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  1. u are right, but i wana use ASr on HP DM 380 server ?
  2. Lus

    IE 7

    how can i use IE 7 for creating folder in FTP server. i can not upload any file ?
  3. hi, how can i Use windows Automaic System Recovery on HP DL380 servers. in this case windows can not recognize HP, HDD driver ?
  4. hi, what's best permission for assign to user that allow him to start/stop/restart specific service like IIS,DNS,DHCP,POP3,IMAP. he can be a member of "Network Configuration operators" to start/stop DNS,DHCP,RRAS but how about Pop3,Imap,IIS ? any help
  5. hi, here i have a senario about moving schema master role and users E-mail Address. we have 2 DC as shows below : 1- W2k Sp4 : DC, DNS, IIS, Exchange 2003 and hold PDC,RID,Infra,Schema master Role. 2- W2K3 Sp1 : DC, DNS holde DN estructure domain name : xx1 we wanted to reinstall W2k, OS for some reasone so i designe a plan for moving exiting service of w2k to w2k3. i transfer PDC, RID, Infra structure role to W2k3 successfully, but i could not move Schema master role i use GUI tools and NTDSUTIL. in GUI tools change buttom was disable ? i do not know why ? and by using NTDSUTIL i get error. after reinstall w2k OS get back RID role and seize Schema master on w2k. and expanding schema role for using Exchange. after restore exchange back up, all users email box that relate to domain name (xx1) was restore but their seconde mail box that was build manually did not. i mean, their mail box was create but in their "Address mailbox" in active direcotry user propertise did not create or restore their second mail address ? any idea ?
  6. thankx, i wana plan an forest with 50 child domain, for improve name resolution i wana use Root hins and Stubzone, the problem is i don't know how root hint and recursion are contact with each other and how design root hint ? any link and exprience is usefull all DNS zone are integerate with AD - use Secure update
  7. hi, i wana know what's realationship between recursion and roothints ? ( in private network ) if a DNSserver1 wants start recursion query, where is the first location to start ? thankx
  8. i check clients IP and Suffix . all clients get 2 suffix with same suffix name, - one suffix is desnigated by itself. ( when join clinet to AD ) - other suffix is applyed by DHCP server. i delete record 015 (domain name) i think that, DHCP suffix cause problem. when computer get new IP address or check DHCP get the same suffix as it got befor from DC, and it cause client windows think that other computer has this name. any idea :-/
  9. u are write, windows older that 2000 won't access to share folder with dns, and my experience show that some windows xp eithear can not access to share with DNS name
  10. hi, does any body use DNS name instead Netbios name for access share folder. i wana disable Netbios Over TCP/IP, but i not sure users can access to share folder by DNS name all time. any experience ?
  11. yea i use clone technology for deploing my OS, but it's my first time that get this error, i use sysprep before making master image.
  12. i recently get error from all clinet from my network when they try to logon. ( Domain ) the error show that Duplicate Name exist on Network. i chek all client netbios name. no duplicate exist. and i am not Running WINS server. info : DC + DNS integeated windows 2000 Client get their IP address from DHCP. clinet can aacess to share folder only by IP address my network place is not working on clients any idea ?
  13. fi u did not find this DOC i can upload it for u
  14. see WSSRA in microsoft.com File and print Service Full guide (desing + impelementing ) for entreprise solution
  15. i wana use DNS name inested of Netbios name for access to share folder ?
  16. hi we have 8 client and on each, i share a folder with aproprate permission. on some client i can not access to share folder by DNS name. when i try \\pc1.xxx.local system ask me USERNAME and PASSWORD, after typing user name and password this error appeare : "\\pc1.xxx.local is not accessible. you might have permission to use this network resource.Cantact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. you were not connected becaouse a duplicate name exists on the network. Go to system in control panel to change the computer name and try again." i change computer name but nothing happen. i can access to share folder by IP address and no problem appeare. any idea !
  17. u can use Audit policy and assign them to computers. GOP \Computer Settings \ windows setting \ security setting \ local policy \ Audit policy just configure option as u need.
  18. thankx puntoMX :* my problem solved by changing jumper again. i do not know why first time it did not responed ?
  19. mmmmmmmmm, i bought my DVD-RW 6 month age, every thing was right until last week. i can not remmember what did i do that i get this problem ? more info : until this problem accure, i can not connect my DVD-ROM (LG) to my DVD-RW (plextor) by one data-Cable? if i do my windows will not boot. there for i use HD cable for connectin DVD-ROM. :-?
  20. hi i change my jumper from MS to CS, i try to write a image to DVD, this time my buffer goes empty after 92% of burning procces, again i have problem ? any idea ?
  21. i have the same problem with my DVD-RW . while burining any DVD ( from image or DVD2DVD) buffer goes empty ? i used "Ashampoo Burning Studio 6" and Nero 7. i can play any DVD film, music and data, but i can not Burning.... DVD-RW : plextor 716A
  22. hi can some one explaine me what is diffrent between "Anonymouse Proxy" by "transparent proxy" type ?
  23. then what is diffrent bit these utility " LDIFDE " and " CSVDE " ?
  24. i think zone will disable windows native firewall automaticlly ? installing more than 1 firewall in same windows is not recommended. see zone documents for more help.

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