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  1. i used dynex dvd-r's on a toshiba rds5002, i think thats what the model number is
  2. ok im so confused now:S:S what do i have to type in the CMD window if i put the modifype file in the system32 folder(just like in the guide)
  3. y is it that when i make my picture to 180x114 the quality becomes horrible and how would i make a pic transparent with jasc paint shop pro 7
  4. everytime i burn a dvd movie it doesnt work ive wasted 20 dvds trying and when i burn it with nero it says UNknown Burn phase? and it shows half the time its going to take..say it takes 30 minutes to burn a dvd it only shows 15 minutes:S
  5. i googled: vaio pcva-kb4p/u but i cant find a driver for it? i dont think sony have drivers for their keyboards
  6. k where do u get it?
  7. hakeem5454


    is there a tweak or program or something that makes green bars appear when u press the volume up/down button on your keyboard? and shows mute when u press mute etc.
  8. ok so the root of the directory is where the I386 folder is and the $OEM$ folder is right?
  9. so what do i change in the C:\Install part? how do i know im not importing a autologin registry key
  10. so if i have programs in C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install. i should take them out of that and put them in C:\XPCD\%CDROM% ?
  11. can someone explain on how to do the modifype part: because i dont understand the: Do you know the full path to your file? If you don't feel like typing in the entire path, then simply navigate to the folder. If you have the ability to open a command prompt by right clicking on a folder, that's even easier. Once in your folder, type at the prompt: modifype.exe filename.xxx -c Replacing filename.xxx with your filename, or if needed the the complete path then your filename ( C:\winntbbu.dll for the screenshot below). part.... how exactly do i do this....everytime i try it gives me an error?
  12. ok here are the pics:(oh and as you can see i dont have the original luna xp theme:S i have an old one )
  13. k so ur saying that my unattended xp will install and then as soon as thats done WPI will run from the same cd?
  14. i get the first error message after windows is done installing and im logging in and as soon as i log in it gives me the first error. what switch or setup.ini file might have i messed up? and can anyone help me with the last error? how do i reduce the size of a picture so i can post it...i get an error saying the file is too big.
  15. when i made my unattended iso i tried it on the virtual machine and got the following errors: 1. Windows Cannot Find C:\Install\Unattended make sure u typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file click start button then click search. 2. all my programs werent installed but they were in the C:\Install directory 3. Logon Message: (some of the letters got cut off in the pic but the rest says: username and password are correct, then type password again. Letters in password must be typed using correct case. i think its saying that my password is incorrect but i didnt have a password:S i would post pics but when i try to attach them it doesnt work?
  16. what is the difference what do u prefer?
  17. add WPI onto my unattend cd because in WPI all the original software that comes with WPI say %cdrom% and the programs in my appswitch.dat(using unattend xp cd creator) say %systemdrive% so im confused
  18. i have used to search nothing comes up can u please help
  19. its the vaio theme that i dowloaded from the downloadable themes in this section
  20. how come when i added a theme it doesnt work properly when i click save it gives a bunch of white squares with X's in them? can i fix this
  21. How do i add serial numbers for: Winrar Copernic Agent 6 TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 Adobe Photoshop Powerquest Partition magic 8
  22. does anyone have the code for partition magic 8? example) [_Net] REM NOTES: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en REM NOTES: Extracted REG ADD %KEY%\iAdd /VE /D ".NET Framework v1.1" /f REG ADD %KEY%\iAdd /V Inum /D "CMD /C Start /Wait %SystemDrive%\Install\_Net\netfx.msi /qb" /f

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