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  1. Silicon Image RAID Drivers

    try the second method (my 2nd message ) : http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=70&t=7454 It worked for lot of people (while the first method, with "$OEM$/Textmode" doesn't works for some ).
  2. Promise Ultra133 TX2 IDE Controller

    No, that won't work... To install these drivers you could use 2 different way : 1st method) a) Create a folder $OEM$/Textmode Copy "TXTSETUP.OEM" + the files from "WinXP" folder of your driver ( "ultra.sys", "ultra.inf", "ultra.cat" ) in $OEM$\Textmode modify the "winnt.fis" and add the appropriate "[MassStorageDrivers]" and "[OEMBootFiles]" sections (All the info needed for that are in the TXTSETUP.OEM file from your driver ). ---- 2nd method) a) Simply copy your driver files (the one from the "WinXP" folder of your driver ) in $OEM$\$1\Drivers\ULTRATX2, and add "$OEM$\$1\Drivers\ULTRATX2" to your winNT .sif (exactly like an other driver ). modify "/I386/txtsetup.SIF" & copy your "ultra.sys" file in /I386/. For some person, 1st method doesn't works... (I had to use the second one ). I gave a more complete explaination of those 2 methods in this previous post (read my first AND my second message ): http://www.MSFN.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=70&t=7454 bye
  3. This registry tweak will prevent LIVE UPDATE (From Symantec Norton Antivirus, Firewall, System Works, Utilities, etc.. ) to apply some updates.. http://service4.symantec.com/SUPPORT/share...1613?open&src=w So if you want to use 1 of the Symantec product, maybe it's better to avoid this tweak before using LiveUpdate
  4. I found a solution. (the one suggested by INTEL doesn't worked for me nor other people. It seems that it's due to the fact that recents Intel drivers are UNSIGNED.... ). I will use my motherboard for example (ABIT IS7-G (865 PE) ), followed by a more general explaination. ------ 1) First of all, you need the drivers from manufacturer (the one that you normally use with F6 during install ). For Intel motherboard, simply follow the link from my first post, follow the instruction to create a 3 1/2 disk boot driver. 2) Copy all the drivers files in the folder $1/drivers/YOURDRIVERNAME. (in INTEL 865 case, you must copy "IaStor.cat", "IaStor.inf", "IaStor.sys" in the folder $1/drivers/iaa35/. You can omit TxtSetup.oem, but DON'T DELETE IT, you'll need some info from it later ). 3) Open the file "txtsetup.sif" (in /I386/ folder ). a) look for [sourceDisksFiles]. And add this line You must copy the DRIVERNAME.SYS, followed by "= 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4" . ATTENTION : 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4 is the number used for RAID (at least onboard RAID ). For other components, it's maybe something else. The easiest is to look in txtsetup.sif (under [sCSI] ) for components like the one you want to use (SCSI card, PCI card, etc.. ), then look for the name of the driver of the component (it's in front of the description ), then go back to [sourceDisksFiles] zone, and use the same number they are using.. look for [sCSI]. And add You must write : (drivername) = "description of you driver" (drivername) is the filename of all the files from your driver (WITHOUT the .sys or .inf, etc.. ) "description of your driver" is found in the txtsetup.OEM files, in the [sCSI] section of it. (txtsetup.OEM is on the driver-disk provided by your motherboard/raid adapter manufacturer ) c) look for [sCSI.Load]. And add You must write : (drivername) = DRIVERNAME.SYS,4 d) look for [HardwareIdsDatabase]. And add Don't forget the " " between (drivername). You must write : driver_ID = "(drivername)" driver_ID is supplied in your txtsetup.OEM files, under [HardwareIds.scsi.drivername] e) You can save the file, and close it. 4)Copy the file DRIVERNAME.SYS (IaStor.sys, for example ), in /I386/ dir. 5) Don't forget to add "drivers/YOURDRIVERNAME" (drivers/iaa35 , for example ), in the Winnt.sif file, in the "OemPnPDriversPath" .For example : More info in the guide http://www.MSFN.org/unattended/xp/drivers.htm Now your driver will be installed at startup automatically.
  5. Applications in Unattended XP

    For the drive D:\ & Nero, I don't know. But for eMule, you just need to download the *.zip of eMule and NOT the installer. ( http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/emule/e...9c.zip?download ) After that copy all the files/folders contained in the zip in $1\Install\Applications\emule Then simply add : If you want, you can replace "%systemdrive%\eMule\" by "D:\eMule\", or whatever letter you want.
  6. I followed the excellent guide to get a "WinXP SP1 + Hotfixes + drivers + app" CD-ROM. (thanks a lot for it ) I made one, and it worked perfectly on my "old" test computer. But when I wanted to test the CD on my "new" computer (with Intel 865PE chipset + RAID 0 ), Windows didn't found the appropiate RAID drivers (they were in $OEM$\$1\drivers\iaa35\ & in WinNT.fis under "OemPnPDriversPath" ). So I looked on : -INTEL website : http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/iaa_.../unattended.htm - Microsoft website : http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...;EN-US;q288344& - and here too : http://www.spc.org.nc/it/TechHead/unattend..._third_part.htm Then I tried to add thos INTEL RAID drivers to the Windows setup loading. ----------- 1) I removed " $OEM$\$1\drivers\iaa35" and it's path in WinNT.fis. 2) I created a new folder $OEM$\Textmode But here I'am really not sure of the folder path I used... 2a) I copied Intel IAA 3.5 drivers files (IaStor.cat, IaStor.inf, IaStor.sys, TxtSetup.oem) in this folder 3) I added this in WinNT.fis: ( "CD-ROM IDE (ATAPI 1.2)/Contr“leur IDE PCI" is the french version of ""IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller"" ) 4) I used this Txtsetup.oem (it's the original file from "3 1/2 bootdisk" of INTEL) : ------------ But now, when I try to install WinXP, just after the drivers finish to load (text setup ), I got an error msg saying : Could someone please help me to add those INTEL drivers correctly ? SeeWen P.S. I tried to install those RAID drivers with "F6" + "3 1/2 diskette driver". Windows loads the drivers like usually, then you can format the partitions like usually, then windows copy some files on the harddisk like usually. But after that (just before rebooting ), Windows says "Cannot find DRIVER.XXX. veryfy that the CD-ROM is in the drive". I don't understand why Windows is looking on the CD-ROM, and not on the "3 1/2 diskette"