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  1. No that cant be it because I tried using a Windows 7 64bit cd and when i booted the cd, it gave me an error saying i needed to load a device driver for the dvd drive? and it tried scanning for drivers but nothing came up in the list? I tried looking on the HP site and i didnt find anything. i have a Pavilion DV6660SE, with a pioneer dvd drive.
  2. My laptop came with a AMD Turion 64 x2 processor but it came with Windows vista 32bit preinstalled. Does this mean i can install a 64 bit OS? if so where would i find 64bit drivers for my dvdrom etc. Thanks.
  3. Once i install windows 7, whats the best place to find all my drivers that are up to date and 7 compatible?
  4. If i do a clean install of Windows 7 and later on need to use my recovery cd that came with my computer(vista) will it still work in conjunction with my recovery drive?
  5. I put my vista ultimate cd in and did a clean install. While it was installing i left and did other work around the house. When i came back the monitor was blank. The monitor was on standby and it doesnt receive a signal from the computer? I've checked the cables and they are fine, ive tried restarting the computer many times. I cant see anything?! whats wrong?
  6. Yeah its being used inside in a cool place..so weather or heat is definitely not the issue i dont think.
  7. Yes it was plugged in, and no not even the bios screen. It stays blank the whole time?
  8. Just last night i was using my laptop and it was completely fine. This morning when i went to go turn it on, it started up then shut down and i also couldnt see anything. the screen was black. Now it keeps doing this: starts up, shuts down right away. Still cant see anything as well. Whats wrong??
  9. doesnt remote desktop require my grandparents to be on the computer allowing us to take control etc? I want it so i can take control without them doing a single thing...
  10. my grandparents bought a computer and they keep having problems and i keep having to go over to their house to fix the problems. Now they live 30 minutes away from me so its a pain going every time. Is there a way or is there some software i can install on my computer and theirs so i can take control of their computer using mine without them having to do anything at all?
  11. All of a sudden, the windows i open on my computer, instead of them going from left to right on my taskbar, they start on the right and theyre automatically grouped? :S how do i get them back to normal?
  12. I have a router hooked up to my modem and have a fully functional home network. The problem is i dont have the xbox wireless adapter but i do have an extra router, is there anyway i can use the extra router to hook up my xbox to the network?
  13. im reformatting my grandparents computer for about the 5th time in the last 4 months. They keep messsing something up. so i thought of an idea, how do i restrict all activites on the computer except internet, using the programs installed etc. and if a setting gets changed i simply restart the computer and it goes back to how it was before. (usually school computers, or library computers have this kind of thing) any help would be appriciated:)
  14. no i cannot do that anymore, the folder doesnt exist?...but yet i can still search for it in the start menu and it shows up.. if that makes any sense?..
  15. yes, no luck i just want to get rid of the **** folder, its p***ing me off. if anyone could help me, please! edit* it has disappeared from my desktop now, but when i search for it, i still see it and it says: C:\users\user\desktop\restore refers to a location that is unavailable etc etc. and gives me an error, how do i permenantly remove all these?
  16. Everytime i try to delete a folder on my desktop it keeps saying: You need permission to do this action. Try again, Cancel. if i click on try again nothing happens, i just want to remove this file off of my desktop. what do i do?!
  17. i backed up all my pictures songs and videos using the backup and restore wizard, and i restored my comp back to factory condition. then when i did an advanced restore to restore my songs etc back to my computer using the wizard, it worked but the songs i transfered onto my computer dont work, either do the videos, they have some protection or something on them. i have a lot of songs and i would like for them to work. whats wrong?!
  18. recently my ipod has been in recovery mode and it wont exit from this mode, i did some research and it seems like i have to change the drive letter of it. but when i go into disk management and all that, my ipod doesnt even show up for me to change the drive letter? how do i get it to show up?
  19. i was just wondering what a good, simple keylogger that was free? i need it to be able to send the logs to my email also i cant seem to find a decent one, everytime i search google i get way too many to choose haha
  20. everytime i click on adobe flash cs3 and click on uninstall, the windows permission thing pops up and i click continue, and then nothing happens after that? how do i remove this program?
  21. everytime i visit nba.com or any other site that requires flash it says i dont have the correct version of flash. click here to download. and it takes me to the adobe site. i install the flash player and go back to the site and it still doesnt work? i also tried restarting my computer.. whats wrong?
  22. i recently installed nero7 and everytime i open up windows media player i get this message from nero: New features available! your serial number supports additional features which are not installed on this system. In order to enable them pleease update your Nero software with the latest Nero Update. everytime i click on update, all it says is: sorry but the updae could not be started. so how do i get rid of this message completely?! its driving me nuts
  23. everytime i install a dvd burner into my computer the oringial cd burner that came with my computer dissappears and the dvd burner doesnt show up either. Its very strange. I also tried deleting the Lower Filter value in the registry but that didnt help either. what seems to be going wrong?
  24. i did try that it still does the same thing

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