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  1. [Release] Fraps 2.82+ AutoIt

    Dont work the download!
  2. Wow!!! I think finally to take the %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% method This is awsome!!! Anyway the other option could help me with another problem i have Thanks all you people!!!
  3. I think this could be more usefull for me. Could you put me an example with this? prog[pn]=['UltraVNC 1.082']; uid[pn]=['ULTRAVNC']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Sistema']; cmds[pn]=['%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\UltraVNC\\']; desc[pn]=['<CENTER>Ultr@VNC es una excelente ...</CENTER>']; picf[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Graphics\\Logos\\UVNC.png"']; picw[pn]=['128']; pich[pn]=['128']; textl[pn]=['Bottom']; pn++; The files to install will be that: UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_Setup.exe AND UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_x64_Setup.exe Thanks both!
  4. I dont understand how bit64 works! If i put this value to yes what happens then? And dont i have to specify the path of the both installs? x64 or x32? Thanks buddy!
  5. Hi people! I adore that tool and now Im making my own personal WPI installation with all my favourite programs but I have a problem with some of them. For example I want to install UltraVNC and depend of the architecture system of course I want to install it 32bit version or 64bit version. How can i do it? (I have in the same folder the both installs: "UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_x64_Setup.exe" and "UltraVNC_1.0.8.2_x32_Setup.exe") Also I want to know if there is a way to put separately commands like in previous versions cmd1[] cmd2[] because the actual way is a little confusion to me, for example i have to do that: cmds[pn]=['%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\DamnNFOViewer\\DamnNFOViewer.msi /quiet /norestart','%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\DamnNFOViewer\\DamnNFOViewer_SPANISH+.reg']; Thanks people!
  6. So If I put my custom logos (PNG) in that Logos folder, thats all? I'll probe it! Thanks!
  7. Hi I am using the new WPI8 and I was wondering if its posible to change the graphics default folder I meant, I want to use this syntaxis with programs icons: picf[pn]=['FoxitReader.png']; But the FoxitReader.png picture will be in %WPIPATH%\Graphics\MyLogos because I dont want to have a multiple files in Graphics root folder Any ideas?
  8. WPI Desktop Variables (Alt+G) WPIPATH = C:\WPI SYSTEMDRIVE = C: LOG FILE %WPIPATH% = C:\WPI %SYSTEMDRIVE% = C: The same!
  9. Thanks for answer but I dont still get it!!! I really have tried all variations but always with no succes! (I have change the paths and file to do it easier) cmd1[pn]=["FILECOPY %wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt %SYSTEMDRIVE%"]; cmd1[pn]=["FILECOPY %wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt %SYSTEMDRIVE%\\"]; cmd1[pn]=['FILECOPY "%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\\"']; cmd1[pn]=['FILECOPY "%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\\"']; cmd1[pn]=['{FILECOPY} %wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt %SYSTEMDRIVE%']; cmd1[pn]=['{FILECOPY} "%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\\"']; cmd1[pn]=['{FILECOPY} %wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\pkey.txt %SYSTEMDRIVE%\\']; In LOG file always puts Any more suggestions?
  10. Maybe someone can help me, because i dont get the way to use this command. The thing is that I install a program and I want then to copy a file into its folder. I use this command prog[pn]=['CrystalDiskMark v3.00b']; uid[pn]=['CRYSTALDISKMARK']; desc[pn]=['CrystalDiskMark mide la velocidad de lectura y escritura de tus unidades de disco duro. Con esta sencilla utilidad podrás detectar errores y problemas físicos en la superficie del disco o en la aguja lectura. Si sospechas que algo no va bien en el disco o escuchas un ruido raro, no estaría de más y utilizar CrystalDiskMark para asegurarte.']; dflt[pn]=['no']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Benchmarks y Hardware']; cmds[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\CrystalDiskMark\\CrystalDiskMark3_0_0b-en.exe /verysilent"']; cmds[pn]=['FILECOPY %wpipath%\\Install\\APPs_FREE\\CrystalDiskMark\\icon.ico "%PROGRAMFILES%\\CrystalDiskMark\\"']; picf[pn]=['CrystalDiskMark.png']; picw[pn]=['128']; pich[pn]=['128']; textl[pn]=['Top']; pn++; But the file icon.ico doesnt copy. I think I have tried all the ways but with no luck. Any ideas of why? By the way, I use WPI 7.70
  11. How to upgrade your WPI!

    I have a 6.4 version and i want to upgrade it to new 7.2.2 but i dont know how because i extract the new files into the old folder and it doesnt start Any suggests? Thanks!
  12. Hello people At first, thanks for this thread because it solves many of my doubts about Office 2007 Unatended installation!!!! The problem I have now is that: I have a compresed auto-self extracting office2007 installation of other guys and i want to change the modal.msp file for mine. Its possible to view what options they choose or I have to create a new one and replace. I have done this and the installation doesnt work. What can i Do? I dont know if i have explained it well!! Thanks again!