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  1. Can someone help with the following. In Windows 10 ( also in other versions ) Right Click your HDD and go to Properties. Then Un Tick ( Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties ). The next step you have to agree to. Now this Takes some Time to go through and Remove the Indexing. One might Ask Why I want to do this, well Trust me it has it's Advantages. Anyway I am looking for a way to do this in the ISO. So as that When the Installation of Windows is Complete that That Item Is Already Un ticked or Not Used. That would Save a lot of Time after an Install. I normally Use Nlite for Slipstreaming my ISO's to get them Up to Date.. I can't find anything in Nlite that would Disable Indexing. I have tried Disabling Windows Search in Services, but that does not do it. Any help would be appreciated ..
  2. I quite often use nlite to create an up to date version of windows 10 with all of the latest Updates. It is well known that Disabling Indexing of Files and Folders Does Not Harm your System and in fact it Helps Speed things up. So I am looking for a Way to Disable Indexing in the Early Stage of Modifying an ISO. So that When Windows is Finished Installing that None of your Files and Folders are Indexed. The Method I have been using up to this day is ;--- Go to My Computer ( computer ) then right click Properties of Drive C: , Then down the bottom Remove the Tick on ( Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties ). This method can take some Time , depending on the Type or Speed of your PC. Also when it has finished I have noticed if you search for Indexing, you get ( Indexing Options and it says ( Indexing is not running ), that is what I wanted, but Without having to go through the time consuming way that I have used. It would be an advantage to Disable in the ISO like some setting in Nlite Before I Finish and Save my updated ISO. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have Winternals Administrators Pack 5 CD and I would like to Experiment with running it from a USB Flash Drive. Flash drive size is no drawback to me as I have one of those new Miniature HDD Flash Drives. It is an ( Archos ) 4gig unit. These type of devices do not suffer from Bunout from continual write/rewrite like the chip type models. I have been experimenting with making Flash drives Bootable for some years now . My flash drive is currently formated to fat32 with Dos7 installed and it Boots without any problem. To install the complete admin cd to it and make it bootable I thought it would be no problem. So I Erased all Files and Folders from it and Copied the Entire Contents of the Admin CD to it. Now I went to control panel and made Hidden O/S Files Visbile first. Anyway the dam thing won't boot. I thought with windows 2000/xp etc , One could just Copy all the Files from the Root Dir and they would be bootable. So I am wondering if I have to somehow Write/Burn the ISO Image of the CD to the Flash Drive. But How do I do this. Nero does not give any Option other thand CD's or Dvd Drives as Writable Devices.
  4. I have an Archos Arcdisk, which is a Flash Drive with a Male USB Plug. For my experimentation with successfully installing windows on a flash drive , it must be directly connected to the ide socket on the m/b. Idealy what I want if there is such a thing is a USB female to IDE female adaptor or converter.Or some help with the Pinouts for the ide to usb.
  5. I have read the Many Different ways of Slipstreaming, and decided that for the most it is a Specialised Task. and should be performed only by more experienced users. For my own Install requirements I wanted to Insert the latest Versions of DirectX9 and WMP9 etc, into my own Setup CD. From what I have observed it is a very long and tedious task. So I have decided to tackle this in another way. I am looking into the possibility of Substituting the Latest Versions of DirectX9 and WMP9, Directly into the Original Cab Files. This should be a Relatively Easy method and should create a much Smoother Install. I am looking for any results from others that have tried this.
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