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  1. Try looking at TorrentFlux - PHP Torrent Client Hope it helps ----------- spinFIRE
  2. Windows Live™ Messenger Invitation Topic

    If someone has one, I would like one email: spinfiredk@gmail.com - please -spinFIRE
  3. I don't know Make a function called something and then call it at the end of the script again function hello() { //THE THING YOU WANT TO LOOP echo "<p>Hey how are you doing?!"; echo "<br />What is your name</p>"; hello(); } hello();
  4. Hello... I'm trying to make a script in PHP, that will allow me to download ex. the Newest XP Updates from my server, instead of DL'ing them from MS, and then run them with parameters as /q /n /z and so. I would also like to use it with other software, because I have an ISP that doesn't have FlatRate Hope anyone can help me... -spinFIRE
  5. Download manager

    No... No registry rights, but have tried FlashGet, and it works like a charm Thank you very much -spinFIRE
  6. Download manager

    OK... Thanks man - I appreciate the help - And the quick response -spinFIRE
  7. Download manager

    Hey... Does someone have a way to have a download manager like FlashGet or LeechGet on their USB-stick? I would like it, when i am "out of the house" Hope someone can help me -spinFIRE
  8. I don't think that this is the place to ask for warez and stuff.... MSFN Forum Rules
  9. MSN Messenger from USB Drive

    Thanks for the great and fast answers
  10. MSN Messenger from USB Drive

    I just wanted to know if i can eg. copy the msn folder to my usb drive, and then use it at my school, where i can't install because i haven't administrative rights And BTW. i have tried Web messenger, which i thinks sucks....
  11. Slipstream SP1 into Office 2003

    http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/apps/office/office2003_slipstreaming.htm Here ya' go...
  12. Inserting Service Pack 2 Cd !

    Look at the bottom... I found the soloution here... I hope you will get it working..
  13. Why?please Insert Xp In A!

    Thanks man... It works now... I have created an Win51ip and win51ip.sp2 file... And it worked...
  14. Why?please Insert Xp In A!

    The only thing i have tinkered with is txtsetup.sif, where i have changed SetupSourceFiles that i changed to the path of the i386 files... But should i put every boot disk in a different folder?? Like: \ROOT \\UNAT \\\DISK1 \\\DISK2 \\\DISK3 \\\DISK4 \\\DISK5 \\\DISK6 Or just \\UNAT\