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  1. Battle Field 2. watch it though it is addicting
  2. jiminalaska


    Well I bit the bullet and got COD4. The graphics are awesome. I'm only on single mood for now. It was what I expected it to be just like the other COD'S. COD3 never came out in PC format to my knowledge. So far it's a great shooter but the price is a little to high but still its a good way to while away the hours up here in the winter when your retired. LOL. I may try multiplayer this evening.
  3. jiminalaska


    Does COD4 come in the PC format or is it just for XBOX and the like? Grandson has it on XBOX and says it is awsome. I've been playing BF2. Is COD4 better?
  4. Ripken and ssqatbliss thanks for the reply. I will look into the G5 and possibly the keyboard. ssqatbliss if I were able to get on servers with a ping of less than 140 I would be happy. I can notice a difference when I go to a server at say 142 verses 180 or higher. As it is I am hooked up to the local DSL but it is one step up from oatmeal boxes and a string in my opinion. I have made it to Staff Sargent so I'll check out what you have suggested. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. Thanks DL. and Level for the education. DL. I've played other first shooter games and by far BF2 is the best. I played the single player segment but found it a little boring. The fast pace of multi player keeps me more entertained and more of a challenge. I was just looking for a little info on these products. Thanks again.
  6. All you gamers out there can you tell me about the Creative Fatal1ty mouse and keyboard? I was doing a little search on a new sound board and came across these two items. Are they for real? I am a 60 year old guy with the reaction time of a slug. I got into BF2 this past December and I am trying to put a little edge on my game. These kids are killing me. Thanks for any response.
  7. I'm a Fish and Wildlife Biologist for the state. Soon to retire in 7 months
  8. Duron very nice wallpaper very peaceful.
  9. As the screen name suggests I'm Jim ......and from the age census I must be the oldy of the group 59

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