPNENTS\NETFX instead? not that it matters, I believe Tablet PC and Media Center both have the same dir structure, but what if I decided to delete the MEDIACTR directory cuz I know I am never going to install MEDIACTR, but will install TabletPC, net 1.0 would not be slipped and it IS needed in TabletPC. heh. you know what, sorry but ignore my response, For me my way is better since I only use one source (ProductKey determines XP,MEDIACTR,TabletPC not existence of CMPNENTS dir), don't need 1.0 slipped into XP build.
  18. NtegrA


    FYI: http://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsg...c7e5bad&p=1
  19. Jumping in for a hot sec.... I run a few batch files to do installs and cleanup after first reboot (or is it first logon?), the first one is: IF NOT EXIST "c:\cleanup\executive.txt" goto dotnet2 <- file is dropped locally for TabletPC machine :dotnet1sp3 NDP1.0sp3-KB887998-X86.exe /passive /qb /norestart :dotnet2 <- no code here just falloutas I am using the same source for XP and Tablet PC. works nice. Net 1.0 is only installed on Tablet or MCE. Will slipstreaming update the files in CMPNENTS dir? I will have to give this a try in a few days when I get my hands on a tablet.
  20. Your above two comments may not be valid if you use VLK. With VLK, you do not need to activate AT ALL (applicable to XP, 2000, and 2003). VLK activation is not an issue as VLK media is not being used, making 3 and 4 always valid
  21. Hey all. Man it's been a LOOOONNNNGG time since I've been around, but saw this topic and thought I'd join in (kinda late but...). I have been using HFSLIP with IBM OEM and Toshiba OEM since I first tripped over this forum, back in 2k5. I have no issues with the actual slipping process. everything is great. My installs of XP are from network share (instead of CD) so I use unattend.txt file instead of winnt.sif. The issues are: 1. cannot share source between OEMs. Results same as #3 below. Need to run HFSLIP on each OEM. I don't have the patience to look for specific files each computer requires as validation (one of the reasons HFSLIP is now labled "PreRequisite tool #1a" on my list of utilities along with BARTs [#1b] ). 2. unattend.txt needs to be modified with proper key. OEM specific (IBM, Toshiba) as well as OS specific (XP, MCE, Tablet) 3. installation into VMWare requires activation. Virtual environment not seen as OEM? 4. (side note) Activation can't be done automatically if you use key from COA sticker. OEMs are required to call MS to activate.
  22. Well, what can I say???? Everything appears to be working again. Current try was on a VM through a VPN connection (The build time actually put me to sleep), so I will try again first thing in the morning on real hardware. Extra special thanks for the big addition. Again slap at will

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