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  1. It is very annoying even though it doesn't seem to be breaking anything, might have to write a clean up script to run once.
  2. Hey I haven't looked at this in a while.. I may have more than one driver in the image that does this but one affected on the laptop next to me is using DriverVer=06/05/2007, I also have in the image 08/14/2006, (Don't think this one has the issue) 05/16/2007, (Not sure) 09/20/2005, (hmm old!) 06/21/2005, (old) and I have one from 2003
  3. Any progress on the PNF, same thing happening in my image!
  4. 12gb Wim

    hmm thanks for the replies. I captured it with wdscapture. I think it's the winsxs folder, it has 5gb of files in it.. Looking around there doesn't look like there is much I could do about that.
  5. Hey, With Windows XP to make an image I sysprep with all apps installed and the image is about 3gb or so. With Windoes vista x64 my image turned out to be 12gb doing the same method, is this normal Or is it advised to use the DVD as a base and install apps during the installation?
  6. I would love a look at your x64 xml.
  7. DiskWipe Tool that runs in Winpe 2.0?

    I found that Diskpart will do the job with a CLEAN ALL command.
  8. Hey, Does anyone know of a DiskWipe Tool that runs in Winpe 2.0?
  9. Winpe 2.0 Networking in vmware

    I'm using vmware server console. winpe2005 works fine. Winpe 2.0 is the vista version, I haven't had luck using drivers from vmtools or from AMD.
  10. BDD 2007 Beta

    download file transfer manager http://transfers.one.microsoft.com/ftm/def...?target=install and try again from ie
  11. Hi, I am unable to get networking working in vmware using the new winpe. Is this possible? Thanks, Jay