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  1. [Help] | Problems slipstreaming SP2

    ahh. system properties. gotcha. so what about product keys for windows XP sp1 or not sp? should they work if those CD's have been slipstreamed?
  2. [Help] | Problems slipstreaming SP2

    *polite bump*
  3. XP Professional Product Key Change

    I'm not sure what some of you guys are saying, but when i slipstream SP2 into my SP1 __original__ CD, my product key does not work. it works perfectly when i install the original cd and then apply sp2 manually. do i know what i'm talking about? sure do -> the product key is the sticker that i should have stuck on my PC. "Windows ® XP Profression 1 - 2 CPU OEM Product Product Key: RCKQJ - XXXXX - XXXXX - XXXXX - XXXXX" it has all that hologram stuff for the authenticity, etc. i even tried ANOTHER product key that is actually stuck ON the next PC that came through my service desk for repairs at the office. No go. -LASTLY- the tablet pc in the office ALSO doesn't accept it's own product key on a sp2 slipstreamed tablet pc oem cd. This is PATHETIC! we pay lots of $$$ and can't even get a slipstreamed version to work. is it the slipstream? nope. why? we have sp2 product keys that work when we test it on virtual pc's in our test lab. it's like our sp1 product keys don't work under sp2!!! talk about ripped off. and we have BUCKET LOADS of sp1 product keys stuck on all our office pc's EDIT: The only thing i can think of is that i used nLite to make my cd.
  4. [Help] | Problems slipstreaming SP2

    hmm. i'm not sure what a PID is, but my CD is labeled 'WINXPSP1A_US' and this is the winnt.sif how can i find out what my PID is? i know my product key .. (as listed below)... ; Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition Setup Answer File ; [userData] ProductKey="MH24V-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" [Data] MSDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall=Yes i can provide more of my product key (but not too much, i don't want to give it away) to prove i have a legit copy of my tablet pc. it's really weird The documentation all suggests that my product key has to be of a particular type so the installation then installs the tablet.cab files.
  5. [Help] | Problems slipstreaming SP2

    Hi Folks, I've got a tablet pc with my Original OS CD's -> yes, TWO cd's Anyways, i've copied both contents from the CD's to a single folder. the second cd has a CMPNENTS folder. in that it has TABLETPC, NETFX and MEDIACTR subfolders. i then slipstream sp2. all good. i then install the cd (burn to bootable cd, etc) and it installs fine ... BUT there's no tablet pc stuff (eg. virtual keyboard, etc). After doing lots of searching i found on the MS TechNet a post about a special product key that is required. If u have this TABLETPC product key then the install auto installs the tablet stuff from some tabletpc.cab file.... hmm. ok.. so i check the ORIGINAL cd winnt.sif and VIOLA! there's my product key in there. so i copy that key over to my own slipstreamed cd and .... ru-roh. i get ASKED for my product key. ok - so i'll manually type it in. WRONG! what?! WRONG. it rejects it. is it possible that my product key only works with my original xp sp1 tablet pc OS cd's and not with a slipstreamed sp2 version? if so, is there any way i can replace my OS cd's with some new ones with sp2 slipstreamed? it's very frustrating i have the originals and still i can't get it right. i'm very confussed.
  6. thanks guys!! the DOMAIN SECURITY POLICY was the way to go - i never knew that existed cheers1
  7. Hi folks. i have a w2k3 server which has my AD, DNS (internal) & DHCP - sever name is LEIA. A second server called HANSOLO has exchange 2003 installed on w2k3. All works fine. For passwords, users cannot have simple passwords. Research says that i need to do this to change this problem/feature:- 1. Start | Run | GPEdit.msc 2. Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Account Policies | Password Policy | Password must meet complexity requirements 3. Change from ENABLED to DISABLED. when i get to step 3, __BOTH__ enabled and disabled are 'grey'd out' meaning i cannot select EITHER/OR!! is there any way to fix this please?
  8. Gosh, your first post works like a charm... in fact, it's so **** good, i think i just figured out to get a CD INSTALL to load my Sata/Raid HD Drivers, __without___ having to hack any files (eg. txtsetup.sif, etc). more info in a new post when i've completed my testing about CD INSTALL + Raid Drivers thanks gosh.
  9. Gosh, could u add some comment in the first post to this thread _OR_ start a new thread and get it locked or something, when u get aroud to this. I find your knowledge and help with all Unattended things most greatful and rewarding. Thank you kindly for your time Gosh, to helping the community. *bows low*
  10. Virtual PC 2004 Beta

    is there any way with this version to DEFINE your vid card and hard drive (eg. scsi) to test some unique hardware dependant unattneded installs?
  11. Hello All

    Hi all .. i'm jumping in on LeeLeeLee's welcome thread to say G'Day also .... i'm from Melbourne .... ru-roh.. i'm being WIFED ... gotta split.. 'Coming honey..'..... :/
  12. dc-100 RAID with unattended install

    d00d! how did u go with this? I'm triyng this with HPT374 drivers ... to no luck .. .
  13. Installing RAID directly (on WinXP SP1 CD) ?

    what files did u put in here jamesagmoore? also, what did your winnt.sif file look like ?? i'm having this problem with some HighPoint drivers.
  14. this is a very important thread. Nice info posted here. It would be perfect if people could also post their WORKING Winnt.sif / TextSetup.oem files (and file structures) here so people don't have to always 'guess' how to do it. I'm trying to get my HighPoint 374 SATA drivers to work with my ABit Max2 mobo. The floppy drivers work perfectly - just not when i try this method. So exact examples would be wicked, if anyone can post some.... P.S: I don't like hacking the textsetup.sif method - it's just too hacky for my liking. This [MassStorageDrivers] method was made for a reason - and this should be it.
  15. how did they install the Hyperion drivers? i downloaded a single file called VIAHyperion4in1448v.exe, so how do i extract the contents of this file, so i can do a silent install? what are the 'special' things i need to do? do i need to make my own setup.iss also? if so, how? -PureKrome-