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  1. Hi tihiy, thanks for the new release! Great piece of software! Some bugs: (Windows ME + KEX 4.5.2 + Rp 9.6.1) - PDFXchange Viewer dosn't work with RP 9.6.1 (with the previus version works OK) - OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 by Oracle: installs and works correctly but when i open a document and close the application, openoffice crash with kernel32.dll... (no data loss, the document is saved correcly ) Could you add a fuction to replace the default task manager with Process Explorer (or other)? Thanks!!!
  2. WARNING: You need to disable KernelEx features from "compatibility tab" in the application proprieties to use DevVicky Word 2010. Screenshot from www.geekissimo.com :
  3. From the author's site ( http://devvicky.com/products.html ) : "DevVicky Word is a stable, feature-savvy word processor unbound by a proprietary file formats. Besides handling an equally impressive number of file formats, DevVicky Word's feature set includes everything one would expect in a modern word processor, plus numerous ground-breaking and advanced features allowing it to compete with many proprietary word processors successfully. Your favourite free word processor goes 2010!!!. Devvicky Word now supports ODT Conversion, Mail Merge, Tabbed Document Support and many other bug fixes." Features -------- 1- A familiar interface 2- Outstanding file import and export, with support for DOCX and more 3- Unlimited undo and redo capacity 4- Solid HTML import/export, with inline/separate CSS styles support 5- Images - JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP and TIFF 6- Spell-checking support 7- Bullets and Lists 8- Page layout and Styles 9- Import/Edit/Export/Convert PDF documents 10- Nested tables support, nearly unmatched in the field 11- XML editing support System Requirements ------------------- Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98,Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 with SP 6a, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  4. ArtRage 2.5, a beautiful "natural painting" software for Win and MAC OS X ( also knowed as "InkArt" in Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC) works with kernelEx! Download: http://www.ambientdesign.com/
  5. I tried to install it without KEX 4, but the toolbar is not installed correctly in Windows explorer (a windows ME issue?) . @ Tihiy: could you insert a similar function on RP9?
  6. From the autor's site ( http://minimalist.com/software/ExplorerBreadcrumbs : " Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explorer which contains a contextual series of buttons that allows you to quickly see and navigate through the entire folder hierarchy without leaving the current window. Features: * Saves time navigating through folders and files * Seamless integration with Windows Explorer * Changes appearance along with Windows themes" With KernelEX 4, Explorer Breadcrumbs works fine on my Windows ME system (with some minor imperfections: for example, the arrows don't shows the "folder menu").
  7. If you wont a Windows Vista Calendar replacement...download Mozilla Calendar 0.7! It's opensource, stable and updated by the mozilla community ( and the OpenOffice.org community, he, he..). Marxo, you are a great graphic artist! i i think you can spend some time to create a Windows Calendar Skin for the new Mozilla Calendar...you can start with this: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/5308.
  8. I subscrive, tihiy! My winMe Webview stop working with WSE 5.7! Another bug: After installing IE6 cumulative patch, some functions of internet explorer are missing, for example, the "find in this page" tool (ctrl + F).
  9. Xstyle: Download my webview (look into the discussion) and extract the background bitmap from the zip file. I'm creating a specific webviev for music folder...news in progress ;-)
  10. Great xstyle! Use the background bitmap from my web view, the final result will be better! This is the my Modded control panel webview based on Tihiy's revolutions pack 7 htt template (i think it works on win 98)... i'll post it soon...
  11. Hi Xstyle 1) My webview is based on microsoft code for windows Me...win98 is not 100% compatible with that code...sorry; 2) i'm testing some stuff for Windows Me and 98 (i hope)... 3) request: could you move the info panel down to obtain a more vista-like apparence? I found this http://jegview.free.fr : is fantastic but is not similar to vista. Marxo: can you obtain something from this (for example: the image preview windows?).
  12. In my opinion the "favorites link" pane introduced by Vista is a revisited clone of "favorites bar" introduced with win98/ME and XP: is not necessary to include this in a webview (for me). Alternative solution (hard To implementing! tihiy were are you?): - hacking the status bar in windows explorer; it coul be the best solution: the info panel in Vista is a status bar replacement. Marxo, i find this, coul be useful: http://www.virtualplastic.net/html/wv_fld.html
  13. I have the same problem... My webview is less attractive, but is based on original microsoft html code ergo: - stable (no graphicals artifacts) - adaptive: the fsresult.htt show more information on file (for example "author" in microsoft office file) - image/html preview: when you select an image, fsresult.htt show a thumbnail Is it possible to merge the proprieties of fsresult.htt with nonameneed's webview?
  14. NoNameneeded, cold you post your webview? I like it very much!
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