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  1. The fact is, if one knows how to set up ME properly, it is the BEST Win9x OS. The crashes were caused by IE 5.5. Upgrading to IE6 fixes that. All Win9x OSes have the memory leak, so singling ME out for that reason is just plain stupid. If configured properly, ME can run rings around 98 and stay up for weeks without rebooting. I ran it for 5 years with absolutely no problems. ME was the product of trying to rush out an update to Win9x, while the development team was concentrating on Win 2000.
  2. I'm in the area where you remove operating system options, and it looks like I can get rid of a bunch of this stuff, but the descriptions are short, and I'm not always sure what I'm removing. Is there a thread, or another site that lists all these options and descries exactly what they do, and if you need them or not? I'm thinking of something like blackviper.com that tells you what each service does, and if it is safe to turn it off or not. Thanks.
  3. That's almost what I did, except I just drag n' dropped my directory into the interface. Do I need to make an .ISO first?
  4. I've always used Easy CD Creator 4 to make bootable CDs. However, it does not recognize the CD deck in my new computer. I bought Easy CD Creator 7 on eBay, and what a bloated piece of complete crap that is. Therefore, I decided to use Nero 6 instead. I followed the help instructions, and have so far made 2 coasters. The first one complained that DOS was not available. The 2nd one booted into DR-DOS, and refused to run setup.exe. I had no trouble making bootable W2K installation disks with Easy, but can't figure this Nero out. Google is no help. Can anybody explain exactly how to do this? I chose the option to make a bootable CD, D&D'd the contents of my USP5 slipstreamed W2K installation directory into the Nero compilation window, and burned the CD.
  5. I know this is a dead thread and seems to be a dead issue, and I'm not trying to bump up a dead thread. I just want to comment on what I failed to see the first time I read this thread: You want to strip DOS out of Windows ME? Impossible, because all Win9x OS'es are just fancy GUIs for MS-DOS. Microsoft tried to hide DOS as much as they could in ME, but it's still there and still necessary. Don't believe it? Take away command.com and tell what your results are when you try to boot Windows ME. I will save you time by telling you. You will get an error message, and DOS will revert to it's earliest roots: the old CP/M A> prompt. A>
  6. I've been watching this thread with interest since it's inception. I'm a ME user since 2000, even though I now run W2K uSP5 most of the time. I dualboot ME to run some old games. As far as ME stability, I have found the following things do wonders. I know this has nothing to do with SP development, but it could be a help to those who use ME. I found that my frequent video freeups were due to the version of IE 5.5 that shipped with ME gold. As soon as I upgraded to 5.5 SP1, those became a thing of the past. There is a bug in some versions of ME gold that will not allow upgrade of IE 5.5 to IE 6 if SP1 has not been installed. The cure to this problem is to use IEradicator to completely wipe the system of IE. Then, IE 6 can be installed with no trouble. Use all the suggestions found at www.burzurq.com/forum/trevtweak.html to tweak up ME. Use Oppcomme to disable bloat in ME via Windows Setup. This is found at beta10.com. You can safely disable every process shown in the Window Setup window. I leave only WMP 6.4 and 7.0 for obvious reasons. After you tweak up ME, you will find that you have a blazing fast, super stable OS that makes Windows 98 look like a dinosaur. Still watching the uSP development.
  7. Is this normal? "Files that are required for Windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions.... etc." I get this at every reboot, and am instructed to insert the Windows 2000 CD so that the files can be repaired. Is there any way to get rid of it?
  8. Yep, PCHealth goes too. And you end up with a faster, smarter Win98SE. I've never been able to get any hacked or light form of 98 to run as fast and as stable as ME.
  9. I have tried all the Win98 fixes and unofficial service packs, and my opinion is that a properly setup and configured WinME will blow the doors off any form of 98. Here's what I mean by "properly setup and configured.": Use IEradicator to remove IE 5.5, which is crap. Install IE6 SP2 if you wish, but my decision is to leave it out completey, and use Firefox. Use OPPCOMME (from beta10.com) to completely remove all the following from the Windows Setup dialog box: System Restore Windows Help OOBE and everything else that appears as a removable item in Windows Setup, with the exception of WMP 6.4. It is completely safe to remove all these. Unhide DOS with the Real DOS mode patch from http://www.geocities.com/mfd4life_2000/. Now you can use your autoexec.bat and config.sys files just like in Win98. Get rid of Outlook Express and replace it with the latest version, or leave it gone (my choice.) Now you will basically have Windows 98 on steroids - faster, "smarter", and more stable. I've been running this setup for almost 5 years with no problems.
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