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  1. tried both of those. seems that i do have special drivers for RIS so i tried them, no good either.
  2. I dont think im using the PNP switch, i know about it, but didnt think i needed it. I believe i tried it a few weeks ago but it didnt make the diffrence. I will again try to use the driver command line install. I think i may have missed a certain part of it. Thanks.
  3. I have the intel 8255xER on board. Its on a supermicro board. The name of the inf is Net559ER.inf.
  4. I have all the drivers in the correct locations, but im still getting a line " Starting Factory state "Starting networking". ERROR: There is a problem setting up the network. ERROR: Factory state "Starting networking" failed. " I dont know what this "problem" is. It would be helpful if they could tell you more. Well i'm just wondering if anyone has seen any of these lines, and if they figured it out. Thanks.
  5. I also forgot to mension another correction that I had made. I have been using nero to make my iso's (its just easier). Well they have 3 options for isos, one of which i was using is a ISO 9660 + Joliet. I switched to ISO 9660 only, but i did this along with moving the above files, so im not sure which was the deciding factor. Hope this gets someone else through some fustrations.
  6. I figured it out. I worked on it for a while and i found that i was missing a few files inside the i386 folder. There are 3 files inside the root of the iso, named "WIN51" "WIN51IS" "WIN51IS.SP1" If you take these files and place them into the i386 folder, then it boots properly. Although im getting some errors now but thats another matter. Thanks for the help everyone, you pushed me in the right direction. Peace
  7. Ive seen the desktop background, it stays on the screen for around 4 seconds. Im thinking now that it might be a driver issue. But im still not sure at what point the proccess is at, whether its loaded the SS or its already running winpeshl? Thanks
  8. Could someone post their startnet.cmd file here, I cant seem to find a good example of one. Thanks. I tried that CMD.exe suggestion hazard, and it didnt seem to work. I think the problem is that there is something going on right when i get into windows that says reboot. And ive thought it was some of the options in the winbom.ini file, but nothing seems to have worked in that either. Thats why i feel that it might be the startnet.cmd. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. Yes i did. Its been in there the whole time. I think it has to do with startrom.cmd. Ill keep reading whatever i find.
  10. my startnet.cmd is really simple, i dont know if i should have other stuff in it factory -winpe and my winbom.ini is this [Factory] WinBOMType=WinPE Reseal=No [WinPE] Restart=No [OEMRunOnce] Reboot=No [PnPDriverUpdate] [PnPDrivers] [NetCards] [updateInis] [FactoryRunOnce] [branding] [AppPreInstall]
  11. Im getting a automatic reboot everytime i get into WINPE. Is there any debugging that can be turned on? Thanks.
  12. OK i figured out my problem, and ive gotten the WINPE Ram drive running. I opens and i can see the background of windows. Its nice pretty mountain. But then bam. a reboot occurs. Is there anyway to look at a log file of some sort to see what might be occuring that causes the reboot? Thanks.
  13. So, ive been working on this for a week. Which is rediculous. First my server that i was running RIS and DHCP off of decided for some reason that it was tired of running dhcp and so removed it from being authorized in active directory, thus making it useless. But now I cant get the new box I built to offer DHCP to any clients asking for a IP. The PXE boot does not grab a IP. I do have the scope option of 60 turned on to offer PXE boot to any clients asking for it. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was my DHCP server or DNS installed on the same server, creating this problem. Thanks for the help.
  14. haha resurecting from the dead. Sorry about this, I am trying to get just WinPE(not 2.0) running off my RIS server. I am getting the same error as you guys have been getting. "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing. Status 14. Press any key..." I was wondering if anyone had any idea. I followed the directions directly from this site, How to deloy Microsoft Windows Preinstall... My directory looks like this D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\winpe\i386\templates NTDETECT.com ntldr startrom.com Winnt.sif txtsetup.sif D:\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\winpe\i386 winpe.iso ->thats my iso of the OPK install. I have the file txtsetup.sif in there too if there might be any suggestions that would be much appreiciated. This is my first time using the RAM drive. and im kinda excited. Thanks. ~Matt~

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