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  1. Hi, Is there a registry tweak in Windows Vista to set up icons on the desktop (I have set My Comp, Users, IE), and also to make the icons smaller. I know in XP, there was [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\HideDesktopIcons\NewStartPanel] but this dosent work in Vista, Thanks!
  2. Look 'n' stop is one of the best firewalls and according to FirewallLeakTester.com, is one of the most secure against leaks. The thing is it is really hard to configure for newbies [Enhanced rules set] and may not work with certain programs and may need certain patches LnS Rules.
  3. Here are my programs I use: Opera 9 Preview 1 (Browser) Look 'n' Stop (Firewall) Peerguardian 2 (IP blocker) Foobar2000 (Media player) Gaim (IM) uTorrent (Bittorent) Dc++ (p2p) EAC (Cd player) Nero 7 (Cd burner) Perfectdisk (Defragmentor) Alcohol 120% (iso burner/mount) TuneUp Ultilities 2006 Winrar -all w/ nlite+ryanvm under 100MB
  4. I recommend Ubuntu or Mepis (Mepis is also a live cd, which you don't have install if you don't want to [while running on the cd, it is much slower]. You can also check out: DistroWatch. Also Phlax has alot of security tools you can try out, while still running on a live cd. Phlax
  5. I would like being able to automatically retrieve my ip address (dhcp client), the ability to print (print spooler [minlogon removes the ability to print]), a themeless MicrowinX (use a third-party shell replacement or use windows classic), and a software patch for peerguardian 2 (ip blocker [cannot load the driver]).
  6. here is the link for Media Player Classic. If you need codecs i would use titou2k's Codec Packages. There is also a forum here talking about titou2k's codec packages here MSFN Also can i skip step 1 for the services.reg and still use minlogon? And how important is the advanced removal of files in the last session.ini? Also which dlls are needed to keep ipconfig.exe? what is tapi32.dll? it kept bugging me does Daemon tools work?
  7. By anychance by using minlogon did it remove the print spooler? EDIT: is there a way to keep the print spooler? Also OpenOffice went final and there is a new opera beta (9.0 Preview 1) if anyone cares.
  8. Ok here is my report (considering I changed the last session.ini to fit my needs [dhcp, usb audio..etc], skipped Step 3 and 4; then after all steps began to install my software). -tapi32.dll kept coming while installing a few select software (winrar, but still worked) -PerfectDisk does not display correctly (the left side does not show correctly, but still works) -there is no place for my host file (c/windows/system32/drivers/etc [the etc folder is not there]) -Alcohol 120% does not install (scsiadapter Failure) -could not install my network driver (Intel 10/100 LOM Driver) -in the control panel, could not access Network Connections -would be nice to have a .cmd to install minlogon instead of having to create a second windows installation to switch winlogon with the minlogon
  9. No, I have not tried MicrowinX yet.. but I will hopefully have it running by tonight or tomorrow. Right now I'm most interested in is minlogon, which I could never get to work by myself.
  10. Hey gdogg, can you remove the popups when programs want to open a html file, but can't because there isn't internet explorer (Example: PerfectDisk or Counter-Strike).
  11. I software I use are: Alcohol 120%, DC++, Gaim, Look 'n' Stop (firewall), Mplayer, Microsoft Office 2003 (always got it work in my nlited xp install [110 Meg]), Nero, Opera, Peerguardian 2 (ip blocker), Newsleecher, PerfectDisk, TuneUp Utilities, uTorrent, VLC, Winrar.
  12. What does step 5 do? EDIT: can you be more specfic
  13. What does step 5 do? And why did u keep the themes service+luna theme, that eats ram and dosen't look to good.
  14. Can I skip around steps (such as step 3+4, if at some point I want to install things) and can i customize the last session.ini to include dhcp client, usb audio support... etc?
  15. but do i install windows twice with the same installiation disc? Can I boot inbetween the two windows?

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